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Little devil inside is a story about a college professor who investigates paranormal activities. With you!
Little devil inside is a story about 5126 Kickstarter backers who wants to survive in a surreal world.
Little devil inside is a story about 5126 Kickstarter backers who wants to survive in a surreal world.
5,126 backers pledged AU$ 306,515 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chub (The Stub and Chub Show) on

      It is I!
      The good luck bringer
      They will post an update before the end of July.
      Or else I will draw me as the pig from LDI.

    2. EMind on

      So is just the same reply DEI got, good to know, now now, enjoy that reply penetrating you big and stinky esfinter, big boy.

    3. Blackghost on

      EMind, care to share ? Now..yes. So as you said, you can shove it up your ass. Twice.. in your case.

    4. EMind on

      Reply? Care to share? If it is like the one from DEI you can shove it up your ass, it is meaningless to say the least.
      I won't bother to run around asking and begging for information when it should be in their interest to provide it. It's not like we weren't the ones supporting them in the first place, right? It's a shame, I really had faith in them, then I lost it, then I regained it again and now I just don't give a flying fuck anymore, I advice for the rest of you to just do the same. If the game comes, YAY! if not, well, lesson learned, moving on.

    5. Blackghost on Send them a email guys.
      I got a reply from them, so I guess you could too.

    6. amigacooke on

      In you've forgotten:

      Key milestones are as follows:

      Feb 2017 - Main build (all core key features)
      Mar 2017 - GDC
      Jun 2017 - E3
      End 2017 - Full Build (World build)
      2018 - Early access, QA, localization, release

    7. Missing avatar

      Sam Glover on

      Ya,if you guys could let us in on some things that would be great! Since the Wii U is done with, will it be coming to switch(please for everything that is holy please say yes) Also could we get some kind of "when do it may come out" thing, just to keep us hopeful.

    8. Missing avatar

      Mark Maltz on

      Six months since last update. C’mon devs, keep us backers updated. I know most or all the team are programmers but it doesn’t take long to write a quick update on progress.

    9. EMind on

      "This month" is about to end, and still the last login was in april, so much for reading comments lol.

    10. amigacooke on

      They hope to give us some news.

      Well that's reassuring.

    11. DEI on

      They responded to my email and said they planned on another update this month.

      "Thanks for reaching out to us.

      Yes we haven't made any updates for a while but please be rest assured we are still very much grinding away.
      A lot has happened and we hope to give our community some progress news this month.

      Apologies for keeping you in the dark but your comments are truly appreciated and still means a lot to us."

    12. amigacooke on

      Got to agree that KickStarters like this are poisoning the well. It's no surprise that video game backing is falling on KickStarter.

    13. Todd L. Clifford

      And this is why I don't back PC Kickstarters any more. Not worth it. At least it was just $27...

    14. Missing avatar

      Schoffo on


      “Well, you are DONATING money, so it is YOUR responsibility to know who you are donating money to. This is not a store. You should read the FAQ section so you can stop making stupid questions and accusations.”

    15. EMind on

      Have they even showed the game in any event? E3, gamescom, TGS, whatevs... I hope they show something before the year ends, if not well, refunds for everybody, lol.

    16. Missing avatar

      Howson Lex on

      If the project is dead could I at least get a refund?

    17. EMind on

      Their last login is April 9th, so I don't know if they are gonna even read the e-mails.

    18. amigacooke on


      Do you think it would do any good?

    19. Blackghost on Send them a email guys.....

    20. Blackghost on

      Dev what the hell....

    21. Junaid Hussain

      dead project is dead.

    22. MechPilot on

      Well thats $27 I could have blown on a few lotto tickets...

    23. EMind on

      @Tracey Craig
      Those are called lies. You can't possibly defend the fact that they are 2 years behind their "estimated" delivery date. I mean... come on, I get that they made some choices that lead them to delay things, but the lack of communication and the lack of content showed so far is kind of frustrating for us, backers. But here we are, still waiting, another 5 months without any more info, and that's a shame. I bet by the time the game really is released, some backer has literally died of something LOL, hope it's not me though... But who knows.

    24. Tracey Craig


      They are “estimated” delivery dates, that’s a pretty big difference...

    25. Ale Mohamad on

      It's great to still be on 2016 waiting for this game. Or a demo. Or a preview of the game manual. Or a desktop wallpaper. Or something! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    26. amigacooke on

      I think KickStarter should step in and stop video game developers using ludicrously optimistic delivery dates.

