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Arakion is a first person, group based RPG that includes extensive customization, town building and adventuring in a story driven world
Created by

Chris Taylor

1,347 backers pledged $47,580 to help bring this project to life.

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Alpha launching next week


The long wait is almost over! Arakion officially moves into alpha next week. I'll post a video update detailing how to get it, how you can help with development post launch and all the other tidbits. 

I'm extremely excited to get everyone in game and playing. I can't wait for all the feedback and comments you have to make the game great!

See you next time -L

Extremely minor update


Hey everyone, 

I've been posting on the forums more often, my freelance is running a little long so I don't have anything major to post here just yet. The coders are hard at work furthering development of enemies and construction kit items. 

Hoping to wrap up freelance soon and then I'll be working on Arakion with a laser focus. The good news, Arakion now has 6 months of funding in the bank!


Small Update


A day late with my update, 

I haven't slept for a few days and my freelance was supposed to finish yesterday, looks like it is going to wrap up closer to the 23rd, sorry for the delay between the last update and this one, the project ended up being much larger than anticipated (I started it in December), but it will fully fund Arakion development for the foreseeable future. I apologize if this update sounds a little rambly my brain isn't firing on all cylinders. 

There is not much stopping release at this point other than making sure I have no other obligations. As soon as my freelance is wrapped up I'll release some gameplay videos of all the new and awesome mechanics, characters, levels and more!

Some Arakion information:

  • Alec, a coder, has joined the team full time, fantastic guy. He has really dove in and helped resolve issues that have been nagging Arakion for a while now. It always helps to get a pair of fresh eyes. He has helped ground me as I have a billion ideas and then want all of them implemented, he's put a lot of stuff on the chopping block so we no longer are no longer distracted.
  • Updated to Unity 5
  • With unity 5 Realtime GI is implemented
  • Early versions of Ent and Yin are now in game.
  • Scrapped the first level, redesigned it with new more intriguing mechanics
  • Stripped most fancy graphics out for now in order to just focus on whether or not the game is fun. Character models have been retained.

We'll begin delivering Kickstarter rewards shortly after alpha release (no later than beta). This means for the digital rewards, you'll be getting access to download the game from a private server and steam once it's on there. I want to thank everyone for their patience on the deliveries, a year and a half extra wait is too much.

As a reminder, EVERYONE will have access to alpha, we'll find a way to compensate the later tiers and people who had upgraded for alpha / beta access. If you have any ideas on this front feel free to shoot me a message.

If my freelance had wrapped up on the 16th I was hoping to have the alpha released on the 4th (my birthday) for everyone. I'm still going to shoot for that goal but may be about a week or two later depending on when this actually wraps up. I'll post another update once I am back on Arakion to let you know the time and schedule.

Below are the high poly versions of the characters, feel free to comment.


Female Ent
Female Ent
Male Yin
Male Yin


This freelance project was the first time I got a chance to develop for the Oculus Rift. Specifically the Samsung GearVR version of it. I did a virtual recreation of Pompeii that people can walk around. It originally started out as a tech demo but quickly became us recreating large swaths of the town.

The technology is surprisingly immersive. I usually get sick from virtual reality stuff but this was not so bad. While I don't know if this form of VR is a passing fancy or here to say it's definitely a fun experience. Curious as to what the Microsoft Hololens has in store as it appears to not obstruct your view. For productivity and daily life this could be a huge game changer.

It has been a very fun experience even if I am antsy to get back on Arakion.

ramblings done*/

Update 56 Video update!


Hey everyone,

   It's a video update! Part gameplay video - part just showing what the problem is. It's quite rough but it gets the point across. Sorry for the audio quality I didn't realize my good mic wasn't plugged in haha... In any case enjoy!

Just as an additional note, a whole wave of invites will go out all at once as soon as this last problem is fixed, it's been a thorn in the side for a while now. But we've narrowed it down substantially and are expecting it fixed soon.

  Until next time,


So far so good!


Hey everyone,

Late night update, I still have a lot of work to do tonight before I head to bed so I'll keep this brief.

Next wave of alpha invites are going out this week. I put a momentary moratorium on invites as we were getting more bug submissions and general thoughts than we could handle. We're a small team we ask for your forgiveness! Haha... 

Huge improvements since alphas initial release and a big ol' hug and thank you to everyone for your tireless efforts in helping make Arakion better and better! 

  • We've implemented a more stable save system
  • Implemented a substantial host of new graphical settings to help optimize the game (we currently don't have any way to detect your best optimization so settings start midpoint by default)
  • New audio management that calls only audio within your surroundings
  • New sky system
  • More stable user interface ( it was acting wonky on some screen resolutions )
  • Implemented touch screen support (still buggy)
  • Improved lighting system
  • Facial blendshapes (Emotions)
  • General skill changes and balances are posted in the notes in game.

Gameplay and video tutorials are going to begin going up this week as well. 

As you can see we've had an extremely busy few weeks since the first few alphas went out. Next invite will see an additional 100 or so people in we'll send them out throughout this week.

Back to work for me, per usual if you have any questions or comments feel free to message me.  

I've been trying to respond within a day of receiving a message. Once I have some free time I'll be getting the new website, forums and wiki put up. My focus has primarily been on development at this juncture and will likely remain that way for at least a couple more weeks, or until I have some spare time. 

Until then, enjoy this short clip showing off the new graphical optimizations.

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