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Arakion is a first person, group based RPG that includes extensive customization, town building and adventuring in a story driven world
Arakion is a first person, group based RPG that includes extensive customization, town building and adventuring in a story driven world
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Alpha2B: Town Building Preview


 Hey Everyone!  

This is the first preview of town building! Your town in Arakion plays a vital role in many aspects throughout the game. Town building will be launched in Arakion Alpha2B  

Key features in 2B!  

  • Building! Although you start with 30 to 40 base buildings there are tons more to be found! Alpha2B will be launching with around 200 buildings to find and construct. 
  • Farming: Grow rations to bring with you on your adventures
  • Mining: Not quite enough ore? Head down to your mines to pickup some more! 
  • Pet Sanctuary: Need a place to manage your pets? Why not build a sanctuary. 
  • Hero Housing: The core of hero housing will be implemented. Each house can be customized and provide additional benefits per hero. 
  • And so much more! 

Finding blueprints: 

 Although your town starts with a good number of buildings to place, finding blueprints is key if you want to continue to upgrade and customize your town. Blueprints are found in a multitude of ways but the main three are.

  • Photographing: This is the primary way to find town blueprints. Upon reaching the town you'll be rewarded with a camera. As you explore and adventure through the world of Arakion you can use your camera to find buildable objects to take pictures of. Once you have a picture of this object, take it back to your town and use it as a blueprint to construct from. 
  • Achievements: Completing puzzles or other achievements will reward you with rare buildings that can even upgrade your heroes! 
  • In the world: You'll also simply find some blueprints laying around in the world. These are usually well hidden. 

In regards to some people with issues involving 2A. It's an openGL tessellation issue that I didn't know existed until launch. I'm resolving it and will post a hotfix once it's done. You'll know it's happening to you immediately with a bright pink main menu.

As always I'll be glad to answer any questions anyone may have! 


Reporting Back


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Arakion Alpha2A


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One week away from Alpha2A!


Hey Everyone!

Arakion has changed, bunches, and in great ways! There is no mechanism to list all the changes that have went into the game as documentation has been done with Wunderlist and it is not shareable en masse.  

With that in mind documentation will be transitioning to Taiga so that everyone can see what's being prioritized, developed, coming soon etc...


Some unfinished business from Wunderlist has been added and the list will grow exponentially in the coming days. I'll be finding a way to open up chat and add issue support where you all can help prioritize items, report bugs etc...

In anticipation of the big release a gameplay video sits at your fingertips! A few minutes of Arakion in all it's wonder!

As you can see, a lot has changed. So let us go over some highlights!

So what is in Alpha2A?

  • Chapter One: An Unknown World: The crown jewel of 2A, this 3-6 hour romp will begin you on your journey. I recommend playing on the Adventurer difficulty for new players. This will allow you to learn the game and get used to the mechanics before the next release. While there are still some things to finalize it is in an extremely fun state that myself and testers have played through dozens of times. Can you find all the secrets? As with any open ended game you can make it as long or as short as you would like. Technically speaking you can run to the ending right of the bat... although I'm pretty sure you'd get murdered... but maybe not!
  • New Main Menu: Character creation has been entirely overhauled, while it's still in an Alpha state it is very much improved!
  • New Skills: Ethermage and Brewmaster got a pretty heavy overhaul on their skills. Check their tooltips in game for more information.
  • A lot less bugs! This one was a doozy. Since ancient code was mixed in with much better code there was a lot of cleaning up that needed to be done. Although with that in mind... There will be bugs!
  • Progressive saves! Now you 'should' be able to play a game without worrying about having to restart on each update.This will be really handy especially when the town is added. I don't technically have control over this, it is Andrew's area, which means he'll get upset if I use definitives, so we're going with 'should'

After the release of 2A, There will likely be a hotfix incoming. This will address the inevitable graphical issues people are going to have on hardware I don't have around to test on.

So what's next?

