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Interpreting incidents from each of the 23 stages of the Tour de France, we will produce a portfolio of daily letterpress posters.
Created by

Ray Nichols

34 backers pledged $4,850 to help bring this project to life.

10 down / 13 to go

We hope everyone is keeping up with our progress on the Tour de Lead Graffiti project. We have nine stages and the first rest day (for the Tour de France) behind us. We printed yesterday. The printing has been going great and has been wonderful fun.

When we started this we were wondering how "endurance letterpress" would feel. The number of hours Ray alone put in on the project the first week was 107 hours. ONE WEEK.

It has been strange.

Each day after lunch we head to the studio and the first thing we do is hang up the poster we took home to scan. After 3 or 4 days it felt like we had spent 3 or 4 long days. The strange thing is that it still feels like that. We put up the poster, but when you look at it all of that work doesn't feel like it has added to the workload. Very strange.

We wonder how long that will keep up. The last week may feel different.

And then what about the day after this is done?

So, keep up. For those of you who bought either 1 or 4 posters keep thinking about which ones you like best. Feel fee to email us and tell us which ones you like as it might help us make decisions on the final dozen prints.

It is also worth saying that we've had a lot of fun working with guest printers on a number of the days.

Thanks again for your contribution to the project.

Ray Nichols, Jill Cypher & Tray Nichols
Lead Graffiti
Newark, Delaware