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A collection of miniaturized lawn games, 3 new and 3 classic, using only solid metal components.
A collection of miniaturized lawn games, 3 new and 3 classic, using only solid metal components.
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Designed by Jordan Draper, METAL is the first installation in the Material Series, a group of games that will focus on a single material while partnering with specialized companies. Lay Waste Games was the obvious home for this first installment because...well...IT'S METAL! 

Let's get this first question out of the way. Yes. Everything is solid metal. Even the box. For serious! And that is why we need Kickstarter to make this happen. With METAL, we want to showcase different metals, and create something that lasts forever, similar to the build quality of classic car frames and toaster oven bodies.

This is also just the start of something truly innovative by Jordan Draper: the Material Series!

The planned lineup is Wood, Paper, Rubber, and Fabric. Each title in this new line of games sets out to explore and showcase how a single material can be utilized in the context of tabletop games, with the highest manufacturing quality and techniques. 

Every material will be a different partnership with a specialist company that leads in knowledge and experience. With your help, we aim to break the mold of what's possible! 

METAL comes with 38 solid metal pieces made from 3 different types of metal: Steel, Aluminum, and Zinc alloys. And yes, they are all housed inside of a solid metal, two-piece telescoping box.

  • 1 stamped, two-piece telescoping box (Steel / Raw)
  • 1 small ball (Zinc alloy / Burnished)
  • 1 Lay Waste Human Skull kingpin (Zinc alloy / Electroplated Black)
  • 6 throwing batons (Aluminum / Raw)
  • 8 large balls (Zinc alloy / Burnished)
  • 10 rectangular pegs (Aluminum / Raw)
  • 12 numbered round pins (Zinc alloy / Electroplated Golden)

One of the parts of METAL that we are most excited about is the steel box. Jordan wanted the box to be a traditional board game box, with 1.5mm wall thickness, rather than simply using a tin box that might be found with breath mints. It took months of research but we nailed it. To make the steel box, massive metal presses will take sheets of steel and stamp them under intense pressure, forming the shape needed. The game’s title, our logos, and our websites will all be imprinted onto the box during this process, for something truly unique in your collection.

Our process is very similar to the GIF above, but involves more magic and love. The piece that might be made with the most love is the kingpin. This is what you will use for striking in various games, and Jordan decided to make this piece extra sweet. Atop traditional kingpins are often crowns, but in METAL, you get our signature Human Skull from Dragoon!

In order to cast these pieces as accurately as possible, we typically use spin casting in rubber molds. Some have told us there is a better way that is more natural. That is, of course, casting in real watermelons. We gave it a try, but it didn't work out as planned.

Moving forward, we will be casting the pieces professionally, not with watermelons. And since the watermelon above is on a lawn, here is Jordan to discuss how lawn games influenced METAL. Perfect segue!

I love a summer picnic, when you forget about everything and just play ridiculous lawn games. I also miss the feeling of being a kid, seeing a bunch of stuff lying around, and making a game out of it. Metal is an homage to these times, tapping into those experiences, but this time while you’re out to eat with friends at a restaurant, or stuck in a queue for 3h to see a Panda. 

The three classic lawn games give the awesome nostalgia of outdoor gatherings, and my new games take those same pieces as inspiration for quick, crazy games I used to make up as a kid. Bangers in particular was one of my favorite games to play on a pool table with friends, where we would all try to hit the white ball with the other ones in real time. I hope you’ll enjoy your childhood again in style with METAL. (Please try listening to metal too, it’s great!)

- Jordan Draper

Reading Is FUN-damental! We all know this to be true and gave you more fun fuel below. When released, the rules will be available on our websites, which are stamped onto the back of the box. For now, all games are outlined below.

However, we know some of you are busy business people who can't spend time reading because markets are fluctuating and DOWs are on the...rise or something? For those people, here is a video!

Now that you have watched the video, you can get back to...playing the market with stock tickers...or something. For the rest of you, read onward!

Randomly spread out and stand up the 1-12 pegs on the table. Give each player a unique large ball, and start their ball in front of them. Taking turns passing the kingpin around in clockwise order, players will take one hit with the kingpin to try to knock over the lowest numbered peg, and keep it for points. One hit per turn. As soon as all 12 pegs are collected the game is over. The winner is determined by the sum of the point values of all pegs each player has collected. If a player hits over the wrong peg, they must return a peg they have collected to the center of the table. It is allowed to combo hits together like in pool, but you must hit the lowest number first and then only the next highest number. So for example, you could hit the 1 peg into the 2 peg, and collect both in the same turn, but if you hit the 3 peg into the 5 peg, you would fail and need to put back a collected peg as well as stand up the 3 and 5.