  • The Town: This was intended to be in 2A, but when the game development was restructured I pushed the town back to 2B. It is in a releasable state now, however it will be a lot more enjoyable releasing in 2B!
  • Tower of Infinity: The juicy random dungeons are close
  • Armor: In the process of being overhauled. 
  • Skill customization: Not a whole lot of reason to release it in 2A, just a choice to focus on it during 2B cycle
  • Chapter Two: The Frozen Heavens - This zone... so much fun.... so very very fun.... Enjoy dying.
  • Open World - The start of the open world post-town.

Along with Alpha2A being launched, Arakion will also be launching it's steam greenlight campaign. More on that in the next update but for anyone wanting to download the game through steam it will obviously be very important!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday and can't wait to send the game to you all next week!!


Well that took longer than expected!


Hey Everyone!

A quick update while wrapping up Alpha1 - 

Arakion has made significant progress over the past couple months in order to move on to Alpha2. A ton of work was needed to wrap up lingering bugs and finish the more advanced mechanics. Some quick notes on what all has been done to bring you up to date:

  • Town construction fully implemented
  • Randomized dungeons now working (Tower of Infinity anyone?). More on this below
  • Skill upgrading!
  • Hero Housing!
  • Area Conquest! Need a larger town? Conquer an area and watch as giant hooks grab the land and pull it within range of your town. First area to conquest? Tower of Infinity!
  • Overhauled how the grid system works to actually allow for randomized dungeons
  • Updated to Unity5.3 - This was a massive pain because of how substances were changed by Unity.
  • Overhauled the entire UI to be more RPGy and in-sync with each other
  • Overhauled settings to now work fully. This fixes those pesky screen resolution and key control bugs.
  • Completely new character creation and customization system: For this this overhaul I removed the possibility to play as any race other than Humans. Races will be added as I have time to wrap up their base customization information
  • Emotions / lip sync / facial expressions
  • Personalities
  • Achievements
  • Story-line implementation
  • Ailments: Permanent negative traits
  • Diseases: Cleansable negative traits
  • A lot more that I can't think off the top of my head

Most of these are finished on a core level, meaning that there is a ton left to add as far as content but that's much easier than adding the base functionality. All of these features will be in Alpha2 (Final Alpha1 release will be missing some) however as you can see it was a large undertaking and is the reason for the large delay since the last release.

Here is a quick graphical preview of a randomized dungeon when entering the Tower of Infinity. I've worked hard to make sure it doesn't feel like a randomized dungeon and all the puzzles are still fluid but there is always more work to do!

 project video thumbnail
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Random musings on randomized dungeons:

Randomized dungeons are extremely fun-I love them. Each one feels very unique and they help progress a heroes traits, ailments, personalities, alignment and they have crafting materials, town materials, eggs, rare fishing and more!

Lets say you need to find five more slimes to wrap up your compendium on slimes and gain the metal slime pet. You just can't seem to find any in the open world though! You could go to the Slimeworld random dungeon and quickly wrap it up. (This doesn't exist but now I want to make it)

At the same time, they can be almost completely ignored for anyone that prefers to stick to the main storyline and focus on the hand crafted content. In this sense they add a lot more content bang for the buck.

There are two types of randomized dungeons at the moment, one is the type you'll find in the world, these will be randomized only once on entry then saved locally maintaining a unique experience on each play-through without sacrificing any puzzle mechanics, secrets or inventory items. I've implemented this, in part, so that you can't go online and simply have someone tell you what to do.

The other is the Tower of Infinity! Randomized on each entry, saved every 5 levels and exponentially harder with greater rewards. This is where Slimeworld would be. With Tower of Infinity you'll never know what you're going to go up against, just remember when playing on Hardcore, you die in the tower, it still counts as permadeath! 

Random dungeons are something that we worked hard on to get them right and I'm excited for everyone to check them out!

I'll go into more detail on all the new features soon but for now I just wanted to keep you all updated on progress. I'll post the final Alpha1 version as soon as it's wrapped up and I will post a random dungeon tester if it takes longer than expected. Backer rewards will be sent out during the Alpha2 phase as a heads up!

Until next time,