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Arakion is a first person, group based RPG that includes extensive customization, town building and adventuring in a story driven world
Arakion is a first person, group based RPG that includes extensive customization, town building and adventuring in a story driven world
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Well that took longer than expected!


Hey Everyone!

A quick update while wrapping up Alpha1 - 

Arakion has made significant progress over the past couple months in order to move on to Alpha2. A ton of work was needed to wrap up lingering bugs and finish the more advanced mechanics. Some quick notes on what all has been done to bring you up to date:

  • Town construction fully implemented
  • Randomized dungeons now working (Tower of Infinity anyone?). More on this below
  • Skill upgrading!
  • Hero Housing!
  • Area Conquest! Need a larger town? Conquer an area and watch as giant hooks grab the land and pull it within range of your town. First area to conquest? Tower of Infinity!
  • Overhauled how the grid system works to actually allow for randomized dungeons
  • Updated to Unity5.3 - This was a massive pain because of how substances were changed by Unity.
  • Overhauled the entire UI to be more RPGy and in-sync with each other
  • Overhauled settings to now work fully. This fixes those pesky screen resolution and key control bugs.
  • Completely new character creation and customization system: For this this overhaul I removed the possibility to play as any race other than Humans. Races will be added as I have time to wrap up their base customization information
  • Emotions / lip sync / facial expressions
  • Personalities
  • Achievements
  • Story-line implementation
  • Ailments: Permanent negative traits
  • Diseases: Cleansable negative traits
  • A lot more that I can't think off the top of my head

Most of these are finished on a core level, meaning that there is a ton left to add as far as content but that's much easier than adding the base functionality. All of these features will be in Alpha2 (Final Alpha1 release will be missing some) however as you can see it was a large undertaking and is the reason for the large delay since the last release.

Here is a quick graphical preview of a randomized dungeon when entering the Tower of Infinity. I've worked hard to make sure it doesn't feel like a randomized dungeon and all the puzzles are still fluid but there is always more work to do!

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Random musings on randomized dungeons:

Randomized dungeons are extremely fun-I love them. Each one feels very unique and they help progress a heroes traits, ailments, personalities, alignment and they have crafting materials, town materials, eggs, rare fishing and more!

Lets say you need to find five more slimes to wrap up your compendium on slimes and gain the metal slime pet. You just can't seem to find any in the open world though! You could go to the Slimeworld random dungeon and quickly wrap it up. (This doesn't exist but now I want to make it)

At the same time, they can be almost completely ignored for anyone that prefers to stick to the main storyline and focus on the hand crafted content. In this sense they add a lot more content bang for the buck.

There are two types of randomized dungeons at the moment, one is the type you'll find in the world, these will be randomized only once on entry then saved locally maintaining a unique experience on each play-through without sacrificing any puzzle mechanics, secrets or inventory items. I've implemented this, in part, so that you can't go online and simply have someone tell you what to do.

The other is the Tower of Infinity! Randomized on each entry, saved every 5 levels and exponentially harder with greater rewards. This is where Slimeworld would be. With Tower of Infinity you'll never know what you're going to go up against, just remember when playing on Hardcore, you die in the tower, it still counts as permadeath! 

Random dungeons are something that we worked hard on to get them right and I'm excited for everyone to check them out!

I'll go into more detail on all the new features soon but for now I just wanted to keep you all updated on progress. I'll post the final Alpha1 version as soon as it's wrapped up and I will post a random dungeon tester if it takes longer than expected. Backer rewards will be sent out during the Alpha2 phase as a heads up!

Until next time,


Heads up!

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know that there is a big update incoming. I was hoping to have it out today but it's not ready quite yet. 

We uncovered two massive Unity bugs in the 5 series that required us to re-write an entire chunk of code. These will be fixed when Unity releases 5.3.1 but in order to get out updates out sooner we went ahead and overhauled our code to work around the bugs.

I'll have a set of videos showing off all the new stuff soon but until then here are a couple of character customization and damage shots showing off the characters!

Kinda looks like Ganondorf yeah?
Kinda looks like Ganondorf yeah?

As you can see, things are about to get a whole lot more animated! You'll now be able to fully customize your character (more on that in the upcoming video) as well as steer their personalities. The personality engine is in its infant stage but growing and refining fast.

Since characters are built using a custom substance engine you'll be able to see damage happening to your character. In addition whether they are insane, poisoned, on fire or what have you their texture and visual appearance will animate and change. Careful of taking too much damage though or you'll receive permanent scarring!

A characters body shape will be determined by their stat distribution. The head shape, skin colour, tattoos and hair will be customized somewhat during the initial character creation, then much more once you've founded your town and built a barbershop or what have you.

Additionally here is what we've been working on:

  • Finalizing town building
  • Skill training
  • Area conquest: I love this mechanic.
  • Town defense
  • Equipment forging and graphics

That's it for today, be on the lookout for a massive update soon but until then have a good one!


Critical Errors


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Alpha Demo and a surprisingly large post.


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Running out of update titles!!!?!?!

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Hey everyone!

A massive amount of work has went into Arakion as we inch closer to Alpha2. Three unique zones have been added, tons of balancing has been done, mechanics have been added and oh so very very much more. Due to some enet connection problems I've had a hard time getting an update out over the past couple weeks but progress is still being made on the game at a rapid pace. 

Moving forward, versions of the game will start differentiating. Instead of trying to get full updates out every week (1A > 1B > 1C)  I'm going to try to get one to two full updates out a month and test updates out weekly (level tests, mechanics, etc). As a two-man-crew this will be much more manageable and will give you all far more unique content to play around with instead of starting fresh every update.

Alpha1G will be the last of the Alpha1 series and will represent a major milestone for Arakion. Starting in Alpha2 you will be able to begin building your town. This is a critical mechanic piece and we are having a blast building our towns in our early test versions and can't wait for you all to get your hands on it!

Because Alpha1F has changed so drastically and introduced so much more content, I'm hoping to have it out next week but it could be another two weeks before it's out (I'm the only person implementing all the gameplay so it takes a bit of time to ensure everything is working).

With that in mind your first minor build will be out soon and just in time for Halloween it's 'The Tunnels Below'! You'll be experiencing the more atmospheric and darker side of Arakion. (preview below) 

I'll drop these builds at any point in time during the week and use Thursday as a general update from now on.

Incoming builds:

The Tunnels Below: This build will drop you right into the world under Arakion so you can give feedback on the visual quality, difficulty, balancing and mechanics of this area. It's the first specific area build so I want to hear everyone's thoughts on it!

The Abandoned Facility: See sci fi area below for preview, same idea as description above.


Thanks again to everyone for your continued feedback, it makes me energized to create everyday when I see so many of you excited about Arakion.

Until next update,