    27. CarlosFer on

      An update would be nice. I'm still waiting for my copy on Wii U....or not :(

    28. Mitchell Suchomel on

      First thing I ever backed and still my favorite, can't wait to play it, love the art style and plan for gameplay, keep up the good work

    29. Sarblade on

      They do this all the time. I think they really don't know shit about business.

    30. Missing avatar


      I agree - whats the status? I find it very disrespectful towards your Backers here on kickstarter. I just love how they are even aware of this fact but still dont give a sh*t about updating us. Here are the very first lines from their last "update" (huehue):
      "It's been a while... yes... again! and we are near year end. First of all, we wish to thank all of you in having faith in us. "
      Sorry Neostream, at least I don't have faith in you anymore. You are aware that you post too little updates but still do it.
      Just tell us that this project is dead so we all can move on.

    31. Blackghost on

      Wtf is wrong with this dev ??? No new at all from him.. I wonder why I supported this project.

    32. amigacooke on

      For 'vakued' read 'valued'.

    33. amigacooke on

      A never updated web site and a rarely updated KickStarter.

      It's easy to see how grateful Neostream are to its vakued backers.

    34. EMind on

      Another 3 months without anything.... Meeeeeeeeeeh

    35. TheDude on

      Am I still waiting for 2016?

    36. amigacooke on

      So more slippage has occurred.

    37. EMind on

      Early access is at the end of the year, the final game won't be released this year.

    38. David Negron on

      If it's coming at the end of the year... I paid for early access. Whens early access???

    39. EMind on

      There is a lot more in the interview, but you know what, if someone wants to read it, it's right there in perfect english, i just pointed out some points that i thought were interesting, of course I let a lot of things behind, so just go and read it goddammit.

    40. EMind on

      Ok, I'll do it. Probably all the things said in the article are WIP and could and will probably change.

      - By the article I assume you can't choose your gender nor anything about your character because everytime you die (permadeath of the previous character) the character is randomly created with random attributes and in case there is some kind of customization to it, random as well.
      - Talking about permadeath, your body will likely still be where you died after the new character that it is given to you appears in the world, so you can go loot your previous character if you dare, because your new character will likely be a noob without any equipment, so if you died in a high level zone, maybe it is not worth it to lose another character.
      - How new character works? Well, every new one will be interviewed by the professor at the faculty in the main city.
      - The game will have online co-op and local co-op, but at this point they don't mention the number of players.
      - Like we already suspect, there will be different zones in the game (desert, forest, sea, etc) and a main city, where the faculty is, and a library, and maybe more things they want to implement.
      - again with the development of the characters. They are random and as we know, the communicate with you with expressions, not directly telling you what it is happening to them. But, one character is different from another so maybe what one does the next one does not, for example, they are in pain, some character will be more kin to let you know, but some others will be shy so they will not let you know if they are in pain or not, all in the details. This seems rather complicated to implement to a game, but adds some kind of rogue-like elements like for example in Rogue Legacy, where every time you die your new character has rather a perk or a flaw, like narrow vision, retro vision, double jump, etc.

    41. Adam Mohammed

      I dont have time to do this but someone could go through the interview and list all the details mentioned. This way we can easily see what the game may likely be on release.

    42. Adam Mohammed

      @Exiled Mind

      I just logged on to post that article.

    43. amigacooke on

      This project has had December updates in 2015 and 2016. This year?

    44. Missing avatar

      Matthew Roche on

      hey, these once in 3-4months updates are nice and all but any word on where the game build is in development?

      time line for release? 2 years? 5 years? >9000 years?

      any major events where you're next planning on putting up a trailer for the game's progress in the next 2 years?

      a lot of these projects have fallen through and this was the on I saw the most potential in, hope you make it to release.

      much love.

    45. MechPilot on

      Think this may be a North Korean company, because we are getting taken for a ride...

    46. Missing avatar

      Maxxxy on

      Just wondering, When's the soonest you plan on releasing something playable, either to the public, or to backers?

      I've been following this project and have funded it ever since I saw the first pre-alpha trailer about 2 years ago, and while I'm very grateful that you've managed to communicate fairly consistently with your community, the long period of no real content outside of videos, screenshots and text posts has instilled a fair amount of cynicism in me.

      TL;DR: When do you plan on releasing something tangible?

    47. EMind on

      @Daniel, don't worry, I'll go the steam page of the game (if it has one by then) and do it there, just for the foocks of it.

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