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Little devil inside is a story about 5126 Kickstarter backers who wants to survive in a surreal world.
Little devil inside is a story about 5126 Kickstarter backers who wants to survive in a surreal world.
5,126 backers pledged AU$ 306,515 to help bring this project to life.

Attention Please~

Posted by Neostream (Creator)

Hi everyone!

First of all, many apologies for the last month update skip.

A few crucial things have happened in the last couple of months and some very important decisions have been made as well as we'll try and explain.

1. Additional Funding Acquired

This has been lurking over the dev team for almost a year now and with the scope of the game having expanded quite a bit since the end of Kickstarter both in terms of scale and depth, we knew we had to find additional resources to finance the project at some point.

That point has come and after months of discussions, negotiations, term agreements, paperwork and so on, we've finally secured additional funding (amount we can't disclose right now) which basically means we can finally just make what we'd like to make without having to worry about whether a certain feature is "worthwhile" or limited by pipeline issues. We believe everything is worthwhile since we know some of you will enjoy it and appreciate it.

So money issues are completely gone for the time being and our mind and soul is replenished with creativity once again.

2. UE4 Pipeline Hurdles

On the dev side, there have been a few fundamental issues mostly related to creating and polishing the quality of all character movements in UE4.

We've been looking into these issues (such as use of root motion and mirroring animations) for some time and the great guys at Epic have also been very supportive in trying to resolve this with us. Although we can simply do away with this like many other games but with our minimalistic concept, fluent, seamless motion details are crucial and we needed to perfect this at whatever the cost.

Fortunately we were able to find a solution by creating our own new set of pipelines in the asset preparation process so hopefully things will be smooth sailing for a while.

3. New Recruits!

With additional funds secured and pipeline sorted out, we've managed to take on board additional team members to really start grinding.

We've taken on 6 additional talents - 2 modelers, 1 animator, 1 support artist and 2 UE4 programmers. That brings our team to a total of 12 now and we'll be keeping it that way until our main build.

We have received many applications from abroad but in the end, the distance and time barrier was hard to overcome and until we are in a position to open up office in the U.S. or perhaps somewhere in Europe, at the moment, we don't think remote working and communications will cut the cake. Although we'd like to bring talent over here, we're just not that well off yet :)

All our new members will start their 1st day during next month so we really anticipating to pick up greater momentum and energy as well as added creativity.

4. New Project Milestones

We are aware that many backers are rightly curious as to the release date and so I guess it's our duty to share with you at least our new set of milestones.

As many of you have assumed and inquired already, the original expected release date which we noted at the start of our KS campaign was um.... now :) To explain simply, like many other who have come before us, we just had to put something up based on very rough "gut" estimates on the basic game features we had in mind.

With design depth and scope being continuously evolved, new, better ideas emerging, asset management issues arising, pipeline changes being made and so forth, we are now very much more confident in announcing a more realistic schedule.

Key milestones are as follows:

  • Feb 2017 - Main build (all core key features)
  • Mar 2017 - GDC
  • Jun 2017 - E3
  • End 2017 - Full Build (World build)
  • 2018 - Early access, QA, localization, release

Early access timings will need to be announced based on the level of standard achieved during the full build and in reality, release dates will need to be decided with publishers and platforms.

We're still hoping for a concurrent platform release but according to many advice from professional experience, that's going to be tough with differing QA processes and interests. At the very least, we are targeting PC (Steam, GOG etc.) + a console or minimal release time gaps among the other platforms.

This is also the actual general milestone we have obliged by and bound to our new investment company so schedule management is "also" a top priority - second to product quality of course :)

We know many have optimistically hoped for a much sooner release and we apologize for having to announce this now but we've just managed to sort everything out over the past couple of months and we are content that at least finally we are announcing something we're confident with.

A quick note also that in future updates, please understand that we are somewhat limited in our freedom in disclosing some key designs and/or visuals (not that we've shown off plenty anyway...) but we'll do our best to sneak in a few shots here and there and share some more ideas "with the purpose of receiving constructive feedback and response from the community" :)

We can only ask for your continued moral support and belief, so in due course, we can kick some serious butt!

