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American made Selvedge BADASS denim for 79 bucks. Made right here in the USA by your friends and neighbors.
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    1. Rex Regit on

      oh, you see, the funny is that corduroy pillows will leave marks on your face if you sleep on it. Hence therefore, it will literally make headlines. It is a joke. Similar to asking someone if they heard about that new broom made by Acme...then you state, "it is really sweeping the nation!" Trust me, one of these days, we will all laugh at these jokes.

    2. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      Benny, I will offer about 20+ selvedge and selvedge stretch denims for at this price point. Im making changes to the web site now and I hope to have this up at the end of the weekend.

    3. Benny Leung on

      Hi Roman, I support your great idea! For this project, I believe the options of the selvedge denim fabric choose is limited? If yes, how many chooses can we have?

    4. Andrew Knipe

      Wide wale cords and chinos would be great.

    5. Rex Regit on

      And if you really want to make the headlines...start selling American made corduroy pillows!
      Seriously, yous guys are gonna laugh later. Trust me on that one.

    6. Anne on

      Hi Roman. Yes absolutely, the 68 idea sounds fabulous. Very interested in cord option as well, especially if it were nice wide cord, I love that... Cheers, Anne

    7. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      Michael, We are working on a project that you will fine very interesting. That vision is very close to becoming a reality.

    8. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      Aren it would just be an option available to everyone.

    9. Michael on

      Interested yes, but what I think would be really great is if you would do a fair priced "pick you denim, waist and inseam" 100% made in america (from cotton plant to cotton gin to spinning and weaving and dyeing and cutting and sewing and sales....). That would really be creating jobs in the U.S.

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Bell on

      Chinos and cords?! AWESOME.

    11. Missing avatar

      Aren on

      I think a $68 dollar Jean is a great deal, I would just like more info on how that would work with the kickstarter deal.

    12. Missing avatar

      John Egan

      I would purchase additional jeans ... standard jean with no customizing except for the Denim, inseam and waist....that has my attention, and I would be back for more jeans....thank you!

    13. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      Michael, I'm finishing up a Chino this week then we will be looking into corduroy.

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel Shanley on

      Love the idea. Great deal plus the jeans will actually fit me. Being tall and thinner is a curse when buying clothes.

    15. Missing avatar

      Justin Veltri on

      I love the idea, hope my first pair fits great.

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael Bell on

      I know if these are everything I hope they'll be, I'll be back pronto looking/wishing for a 5-pocket corduroy!

    17. Melissa Pedersen on

      I think that is an amazing idea!

    18. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      Yes Michael, You will have the semi custom jean at $79.00 the 2nd option is a Standard jean no customizing except for the Denim, inseam and waist.

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael Bell on

      Awesome. Can I still get them for $79 for 5 years if they're $68? :)

    20. Missing avatar

      Gilbert Q on

      Sounds like an awesome deal! Will not hesitate to buy another pair when I receive the initial pair

    21. Daniel Kubinski on

      Sounds awesome to me.

    22. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    23. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      Michael, there is not catch. We make our own product and that's the difference. We don't subscribe to the 400 -600% mark up that other brand use. I'll put my jean up against any brand out there and they as good or better.

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael Bell on

      As a funder, my question is "what's the catch?" At that price point I assume there's some distinction between the jean and other higher-priced offerings. It's probably a great item, but I'd want to know what I'm not getting vs another higher-priced option.

    25. Walter Ozawa on

      Sounds like a winner to me

    26. Rex Regit on

      This is a rhetorical question, right?

    27. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      Lauren, I'm just working out the details. That being said I think we need to make this happen.

    28. Lauren Peckham on

      That sounds awesome. That we can continue to pick our inseam will keep me coming back :)