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Arakion is a first person, group based RPG that includes extensive customization, town building and adventuring in a story driven world
Arakion is a first person, group based RPG that includes extensive customization, town building and adventuring in a story driven world
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Alpha 1C - Roadmap


Very short update tonight,

Alpha 1C will be rolling out within the next few days. We originally intended for 1C to be a smaller update and release it two weeks ago but based on early feedback we made it a much larger update. In order to make what we're working on more public we also have started a roadmap. 


  • ~1 additional hour of gameplay
  • Maps
  • Launcher
  • Significant combat improvements
  • All base skills implemented.
  • Major graphics improvement
  • Player controlled objects, you can now place objects from your inventory in the world.

There has been a large number of other new features, improvements and changes. To view them all please check out the roadmap here. Also feel free to let us know what you'd like to see sooner than later and we'll try to move it up!

I'll be posting a preview tomorrow or today. This update also means we're finally going to begin including more people in the Alpha. Since 1C took longer than anticipated there hasn't been any new invites for a while and I apologize for the delay but can't wait to get you in!! If 1C releases smoothly 1D will be released to all Kickstarter backers!

Have a safe and happy 4th, 


Hey Everyone


As alpha slowly rolls out it's time for your weekly update.

We've resolved a mountain of bugs so far, made the game much more fluid and overall made Arakion a much better experience thanks to our Alpha testers. I've messaged a lot of people only about half of which are currently in but we'll send out another wave sometime this weekend. No new messages will go out until everyone that's been messaged is in. However if you'd like to help test and report on bugs immediately then just send me a message I'll get you in right away.Understand by messaging me you'll be getting test builds.

This is alpha, expect bugs. 

We resolve them as quickly almost as quickly as they're reported. When you encounter a bug please press F5 in game and a bug report will pop up. Kindly fill out the information and it'll report back to us with info needed to fix the problem.

We have a launcher. 

As of today we've implemented a new launcher system, the old one was buggy and didn't work well, the new one is all sleek and sexy and works fantastic. Now after your initial game download (currently around a gig) updates will come in small 50-200mb increments kindly reducing the stress on our server and the download time for you. Plus it lets you know exactly what alpha you're in and when an update is available!

Level 1 has been overhauled and town components have been added in, this will create a much more engaging experience for alpha up to Alpha 2 when you get your town. This area will act as a hub in level 1-3.

The current playthrough time for Alpha is ~ 1.5 hours we're trying to increase that by an 30-60 mins a week. While playing the alpha be sure to let us know what you liked and what you didn't like about the level designs!

I'll also be posting another video update showing off all the new graphical stuff, gameplay and mechanics, very excited!

Until then!


Hey Everyone


Hey everybody!

Here's a video

 project video thumbnail
Play with


Higher quality can be found here

For people messaging me, I appreciate your patience. We're rolling out the alpha in waves and as quickly as we can. If you've gotten a message from me already you can expect alpha within a few days if not you'll be messaged soon! It's just two people, and we're fixing bugs as we find them / get them reported, making new builds and sending them out, so there is always going to be a slight delay.

Thanks again and can't wait to get everyone in!!


Short and sweet


Hey everyone,

Alpha will begin rolling out in the next few days. Time willing I'll be posting some video updates showing off the game. All pledge levels will be in Alpha 1 but we'll be using a trickle down system so that the higher pledges have first access. We'll also be giving early access to our community members who have been active on the forums.

There are two objectives with Alpha 1. Making sure the gameplay mechanics work well and ensuring the game is fun. I really want our backers to have the opportunity to get a feel for how the game plays and make comments to help us polish and improve it. There will be a way for you to submit bugs and make comments in game. We have tested the game out extensively but given the nature of the beast and that this is a two-man dev studio there will be bugs and we want to make sure all these are squashed before moving on to Alpha 2. Alpha 1 will be up to but not including the town. The town will be an extremely large update and will mark the beginning of Alpha 2.Most patches will include a new level and the first release will have level 1 to play through. It's large so don't fret too much.

As stated previously we'll be updating every 1-2 weeks with content updates, patches and general fixes. I'm hoping for a 1 hour gameplay increase per week so there is regularly new content to explore. 

This has been 3 years in the making and I am very excited to get everyone in game!


Alpha launching next week


The long wait is almost over! Arakion officially moves into alpha next week. I'll post a video update detailing how to get it, how you can help with development post launch and all the other tidbits. 

I'm extremely excited to get everyone in game and playing. I can't wait for all the feedback and comments you have to make the game great!

See you next time -L