Finally, we'd like to ask all readers to please hold off your sound/music score/translation/localization/collaboration/marketing inquiries until towards the end of the year since we cannot get around to give these issues serious thought it deserves.

Thanks once again and back to work.

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    1. MechPilot on

      wait wait wait....early access isnt until 2018?

    2. maneauleau on

      With many Kickstarter games leaving the Wii U version out, will you please comment on the next update whether it will still be realistic to expect a Wii U version or if it's better to cross it out already?

    3. norman ojasoo on

      An update a month would be nice. It does not have to be long or anything, just something very basic.

    4. amigacooke on

      3 months since the most recent update.

    5. Charlie Dupuis on

      ...?? It's been almost two months. Is there going to be an update soon-ish, or should we be expecting updates only when the milestones are hit?

    6. Missing avatar

      Logan McKenzie on

      sooooooo.....any updates?

    7. EMind on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    8. Blackghost on

      @KakKa Carrot Cake

      It's alright dude.. Don't hide because you're gay.

    9. EMind on

      @amigacooke, No Man's Sky says hello (Hello Games LOL). A delayed game AND a bad game! INMHO. Well... more than bad, boring as hell, but if a game does not entertain you... it is because it does not do the job well enough, so BAD it is.

    10. amigacooke on

      “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.”
      ― Shigeru Miyamoto

      Clearly he never tried Godus.

    11. irongrave on

      To all those complaining about the milestone dates:

      “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.”
      ― Shigeru Miyamoto

      It seems a lot of folks don't really understand how Kickstarter works and much less don't understand how game development works. It's not "insert money receive game." You are INVESTING in a game's production, which in game development often comes with delays and setbacks. No dev team can pinpoint exactly when their game will be released. That's why you usually don't hear about a game until it's been in development for a while. The "Estimated Release Date" is not a deadline, it's an ESTIMATE

      Neostream -- I'm glad you guys were able to secure more funding and I can't wait to see what you guys will come up with.

    12. guru8bit on

      Please consider not giving translation to a bad company like 8-4. They're known for completely rewriting games and changing around the original script.

    13. EMind on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    14. Blackghost on

      Are you freaking kidding me? 2018 What is wrong with you!!!????
      It is the last time that I backed your company.
      Freaking liars..

      I'll make sure to let the other know about how you deal with the backers. ( review sites )

      This is UNACEPTABLE.

    15. BrianUnknown on

      Though You cannot disclose anything, I hope there will be an option to alpha/beta play the game before 2017? if not even a demo so that us who are already dying for the wait, can get a taste. Kinda like Game of Thrones or The Walking dead.

    16. Josh Dusel on

      As sad as i am to have to wait for the game for another 2 years, I am with everyone else, I think over all this is a positive update. Everyone keeps using Mighty No.9 as an example of a Kickstarter fail. But we all tend to forget all of the games that never made it to production at all. This game is worth the wait. Good luck and God speed, friends.

    17. Neostream Creator on

      Thank you all for your response and just wish to clarify the point on limited reveals on future updates.

      Please don't be too alarmed on this matter since we also don't think that it will apply to most cases. Our intention in letting you know was that there may be the odd off chance that some "sensitive" or unique design feature or details may need to be held until perhaps GDC or E3 next year. It absolutely doesn't mean we will be intentionally holding off everything or keeping everyone just in the dark until release. It's just that the "money men" can become sensitive in some cases. We understand the commitments that come with a KS campaign and will try and comply.

      Thanks all~

    18. Missing avatar

      Ben Owen on


      The delay? Not an issue, totally get it. The best laid plan never survives first contact with the enemy etc, so delaying was always going to happen, and if it means a better final product then obviously that's great.

      Extra outside funding? Good job! More money = more game (unless of course, your Kickstarter amount was never going to fund the game, which would indicate a terrible lack of planning and incompetence or blatant dishonesty, neither of which is good but we are where we are, and as long as we get the game, no issue)

      The problem? "A quick note also that in future updates, please understand that we are somewhat limited in our freedom in disclosing some key designs and/or visuals"

      No. Absolutely not. The only damn reason you were in a position to go to external finance sources is because of the Kickstarter backers. It's us that got you to where you are, and at the risk of sounding like an entitled whinny git, you owe us, not them.