Evenly distribute the large balls among players, then put the small ball in the center of the table. In real time, all players now roll their large balls to try to hit the small one, receiving 1 point each time they hit the small ball. If they hit the small ball and it then falls off the table, that player will have their score reset to 0. All of the large balls can be taken as they roll to you.  The first player to get 3 points wins the game immediately. 

Form two teams, across from each other at least 1m apart, and place all of the golden pegs numbered 1-12 in the center. Each team will now draft pegs until the sum of their numbers add up to exactly to 20. Teams will take one peg at a time, starting with the youngest player at the table and alternating back and fourth between teams. If it is not possible to reach exactly 20, your team will put a peg back and take a new one in its place on your turn. (example draft picks could be (team 1: 11, 9) (team 2: 3, 4, 5, 8). 

Stand up your pegs on the other teams side, spaced evenly and far apart, with the numbers facing toward you. Each turn, your team can take any combination of balls and throwing batons equal to the difference between your lowest number peg (numbers facing you), and the other teams highest number peg (on your side facing them). In this example, team 1 would receive 1 item, team 2 would receive 8 items. Starting with the team with the least items, they will roll balls and throw batons at their pegs, which must be knocked over in order from lowest to highest. If any number that isn’t the lowest is hit, stand it up again. The other team will then do the same, alternating back and forth until one team knocks over all their pegs! If both teams have pegs left, take items as described above given the pegs left, and repeat.

Most of you are probably familiar with at least one of these timeless classics. For those who are new to them, we debated rewriting the rules for each. However, in this glorious world of the internet, we believe the best way to learn about them is to simply link you to basic explanations on Wikipedia (Bocce / Kubb / Croquet) and encourage you to find some sweet content on YouTube (Bocce / Kubb / Croquet).

There are historically tons of ways to play each game and we greatly encourage players to make their own variants. If you grew up playing these games in unique ways, let us know in the comments!

There is only one pledge tier! If you are looking for another pledge tier, you won't find it here. You are welcome to keep refreshing the page to see if we add another though.

NOTE TO DISTRIBUTORS AND RETAILERS: There are currently no plans to bring METAL into distribution or mass retail. The game is very expensive to make, which prohibits us from selling the game outside of Kickstarter and our own outlets post Kickstarter. 

METAL comes standard with all the components listed at the top of the page. But now it will be even sweeter thanks to these stretch goals!

As you have likely already guessed, METAL is expensive to make. We debated having a higher price tag with more stretch goal components, but decided to keep the price low and include what we felt were the best stretch goals. Our hope is that this allows more people to enjoy Jordan's amazing designs and the lawn games we grew up loving!



If you would like to contact Lay Waste Games directly, feel free to email hello at laywastegames dot com with any questions, comments, concerns, or just to say hi!

Jordan Draper has an email too! It is talk at jordandraper dot com. He loves hearing about new ice cream flavors and what friends have bananas that he can steal.

We will be charging shipping after the campaign ends. This ensures you get charged the shipping you deserve. No more, no less. By doing this, we are able to factor in your pledge tier, add-ons, and all fancy things that may occur during the campaign. However, we can offer estimated shipping costs for one copy of the game, and they are pretty simple.

Please keep in mind these are estimates, and the more items you purchase, the more shipping will cost. So if you buy 1,500 games (which will weigh about 1 ton), not only are you a crazy person who loves metal, but you will pay a higher shipping price.

If you live in Australia, Canada, the EU, or the United States, you will not pay any fees beyond shipping. If you live outside these locations and want more information, please contact us.

Lay Waste Games was founded by Jake Given, Zach Given, Nick Nazzaro, and Jonathan Ritter-Roderick. We formed in 2014 with the sole goal of making Dragoon a reality. In 2015, that came true thanks to 1,295 amazing Kickstarter backers. In 2017, both the expansion to Dragoon and Human Era were made real thanks to over 5,000 backers.

We will always make sure our games have the highest production value, incredible artwork, and solid gameplay. Without backers, Lay Waste Games would not exist, and our dedication to them will last forever.

Jordan Draper is a designer, artist, and entrepreneur from Salt Lake City, UT. His games include Turin Market, Import/Export, and the entire line of the Tokyo Series! They were all brought into reality thanks to over 4,000 backers, bringing crisp clean design and miniature vending machines into the world. 

Risks and challenges

Pledge in confidence, as we have done everything in our power to ensure the creation and delivery of METAL.

Since 2015, Lay Waste Games has successfully funded and fully shipped three major Kickstarter campaigns. In the unlikely event that there are delays or production problems, we have the experience to address them. Our team is dedicated to tackle any problem that might come our way, and communicate with backers clearly. Producing a high end product and getting it into your hands is our priority.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding your rewards. We are here to make this project the best it can be for you and all the other backers!

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