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Arakion is a first person, group based RPG that includes extensive customization, town building and adventuring in a story driven world
Arakion is a first person, group based RPG that includes extensive customization, town building and adventuring in a story driven world
Arakion is a first person, group based RPG that includes extensive customization, town building and adventuring in a story driven world
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Preview: Skill Upgrading


Hey Everyone,

While I wrap up Alpha2B I thought you may like a preview of skill upgrading. Skill upgrades vastly change how each skill works in Arakion. In the preview I take a quick look at Ritus. 

 Alpha2B will be launching with Monk skills fully implemented and the first tier of all other skills implemented. Each update will refine and add to skill upgrades from now on.

As always I'll respond as quickly as possible to any questions or comments.


Alpha2B: Preview


Hey everyone,

I wasn't able to wrap up stuff quite quick enough for the release today, I still have about 15% left on chapter 0 and I want it finished when launching 2B! With that said I want to give you all another preview of the awesomeness that is this next release! 

Some Sappling Info!  

 While the initial plan with Sapplings was to release the males after the females, I decided to take it in a new direction. Instead of Male/Female for sapling there is simply a masculinity slider. So you can make it as male or female as you want, it's much easier this way and it gives some additional customization. Sappling will likely be the only race to operate this way.

Sappling male
Sappling male


Sappling female
Sappling female



I'm still putting in a little bit of time everyday to customization. I'm hoping the sappling will launch with their hairs, but one thing is sure, humans definitely will be launching with theirs! (Remember as you age your hair goes white or worse yet, like me your hero may get the bald trait and then you have to deal with them looking crazy old!)

Monks are only allowed beards per their lore

Oh snap! Hair customizations!
Oh snap! Hair customizations!

Stat potions  

In addition, for all the 2A testers out there, stat barrels have been removed and replaced with stat potions. Two benefits arise, the first being I can more easily hide the potions and put them as rewards, the second, a common complaint  was wanting to be able to decide who will get the stat boost later. Now you can stash it then have a hero drink it once you're ready! 

Stat potions!
Stat potions!


Some random screenshots!

Just a couple extra screenshots to get you pumped!

The Miniverse
The Miniverse


Chapter 0 dungeon
Chapter 0 dungeon

 That's it for now, I hope you all enjoyed the preview! As always if you have any questions drop them below and I'll answer them as soon as I see them! Until then, I'll be working every free moment I have until this release is out!


Alpha2B: Overview


Hey again everyone!

Release ETA: June 30th 

Life has been a little hectic but I have been working crazy hard on Arakion. Alpha2B ended up being much heftier than anticipated as we worked heavily with testers to really make the overall experience more enjoyable. Although a ton has changed following is a brief overview.

First! Screenshots!





New Zones

  • The Town - This area has been discussed before but it is the beginning of town building in Arakion which constitutes a major portion of customization in the game. It can be reached via miniverse (for now)
  • Open World - It's small but it's a start. The open world is connected directly with the town and will eventually link all the Zones together.
  • Chapter Zero - This new zone took a lot of work and finese to build properly. The biggest complaint from testers was they didn't feel like they were being taught the game. This chapter looks to fix that, you now start your journey in a zone that will hopefully teach you all of the basics of Arakion before moving on to Chapter One.
  • The Miniverse - Think of the mini-verse as your fast travel, upgrading, hero swapping rest zone. Well.... that's what it is! It's a lot of fun and this is where you'll go to do all the aforementioned. Hero swapping will launch in 2C fingers crossed. For us The Miniverse operates as a way to wrap up the game.

New Mechanics

  • Stamina - In order to balance combat while also making it more fun a stamina system has been implemented. 
  • Combo - In addition to the stamina system you can now chain combo attacks with your heroes. This allows you to build heroes that focus on combo multipliers, combo timers, and just straight damage increase the depth of tactics that much more.
  • Weapon Types - Weapons can now carry up to two types of attacks, Light | Medium | Heavy. Each type deals additional damage and costs 1 more stamina. This allowed us to really make weapons even more versatile than they already were. 