      If I thought there was a chance of it happening, I would be asking for a refund. I hate the fact that I have some how contributed to enabling this awful behavior. Shame on me.

      You go do whatever, I guess I write my pledge off as lost cash and walk away. I believe in Kickstarter as a funding model, even if there are those like yourselves working so damned hard to ruin it.

    19. amigacooke on

      In my opinion, it's a shame that some KS projects are poisoning the well for others.

    20. Contemplar on

      Gigantic dumb post aside : Here's looking forward the eventual release.
      It's great to hear you managed to snag some extra funding. I can't imagine how much it would suck to trim back the branches of your beloved project due to such constraints. I always believe it's best to release a game later with more polish rather than earlier with shortcomings, and kickstarter as a whole tends to agree with that sentiment, even if people's passion for your project might cause a few frustrated grunts as time goes on. Game development is it's own precious kind of hell, so take your time and savor the brimstone! Don't mind us, we're just the imps that prod you to keep you in the sweet-spot of the inferno. \:3/

    21. Contemplar on

      Now all that's left is to wait, staring at the pendulum of the groaning fanboy clock around which we all congregate. Each tick and every tock sending tiny feathers of dust, growing in size with every month as we witless acolytes of cultish hope crouch near to the sweet sound. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Slouched skeletons, packed together wall to wall in self-assembling human bricks, freshest acolytes of hope willingly adding themselves to the topmost layers, drawn hypnotically by the flame offered by the temptation of glory to come. The perfect trap. Never will we realise the curling monkey-claw in the pact we entered. Our digital master's cruel, subtle lyric that bound us to this ceaseless grandfather timepiece, the tick-tock heartbeat of game development smothered under dust now neck-high, refusing to halt. We were promised glory and treasures unlike any seen before, and eternally in our minds we reaching for them as they dance just beyond our skeletal fingertips.

      Let this be a lesson to those who seek the buried artifacts of strange gods and sleeping beasts; all things come at a price. Remember this, as you ascend the gory stairway of twitching, crepital ribs, and listen to their lament. Long dead, but still their haunted marrow remains, dried and tacky in the stale powder of the caves, clinging to an antique clock with a pale face twisted in a mockery of human anguish.

      "We got funded, now we HAVE to debug this crap for years. Goddamnit, what did we get ourselves into" the device would seem to say, when unearthed.

      "wen finished" cry the brittle bones of the pactbearers, their undeath granting them barely enough fury to wave their wallets weakly where the clock once lay
      "shut up take our money"

    22. Missing avatar

      coder1000 on

      I just re-watched the KS video. It's still hilarious. I remember how psyched you all were to get funded and how you were saying that this was such a new experience and you hadn't thought you'd get the development together to do the Kickstarter. But you did get the development together, despite issues -- plans and all. Now it seems you're in this position of seeing the complexity of managing both a project in process and a Kickstarter also together and the frustrations if things don't work out there. I don't know what I'd do if I wanted to start a Kickstarter and manage it all properly other than to find others with the experience. This has got to be difficult. I'm seeing good projects reach out to have publishers help them. It certainly can change what goes on (and how much you can deliver on what you thought you could). This IS still exciting. LDI is still a great game. And, this is the stuff that can happen with a game, which is really a complex project. I might even hesitate on the new size of the team, but we have no idea right now what your economic model is, so I would imagine you've been getting support there too -- a publisher doesn't want to see their game investment not work out. But please DO see about what your publisher will allow you to communicate; and if nothing else, let us know at least generally how the team is doing.

    23. Teran Bryan-Howell on

      Sad that I have to wait over a year more for the game, but Glad that the game I paid for will be done right. I'll wait in happy silence to eventually feed my little devil inside.

    24. Missing avatar

      Scott Danek on

      Awesome news. Glad you guys were able to get more funding to make a more full vision of what you intended. Looking forward to the finished product!

