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Arakion is a first person, group based RPG that includes extensive customization, town building and adventuring in a story driven world
Arakion is a first person, group based RPG that includes extensive customization, town building and adventuring in a story driven world
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Hey everyone,

Today is an extra awesome Kickstarter update because we are releasing the first images of Arakion (post Kickstarter). I wanted all of you to see Arakion before anyone else. These are shots from the first level. As always right click copy url or save as to see full size. So without further delay! 

About the images:

  • In the first image you can see a banner off to the right. In our discovery system, you'll be able to find things like these, snap images of them and use them in your town. With that banner specifically you'll be able to unlock the design, logo, trim and background for use. But it's not just limited to banners, you'll be able to record all kinds of things throughout your adventures and use them in town!
  • The GUI is turned off because it's in the middle of a Revamp.

Some notes:

  • We're still implementing the patcher system for the alpha. Will update as soon as more is finished.
  • The Alpha races will likely be Yin and Human, although that isn't finalized.
  • We have some big updates planned for you guys so stay tuned

Other than that, I don't want to make this update lengthy I just wanted to let you guys enjoy some Arakion graphics. Have a great Saturday!



    1. Philip Konczak on August 12, 2013

      Game is looking fantastic great work chris and the gang

    2. Azureblaze on August 11, 2013

      Looking great, keep up the good work!

    3. Fimbul on August 11, 2013

      great, i got instantly remembered on Wizardry and that is great. go on, can't await the finished game.

    4. Missing avatar

      Rob Hamilton on August 10, 2013

      Sweet. I was borderline whether to back this game or not. Very glad I did, it's looking fantastic.

    5. Callisto on August 10, 2013

      Very interesting style. Seems like a place where I might find myself in a dream. Hope all is going well. Can't wait to see some gameplay.

    6. Chet on August 10, 2013

      How soon do you think we can see some Alpha game play footage?

      The pictures are very nice, but I am more interested in how this will play.

      Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    7. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on August 10, 2013

      That's looking very pretty indeed - now when do we get something to play with? ;)

    8. Darklord on August 10, 2013

      Looks gorgeous! I will note though everything seems a little to white. (brightness issue?)

    9. Missing avatar

      cursedseishi on August 10, 2013

      I said this once when I backed this game, and I'll say it again...

      I absolutely LOVE the style of this game. It just jives with me all the right ways. And it makes the wait that much harder!

      Also reminds me I should probably try and poke around on the forums now, keep getting distracted...

    10. Jalister on August 10, 2013

      The game is looking great!