These systems have increased overall burst damage while decreasing your ability to spam attack. Group fights are a little tougher but singular enemies are a little easier while raising the overall skill cap to a much higher level.

Implemented Features:

  • Race: Sappling - These woodland creatures are finally back! 
  • Skill Customization - The first phase of skill customization has been released. Each profession takes a few weeks to do so while we're shooting to have Monk and Warriors implemented we may only launch with Monk
  • Camera System - Finding blueprints for your town with your handy dandy camera!
  • ELIAS Software - I've implemented an adaptive audio system as well as implementing tons of interactive audio to really increase the immersion.

With races we're releasing 1 sex for each race at a time this way all races can be implemented to begin testing as soon as possible. We're aiming for Yin to return in 2C followed by Satyr in 2D

Major bug fixes:

  • Tesselation: Unfortunately a group of people *cough*mac users*cough couldn't play 2A because it used tesselation shaders. We have resolved this by completely replacing the grass and all tesselation shaders with more mac friendly versions. Sorry about that.
  • Tons of other ones: It would be a huge list to put in an update and I really appreciate testers reporting all the bugs you have.


Reason for the delay? After the release of 2A, the most critical response from you all was a desire for more intuitive gameplay. While crawler RPG veterans were able to dive right in, new players had a really hard time figuring out what to do. The original intention for Alpha2B was to release Chapter 2, however after reading through feedback we really wanted to focus on new players. With that in mind I created 'Chapter 0: Genesis'.  

Genesis looks to fill the void with new players by using intuitive gameplay to ease you into Arakion. Everything from the interface to the controls have been streamlined and refined to make new players feel right at home. I couldn't be happier with how it came out and am really excited to hear feedback from everyone! 

 I take feedback to heart and it's your feedback that is helping make Arakion a great game.

There is a lot that has been implemented that isn't listed. Alpha2A was around 4-6 hours of gameplay on average. Alpha2B will be around 10 total hours of gameplay. I hope you really enjoy playing it as much as we have enjoyed developing it! Please remember if there is anything you want to see changed or comment on we love getting tester feedback! We take feedback to heart and use it as much as possible to improve gameplay.

On a final note Alpha2B will be launching alongside the Steam Greenlight campaign. As soon as Arakion gets approved on Steam and we get our keys we'll be sending out all the physical and digital backer rewards.


Alpha2B: Town Building Preview


 Hey Everyone!  

This is the first preview of town building! Your town in Arakion plays a vital role in many aspects throughout the game. Town building will be launched in Arakion Alpha2B  

Key features in 2B!  

  • Building! Although you start with 30 to 40 base buildings there are tons more to be found! Alpha2B will be launching with around 200 buildings to find and construct. 
  • Farming: Grow rations to bring with you on your adventures
  • Mining: Not quite enough ore? Head down to your mines to pickup some more! 
  • Pet Sanctuary: Need a place to manage your pets? Why not build a sanctuary. 
  • Hero Housing: The core of hero housing will be implemented. Each house can be customized and provide additional benefits per hero. 
  • And so much more! 

Finding blueprints: 

 Although your town starts with a good number of buildings to place, finding blueprints is key if you want to continue to upgrade and customize your town. Blueprints are found in a multitude of ways but the main three are.

  • Photographing: This is the primary way to find town blueprints. Upon reaching the town you'll be rewarded with a camera. As you explore and adventure through the world of Arakion you can use your camera to find buildable objects to take pictures of. Once you have a picture of this object, take it back to your town and use it as a blueprint to construct from. 
  • Achievements: Completing puzzles or other achievements will reward you with rare buildings that can even upgrade your heroes! 
  • In the world: You'll also simply find some blueprints laying around in the world. These are usually well hidden. 

In regards to some people with issues involving 2A. It's an openGL tessellation issue that I didn't know existed until launch. I'm resolving it and will post a hotfix once it's done. You'll know it's happening to you immediately with a bright pink main menu.

As always I'll be glad to answer any questions anyone may have! 


Reporting Back


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