      For all the people who are posting negative comments, this is Kickstarter. As someone else put it, your money is a donation. You don't own the project once you've donated money. You also don't get a say in how the project interacts with other entities. You simply donated money and are along for the ride. Kickstarter, guys.

      But for Neostream, awesome news! Pumped for the final release!

    25. Charles Brandon Adkins on

      all good news...
      and nice to see the project is moving forward.
      1. priority one is funding and paying bills (sorry all, reality)
      2. provide the game that was promised.
      delays happen... and literally EVERY good kickstarter out there
      had to postpone launch date.
      not some... or a few... ALL.
      Obsidian, Inxile, Larian studios etc etc etc
      big names with TONS of experience.
      ... though a two year delay is rather large... yikes...
      so pack in the content, polish, and keep us informed ;)
      the key: when finally ready, it better be worth the long wait lol

    26. Missing avatar

      Odhran on

      Wow, what terribly disappointing news. As this project progressed you should have been getting more and more transparent about how this game was unfolding but you have kept quiet and kept the crowdfunders out of the loop. Very shady indeed. And after a year of almost complete silence you drop the bombshell that you have acquired "additional funding" which almost certainly translates to "publisher". The whole point of crowdfunding is to circumvent the meddling of publishers, and might I add that you beat your crowdfunding goal by quite a margin, making the interference of a publisher even more disturbing.

      You ask all you want for my trust but you have lost it through terrible communication with the community and shaking hands with one-dimensional publishers made up of greedy pricks who see video games as a product and not art. No doubt we'll see content cut from the game and sold as DLC on day one.

      Disgusting Neostream. As I see it now, you are a bunch of shady hacks and have a long way to go before you earn back my faith in this project, but I doubt you care given your disrespect for the people who funded it.

    27. O.F. on

      Finally something that makes me feel confident in the project !
      These seem like some giant steps forward, I'm very happy to see you make such bold moves !
      You do have my support !

      I will have to agree with some of the backers who feel disappointed to hear that you will share (EVEN) less in the future though, but by all means, please at least give us regular text updates such as this one if you really can't show us more.

      One last thing, I would like to have your prospects on the WiiU version, which is probably compromised at this point, what with the non-compatibility with UE4 and the probable "death" of the console by mid 2017.
      I know it's early to be thinking about building different versions, and Nobody seems to know what Nintendo's plans are for their next console, but what is the general consensus between you and your investors ?

    28. maxwell on

      I think securing funding is a great move rather than try to struggle with what you were given from us, very few games can come to fruition on just that and keep their original vision. I'm not as worried as others because I really believe this is a project of passion for you guys and I'm just along for the ride to see what you guys can do with it. Looking forward to the next update and seeing the new team members. (Oh and if you guys are at GDC i'll see you there)

    29. Tyler Nieman on

      Thanks for the update, team! I hope the idiot backers from the kickstarter campaign aren't too big of a pain. They're a vocal minority. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more from you guys - when you're ready :)

    30. Chris Heneghan on

      Little perturbed about the abruptness of all this.

      Definitely gonna need details on this additional funding, from whom, for how much, what terms if any that affect content. You don't get to just say "we got some money from somewhere" and not expect questions to be asked. Does this money just buy you more time? Does it mean more coders, animators, designers? Surely you guys have a plan if you're willing to come out with a 2 year delay?

      And surely there is at least SOMETHING you guys can show off that you've worked on in the last 2 months? A new model? Some concepts? A new animation? Something tangible to show that the game is actually being made? You have to understand people's trepidation here considering the growing number of Kickstarter scams and failures. We're the people who gave you money upfront for this thing, I'd say we are owed at least a small peek at your work on a semi regular basis.

    31. EMind on

      People don't seem to understand that the money they gave was A DONATION, not a buy, not a lean, just a donation to someone who wanted to make a project, so chill the fvck out with the "I want my money back", because they don't have to give you nothing if they don't want to. Like I already said, they money they got here seemed to me way less that they money they really needed to make the game they wanted, so I'm ok with more funding from another source, but business is business, and where KS has it's "contract free" resolution, I understand a company putting money into the project would have some reservations on the info they can release, that's how the world works, so maybe grow up a little, because even if you have thrown your money at this project, you are entitled to NOTHING.

