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A digital card and board game of heroes and high-adventure set in the fairy-tale animal kingdom of Armello!
A digital card and board game of heroes and high-adventure set in the fairy-tale animal kingdom of Armello!
6,213 backers pledged AU$ 305,360 to help bring this project to life.

I want to say we made it, but really... YOU made it!

Posted by League of Geeks (Creator)

As I post this, the Kickstarter has just ended. 

$305,360 from 6,213 backers. 

I'll be honest. When we launched this campaign, I was confident we would make it, but I was in no way prepared for the incredible journey we were about to embark upon. 

The word Armello was heard all around the world. We were covered by all the big US gaming sites, to Indonesia's largest gaming magazine and the Hinudstan Times. 

We travelled to the East Coast of the US and held a pop up booth at PAX East.  

Some of our biggest heroes not only backed the game, but gushed about it on social media. 

Incredibly talented friends and peers were so inspired by what we'd created, that their only response was to contribute incredible fan art to our world. 

We smashed all our stretch goals (crazy!) to become the third most funded Australian Kickstarter! 

Then, of course, the LoG family grew by over 6,000. We <3 you guys! 

But where to from here...? Well for us here at LoG, we're going to make an incredible game for all of you. I'm sure I speak for the team when I say that we've never been more motivated in our lives. Next week we'll start taking care of the post-campaign duties and getting the team back up and running on development. 

Here's some of the big questions no doubt on everyone's minds: 


We'll talk more about this shortly, but you can expect to get regular and frequent updates about the status of the game and your rewards, etc. We'll be doing streams as we move forward and taking time out to chat with you all through this process. :)

Stay tuned for more on this! 


We have the forums pretty much already set up. There are just some final tweaks. Forums are going live early next week. There'll be an update dedicated to exactly this at that point. No one will miss out. All your friendships forged, etc, will be able to continue there. 

Forum badges, etc, may be a little longer, but we'll get onto them as fast as possible. 

As for the community for now, we're going to remain active in the comments and keep the conversation happening here in a big way at least until the forums are up. But also be sure to follow us on twitter and like the Facebook page. They're the best place for news! 

We love this community (i.e., YOU!) so we're going to make sure it stays alive!

Alpha, Beta, Early Access & Release

Currently we plan to arrive at the first Alpha build we'll be distributing to GAMER+ backers and above within 3-4 months. 

Beta builds (for the Scribe tier backers and above) we want to drop by November. But this is game development and game development be crazy, so we'll see about that. 

After we've done the internal Alpha and Beta rounds for backers, we'll likely do a public Early Access release on Steam. Then the full release to follow. 

We're not sure of the timeline of each platform. We're doing them all and we're super excited, but we're also not silly. We're a small indie studio so we need to be very careful about how we tackle SIX different platforms! 

Naturally we'll keep you all posted on all of this stuff as it unfolds. 

Slacker Backers

Have friends that missed out? Fear not! The slacker backer page can be found at

They can also find it on the front page of the Armello Kickstarter too! 

Naturally, if you back via PayPal on the slacker backer site you'll get access to the backer exclusive new heroes as well. 

We're going to keep the slacker backer page open for a while yet. We'll take it down a fair bit of time ahead of the public Early Access release. We'll probably just pull it from the site silently at some point, but we'll let you all know in advance.

PayPal Stretch Goals

Sorry, guys! We're not adding more stretch goals for money accrued on the PayPal slacker backer site. We've added a heap of awesome content to the game and we're super keen to just focus on the game now that the Kickstarter campaign has finished. 

This is a decision that comes directly from doing what is best for the game. :)

Reward Fulfillment

Next week we will start the process of getting all of these rewards sorted. Obviously it's likely to take months to sort everything out, but I want you to all know that we're starting on this now. 

We are committed to bringing you rewards of the highest possible quality. You will all be blown away. There's no doubt in my mind. 

If you want to change or increase your pledge, I'm not sure how that would work, but we'll look into it and let everyone know. 

Add-Ons / Buying Physical Goods

A lot of people have asked about this; whether we'll be offering the physical rewards. The answer is we simply don't know. BUT... I can tell you this... we want to offer them. So as we're organising everyone's rewards we'll be talking to our manufacturers and figuring out what we can or can't offer post campaign. 

Hopefully everything, but we'll see. For now, just wait for an update from us on this. 

The Campaign's Over, but this isn't the End!

