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American made Selvedge BADASS denim for 79 bucks. Made right here in the USA by your friends and neighbors.
489 backers pledged $74,881 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      @Justin Veltri:

      The 18.4 is the 18.5. We tested the weight and it's actually a 18.5oz

    2. Missing avatar

      Justin Veltri on

      I see the 18.4 oz but not the 18.5, will you update the form as new options are added?

    3. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      @Sarah Trettenero:

      The form is just for inventory and to get you think about want options you would like. Select your 15oz and the additional denims you would like. Then send me a Message so I can track them. Pick only what is still available on the kickstarter. You can select sizes now, however at the end of the campaign we will reach out to verify all details before we put your product into production.

    4. Missing avatar

      Sarah Trettenero on

      I pledged the 158. How do I fill out this form for the 15.2 oz Cone Mils Selvedge Denim and the denim of my choice? Is the 15.2oz Cone Mills on there so I can choose sizing? I'm just a little confused. Thanks

    5. Missing avatar

      Richard Harris on

      Hi Roman. What a fantastic Kickstarter you have going!

      I'm a novice in this world of denim. I understand the form, apart from the high / low rise bit. Could you give any guidance please? Is the 'nuts to button' measurement? Cheers.

    6. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      @Jonathan Tohill:

      Your welcome Jonathan. I have the American series up soon.
      As for the jeans the "no cuff" is the standard.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Tohill on

      Had a question about the cuff option, am i correct in that normal jeans selvage jeans would fall under the "no cuff" option?
      Additionally, I saw the option for the Japanese themed patches, any news on the American themed, as promised in a message earlier? Thanks!

    8. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      Lauren, I haven't fingered out how to update the form, so if you don't mind resubmitting and then just let me know and I'll delete your old version.

    9. Lauren Peckham on

      This is amazing Roman, thank you so much. Now if I need to change anything on the form do I just resubmit, or is there a better way? Thank you so much. I'm so excited.

    10. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      No trouble at all Ian. Dude I like your Selections. Those are going to be a sick pair of jeans!

    11. Ian Hutchison on

      I just submitted it. Let me know if I need to clarify anything. Sorry about all the trouble!

    12. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      @Ian Hutchison:

      Ian the other fields are not required just till out your pledge details only. I don't see you in the data base.
      Please try again I have not heard of anyone else having an issue with this.

    13. Ian Hutchison on

      Since I only pledged for one pair, I only filled out the top half of the form. However I wasn't able to submit it because the choices for the second pair of jeans and the vest/jacket weren't completed. Should I fill out the second half anyways, even though they weren't included in my pledge?

    14. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      @Ian Hutchison:

      If you fill it out it will send to me.
      I help me get a feel for what you want so I can track inventory.

    15. Ian Hutchison on

      Is this form meant to be submitted to you or is it just for us to keep track of all of our options?

    16. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      @Rizere Hazrey:

      Yes please sorry about that.

    17. xkaichaix on

      If I were to pledge for 3 denims,I need to submit 2 forms,right?

    18. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      Vincent I just need your standard inseam and we will make the adjustments for the cuff.

    19. Vincent Wong

      Will inseam length include cuff length or not? For example, if I chose 30" inseam and 2" cuff will the overall inseam length then be 32"?

    20. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      @matthew ickes:

      Thank you Matthew!

    21. Missing avatar

      matthew ickes on

      It's really cool you have the flexibility to make a truly custom pair of jeans for us. That is an absolute game changer. Keep up the good work Roman, you are doing an amazing job.

    22. Missing avatar

      matthew ickes on

      @Roman;, you are not offering too much. All I have to say is ...WOW.

    23. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      @lauren I added a conversion chart to the form and we will be adding more tag options very soon.

    24. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      Am I offering to much Matthew? These options are based off of our new web site that will launch at the end of the Kickstarter. I actually will offer more options on the new site.
      Since we make our own clothing we don't need to meet any factory minimums. We get to change the game up a little. For me options are good. I want to make what you want rather then you getting to pick from what ever is available.

    25. Missing avatar

      matthew ickes on

      @roman; whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa....wait a minute....are you telling me that I can pick my fit and my rise? In other words, hypothetically speaking, I could choose a skinny fit with a high rise..or a straight fit with a low rise, a straight fit with a medium rise, a slim straight fit with a medium rise, etc....

    26. Lauren Peckham on

      Also - is there a place where I can see the different stitches? :)

    27. Lauren Peckham on

      Also the first pick doesn't ask for size. And speaking of size, how do those numbers translate to like size 9?

      also wonder about the other leather tags. I'm assuming we can change this form up until the campaign is over?

    28. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      Updated! Thank you Hunter

    29. Lawless Denim & Co. Creator on

      your right!!
      Ill fix it now

    30. Missing avatar

      hunter basenberg on

      Either I missed it or the form doesn't have any options for Men's cut (slim, straight, etc.). The only option is for the Women's cut (high rise, etc.).

      Also, will additional leather tag options be added at some point?