    32. Paul Morrell on

      Im happy to hear you were able to secure additional funding for the game. However, keep in mind, we are your original publisher. I am not ok with your new investor dictating the flow of information to us.

    33. Bewoulve on

      I'll be blunt : I want my money back.

      I don't mind the delay : games require time to be made. But there is one thing I won't tolerate with crowdfunding projects and that thing is the lack of transparency : the way you managed your post campaign updates wasn't great already, and now you're saying we will have even less informations because you signed some contract ?

      Sorry but I'm not interested anymore about backing such a project.

    34. Richard Purdy Jr. on

      Just build the game you want, no matter how long it takes. ^^ As much as we want to play it, we also want to play a great game in the end, and time is the only thing that will do that. So, keep at it boys (and girls, presumably)!

    35. maneauleau on

      We believe in you guys. Take the time you need and build the game you guys want and are proud of no matter how long it takes. I am glad you managed to sort out the financial issues.

    36. Raphael S. Neto on

      I agree with the others... althought it's nice to hear that you have things sorted out now, it shouldn't prevent communication with the backers, who funded this project in the first place.
      Do update us with game progress, videos, pictures and so on, as much as possible. I understand that when the game is about to be released you have to hold or limit info, but we are talking two years from now, how come you have to limit showing something to the people who gave you their money?
      I still believe that the game will be great and wish you guys well, but keep the updates flowing.

    37. Xavi P.

      Well, I'm not surprised for a delay in KS, but anyway it's a lot of time so I hope the game gets as awesome as we all expected :)

    38. Siavash Mortazavi on

      I'm really sorry if my comment is brutal, but here it is:
      What you've written here is a result of bad management, regardless of all efforts and sacrifices you're putting on this. When you put a project on Kickstarter, people pledge to a specific goal and expect something out of it, you've disrespected this and have decided to do what "you" want to do, by having 2 years of delay, you've scoped it out extremely.
      I know discussing technical aspects is not possible here, but we all know that Unity could potentially handle your type of game, and switching to UE4 means redoing many things and requiring much more resources.
      I wish you good luck and actually your 2018 release may sell well, but with all respect I don't care about your game anymore and will opt out of mailing list. Even if possible, I would ask for money back, I pledged for something else.

    39. Kyle on

      2 Year Delay? Jesus. That's embarrassing.

    40. Adam Mohammed

      Glad to see you will be doing something for E3 next year :)

    41. Josh Freeman on

      "A quick note also that in future updates, please understand that we are somewhat limited in our freedom in disclosing some key designs and/or visuals (not that we've shown off plenty anyway...) but we'll do our best to sneak in a few shots here and there and share some more ideas "with the purpose of receiving constructive feedback and response from the community" :)"

      I find this to be a bit rude and just plain oblivious to what is expected of a kickstarter, this campaign has been the absolute worse in terms of "sharing sneak peaks" in every other project I've followed or been part off. There is very little information, no videos, no animations, nothing.

      You should really take a look at the guys at PlanetCoaster, we get: Dev Responses, Screenshots of designs, Art pictures, videos, an playable alpha and the absolute best: Dev Streams, 1 hour of awesomeness every week up to the release of a patch (so about 4 weeks worth). You can tell they care, you see progress and know your money hasn't gone to waste. Right now all I feel is my money has gone to some random guy who I hope will release a game if they get financing again and I see nothing. I honestly forgot about this game it has been so quiet...

      Updates should be about providing confidence and trust in your backers, not this lame excuse "receiving constructive feedback", that has nothing to do with a KS campaign..... It's about showing you're continuing to do your job because at the end of the day we've paid you to do your job, much like an investor would expect...

      Very disappointed, hopefully in a year or so this campaign will pick up and remind me to look at the game, otherwise I will just forget about it again.

    42. EMind on

      Ok, I see mixed comments on here, so I'm gonna leave mine as well.