Actually, this is just the beginning. When you all backed Armello, you voted for LoG as creators and for quality content the likes of what you've seen of Armello. 

We have grand plans for the future and we want you to stay with us for the ride! 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ja Powers
      on much have you taken in from paypal orders?

    2. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on

      Congrats LoGs for smashing through the target and reaching so many stretch goals.

      And for becoming the 3rd highest Australian KS campaign!

      Looking forward to hearing of progress but please, don't neglect your (and my) native fauna heritage; consider a monotreme hero!

    3. Missing avatar

      Cameron Hansen on

      I won't lie, reading this letter makes me proud as all get out to be on the ground floor of this.

      Let's make Armello a game for the ages, eh? =D

    4. Dark James on

      I second LuckyLuigi's Congratulations and high fives!

    5. Will Morton on

      You guys totally deserve it. Congratulations all around and I can't wait to play this ON MY ANDROID!!!!!

    6. LuckyLuigi on

      Congratulations and high fives all around :)

    7. Joshua Lense on

      Congratulations League of Geeks! I'm really proud to be a part of this, and I'm sure you guys are beaming with pride as well!

      I wanted to add my voice about offering physical goods. I was too broke at the time of the Kickstarter to give more than $55 AUD, however I am very interested in purchasing that art book or possibly upgrading to a physical tier. Please make this available.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Herron on

      Well done LoG. I knew you had something special when I was playing Armello at Pax Aus last year <3

    9. Martin Nicolas on

      Again congratulations! < 3
      Something I'm concerned about and is a let down to me to see the Bandit tier on the slacker backer page! When the kickstarter campaign was active you said that it is a kickstarter backer exclusive feature.

    10. Ehn Jee on

      Very happy to eat the physical stuff possibly being available post-KS. I really wanted the physical art book, but couldn't fit it into the budget this time around. Looking forward to further news and updates! And of course, congratulations on blazing through everything in the past week!

    11. Contemplar on

      Congratulations LoG!

      And you're absolutely right, this is only the beginning. Not just for Armello, but for your studio too. As long as you remember not to try force yourself to stick to your estimated release dates (because a more polished/complete product is always better than a rushed patchjob), this can only grow into something bigger and better.

      Congrats to the backers too. Getting a full house on the stretch goals in that last stretch was great <3

    12. Faye Terry on

      Thanks LoG. I'm looking forward to my Guppy plush!

    13. Luke Cuddy on

      I can't wait to hear / see / DO more. I love how interactive you've been, and I only hope I can somehow help from here! Good hunting!

    14. Kristoffer Brandberg on

      It was an honor supporting this project. For its unique concept, It has to be made.

    15. Missing avatar

      Nicole Lavigne on

      Is it possible to add to our current kickstarter pledge? I funded at the Listener tier in the last 5 minutes but would be interested in upgrading to the Bandit tier.

    16. Missing avatar

      Ja Powers

      Good stuff! You all get some sleep today. Tomorrow, you begin again.

    17. Missing avatar

      Parry Strain on

      November cant come soon enough

    18. Alexis Cheynas on

      Hope you'll be able to get the ability to send out physical goods even post launch, as I'm sure there'll be at least a few Tabletop RPG players out there that would love to create an Armello RPG using your dice.

      Myself included, of course.

      *grumbles something about rent and insurances*

    19. Jacob Brown on

      It's been an honor LoG.

    20. Don Leong on

      Again, good job League of Geeks!
      I hope I can continually spread this game to other people so that everyone can enjoy this game :D
      And also I am so excited about the forum as well, I think there will have nice and friendly community in the future!
      So keep up the work and gambateh!

    21. Esco Dingo on

      I'm so glad this not only got funded but completed all the stretch goals! I'm SO ready for the forums as I've seen the community rally and blossom over the past month and I know we'll all be fast friends. I'm excited to finish up my fan art, now! Congrats, LoG for the victory!

    22. Ratical on

      Big thanks to everyone involved! LoG, all backers, and anyone who just had interest. We brought the dream to life, now let's help it grow.

    23. Laughing Lick on

      Let them drink TEA!!!

    24. Mathúin [‘Ma-Hoon’]

      n__n Awesome update, informative and covers all the bases. Very clear & concise.

    25. Fuzzy on

      If you actually can offer the physical goods post-campaign for a short bit, I might potentially upgrade to Gamer+ next month via paypal making up the difference from my Kickstarter pledge... Just didn't work this month with rent! Still happy to be backing as high as I am. :)