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American made Selvedge BADASS denim for 79 bucks. Made right here in the USA by your friends and neighbors.
489 backers pledged $74,881 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. brian pitman on

      And another week goes by and not knowing ! It's hard to take you guys seriously that you want to get the orders out when you just don't respond to emails or posts left here .
      My first email regarding the ordering of this jacket started on 13 August and I'm still getting the run around .

    2. brian pitman on

      whats different between the western and the work jacket , iv looked everywhere in updates and the lawless web shop and facebook and nada , whats the one in this photo?.
      would appreciate a quick response so l can complete my pledge form , im getting itchy feet .

    3. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      @brian pitman:

      Nice!! I think you are going to dig this jacket!

    4. brian pitman on

      OK, so iv put in for the denim cafe jacket , I'm hoping it'll be a great summer riding jacket and all round go to jacket for bumming around . Just hope that I can pull off DD .

    5. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      Ryan we are having a photo shoot tomorrow and I'll have some cool pics up on the home page very soon.

    6. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      Brian, I would like to offer this jacket with a custom fit option.

    7. brian pitman on

      Will it come in a small medium large or will there be a more custom fit , I always have trouble with body length . I'll up my pledge if I can get a better fit than I would get from a prêt-à-porter .

    8. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      I would like to offer this jacket at $375.00

    9. Missing avatar

      Jacky on

      Looks amazing...want to know the price for it

    10. brian pitman on

      Worked out a price yet on the jacket , if it's within reason I'll add to my pledge !

    11. Ryan Huff on

      That's pretty dang cool. If you threw that on the front page it'd draw some people in alone, I'm sure. :D

    12. Florian Rathcke on

      I am in for it. What is the price tag? Oh, and seeing your jeans makes me wonder if there is any chance for some more of that khaki denim on this kickstarter...

    13. Missing avatar

      Susan Revak on

      This jacket looks awesome!

    14. Missing avatar

      Brent Israel on

      I think it would work better as a vest..just my personal preference ...looks great either way.

    15. xkaichaix on

      The Jacket looks great!I prefer full denim body,leather arm,a higher arm hole & pleated shoulder.I might order 1.

    16. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      Brian I like the idea of a vest.

    17. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      I'm sure on the pledge yet guys. I'm still working the numbers.

    18. Missing avatar

      Brent Israel on

      badass!..idk if the wife would let me up my pledge..whats the $$ ?

    19. brian pitman on

      Looks great , how much do you think it would cost and how would this look as a vest ?

    20. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      Sorry Jon I don't understand the question.

    21. Jon Low

      Are we going to need a new tier again?