      First of all, I was the first to acknowledge in the comments section that this game was gonna be delayed to 2017 at least, and that they needed a lot more money to make the game they were talking about. For my surprise, the delay is more than I expected and with this comes key questions, so I REALLY expect an answer, not for me, because I'm a PC user, but for console users. So here I go:

      - With all the new "consoles" that companies are going to release in the next 2 years (project Scorpio from Microsoft, PS4 Neo from Sony and NX from NIntendo), do you plan in mind to take advantage of the new capabilities of those new machines? I know MS said that Project Scorpio is focused on playing on 4K, but, that it wouldn't be mandatory so the power could be used elsewhere, like in more particles, more bodies on screen, better framerate, etc. So I think it would be wise to plan ahead. For PS4 Neo, it goes the same, mainly the machine is believed to be focused on VR (virtual Reality) and 4K, so are you planning on using the VR capabilities of the new console? And for the NX, Nintendo doesn't want to tell shit, but we expect to be more powerful than WiiU, right? And at least that the machine would use a proper controller and not a damn tablet/pad. 2017 will be a year for new consoles, so I hope you take that in mind before putting them aside to focus in the actual ones only.

      Now, let's talk about money, it is understable to not e able to disclose who or whom funded your project a little more, but, that would mean that now you have a publisher? Does this mean that the game could be released on retail stores, physically?

      About the sharing (and caring) of the actual progress of the game, I think we actually demand in consequence of what other developers have done, so we think that it is ok to share screens, video commentaries, artwork, etc. But, somehow you are limited to do so, by what exactly? or by who? I've seen a lot of video diaries of upcoming games through the years, there's nothing wrong in sharing the work you are doing, it shows effort, and passion and compromise with the players. You sure have to have videos, or new artwork to show.

      Finally, I want to thank you always for your honesty, and for trying to explain the situation, you know the saying "better late than never". Keep up the good work!

    43. Javier Aranda Cerezo on

      Mmm 2018? The Wii U backers (like me) would prefer a NX version instead the Wii U one. Anyway, I want to see the game on a Nintendo platform. Good luck!

    44. Chris Bingham on

      Why do I get the feeling this is just going to be another Mighty No. 9.... I paid £30 for this and I've seen no real development of the game... I'm very disappointed.

    45. Zane Robertson on

      Looks like you guys are working hard and pulling it all together. I can tell that when the game does finally release, it will be a complete and polished game.
      I believe in you guys. Good luck. Don't let the nay-say-ers get you down.

    46. Missing avatar

      Louis on

      1. Mysterious funding ; we dont know by who, nor the amount....
      2. At least 2 years delay, announcing the month the game should've been released.... - we all knew it didn't released this month of course, but didn't expect a vague "2018" for the early access + the complete release....
      3. Nothing substantial shown since the beginning and the first trailer....

      I don't doubt you're working hard, face many problems etc., but it's a poorly run campaign compare to my other kickstarter experiences (just look at Hollow Knight for exemple). It says nothing about the quality of the game (I have no doubt), but you should care more about your communication I guess.
      I sincerely wish you the best and can't wait to see the game. Good luck.

    47. Motoki on

      So TL;DR Feature Creep.

    48. Missing avatar

      Digiwind on

      Launch of 2018 is disappointed.
      At least It should be release at the same time in all of the platforms without WiiU(Because it had announce in advance)

    49. amigacooke on

      While I appreciate the honesty, I feel totally misled by the original Kickstarter. As a MacOS backer it sounds as though I've been cast aside, my platform has no priority, backers are now clearly way less important than the 'new' money and the release date has disappeared into the future even for 'supported' platforms.

      It's getting harder and harder to find reasons to back KickStarters and this project is another nail in the coffin.

    50. Missing avatar

      Theo Visser on

      It is great to have a more realistic time-line, although having to wait 2 more years stings a bit. I rather play a polished and finished game, so I can wait.
      I am not sold on this actually being released on the Wii U, Unity is no problem, but UE4 support is just not there, except possibly with a lot of customisation as is apparently done for Bloodstained and with Devil's Third making use of UE3. I honestly would be pleasantly surprised if it didn't skip Wii U, but am not holding my breath. I hope it can be easily ported to NX, whatever that ends up to be.