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Update #49

Update at last!


Hey Everyone,

I want to thank everyone for their patience. Our few initial closed alpha testers discovered a host of issues we hadn’t encountered and we have been resolving them. Most of them have been resolved so we are officially close to launching open alpha.

I’m going to answer a few questions people having been asking both privately and publicly.

What is taking so long?

Short answer: Bugs and we want your first impression to be “Whoa F’N AWESOME!!” not “Meh…”

Long answer: Our plan is to release a series of games and we want to do it right the first time not half-ass it and constantly rework it. With that in mind we built an extremely robust infrastructure inside of Unity. The downside to this is we’re a small team making a massive role-playing world and system, after just a few alpha players were in issues started arising that had to be resolved. So this time around we’re making sure everything is tip-top as to not encounter that again

The coding for our core infrastructure is finished and with early alpha testers nearly bug free (that’s not to say bugs won’t pop up) we are close. Our school of thought when developing Arakion is quality above all else, when you commit halfway you get M&M X (my saves broke three times “playing” this) instead of Xeen.

When will I be let in?

I’m feeling a little bit like “South Park: The Stick of Truth” when I say this but soon. We have some minor things left to do before open alpha and everyone will be in.

What stage is alpha in?

Alpha 1

Why haven’t you posted a ton of videos and images?

We’re constantly rehashing overviewing and editing our graphics, a lot of stuff changes relatively often and I personally don’t like posting stuff until it’s finalized.

Updates for Alpha 1:

  • We scaled down the initial alpha to two levels, this is about 3-4 hours of gameplay. We did this so we could focus more on mechanics/balancing/bugs and less on level issues when everyone floods in. After the initial release our goal is to add a level every week or so with the town added in the first month to month and a half. 
  • We've been finalizing our rendering system to be more up to date with modern graphics. We’re using a combination of IBL,PBL and Unity’s built in system now 
  • We overhauled a lot of our scripts in order to be more mod tool friendly (modding is very important for us as we think it will keep the game alive) -Humans :: Warrior :: Monks :: Seeker are all playable and working. Trying to get Battlemage in before the launch. 
  • We're developing a resource of information so you'll be able to learn all about classes/maps/story/mechanics etc... once you start playing. 
  • The core gameplay and code is completely finished so at this point it's all about adding content and optimizing for us which is the fantastic news!
Jack's Blurb
Hey all,

I just want to let you know that I'm following the threads on the forum and the comments here on kickstarter.  

Open alpha is taking longer than expected, but I hope you can appreciate our decision to focus on quality.

Alas I can’t say too much about the story or writing of Arakion, mainly because *spoiler alert*. One of our plans is to create a public wiki to share and discuss with you some setting/content/general awesomeness, but not yet, alpha is the current priority!

We have loved your participation so far and I want to personally thank all the backers who continue to join us on the forum. In our vision a project like this needs support from the community, any kind of support such as your feedback and your patience.

We're really looking forward to hearing your opinions once you crack open alpha.

Here is a quick screenshot of an enemy test, testing out a few quadrupeds we picked up as well as enemy grouping and placement.

Update #48

Alpha update, holidays at Arakion


Hey everyone,

Alpha is going extremely well so far. We have resolved a lot of issues (including some game breaking bugs.) It's taking a little longer than expected but the game is playing great.

I have received a lot of emails for alpha access and love the enthusiasm from everyone! We're letting people in a little slower than expected but I appreciate your patience. I have not responded to each email individually but as soon as you're in the alpha you'll know. We're currently considering letting all remaining Kickstarter backers into the alpha at once in order to save the time of sending out individual emails to everyone.

We're working a little slower this week while we're on vacation but our goal remains the same at trying to allow everyone in alpha before the end of December. While that estimate may be off by a week or two I don't think it will be delayed that much, and overall Arakion is going smoothly.

As far as physical items once the game is in beta we will begin to send them out. This means there will likely be a month or so delay but I'll make a larger update on that soon. We currently just don't have the time or manpower to spend time getting the items ready and sending them out.

As compensation the longer it takes for you to get in the game or receive your items after December, the more exclusive in-game content we will be sending to everyone as a form of saying thanks for your patience. We are currently working on exclusive backer races and classes.

Thank you so far to all the alpha players input and I can't wait to get everyone else in! I hope everyone has a fantastic and wonderful holiday season and happy new year. We'll see you in Arakion!

-Chris Taylor

Update #47 - For backers only

Alpha month


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.

Update #46

Early alpha release phases.



It's that time again for another update as Alpha 1 nears. If you have already emailed me you will be playing Arakion before Alpha 2.  However it has been brought to my attention that a high tier backer paid for the privilege of having access before anyone else so if you're below "The Fae" you'll have about one more week to wait before jumping in.

To compensate, we will be extending Alpha 1's duration for ~a week as well as moving Alpha 1 initial release to this coming Monday. (black Friday is a terrible time to let the majority of Alpha players in). So Alpha 1A begins on 25th Alpha 1B likely the 2nd. 

We're extremely excited to get everyone playing this game and can't wait to hear feedback from you guys. If you have already sent an email to me you can expect a reply this weekend with more specific information regarding Alpha 1.

Speaking of feedback, we're currently working on some door lock/quick puzzle mechanics. The question is, what mechanics have you liked in previous games that you would like to potentially see in Arakion.  We have short tower defense, small math puzzles, radial clock lock and a few others but we'd like to implement many more and are looking for suggestions. (example Skyrims lockpick)

So if any of you have ideas you'd like to see in the game just toss them in the comments below.

To the many upcoming alpha players:

We will be launching a private alpha thread on the forums. Please go there for any technical or gameplay issues you may have as well as to report any bugs you encounter. Please do not talk about alpha outside of these forums as everyone will be signing an NDA. Your feedback is extremely important to us so be sure to stay active on the forums.

That's it for today, I can't wait for everyone to begin playing!


Update #45

Update 45

Hey Everyone,
We’ve been working our butts off these last few months getting the game to a stable version. We now have an updater working, stable saves, and the games first levels are now fully playable. You all will soon be enjoying the world of Arakion. We appreciate your understanding that this is a very small team working on the game, and we prioritize making a game that you all will love instead of frequent lengthy updates. With that said now that we’re approaching Alpha I have set time aside to be more proactive and involved on Kickstarter.

So lets get to it!

We now have some concrete dates! I can now confidently say that you can set your calendars to these dates. Before we get into that though I want to go into a little bit of our naming convention for versioning.

In most games, you’ll have versioning that is something like this 1.012.03. Arakion versioning is very straightforward and simple. Alpha 1, means the first release of alpha. Alpha 1A-Z means we’ve made minor changes. Alpha 2 would be major changes / content addition. So while updating your game you’ll be able to know when we’ve made minor changes and when we've made major changes.

Reasoning for this is simple, for people who want to wait for more content they only need to wait for is the next alpha release, if you last played Alpha 1 and it’s on Alpha 3 now, you can easily see you have a lot to look forward to.

The Dates:

  • Alpha 1 (Select people for testing and “The Fae”+ Backers) : November 22nd  
  • Alpha 2 (The Reborn+): ~ 2 weeks later 
  • Alpha 3 : Sometime in between Alpha 2 and Beta 1
  • Beta 1 (All Kickstarter Backers): ~ 1 Month later

If you’d like to be in alpha 1 just send a message to me at While I can’t guarantee we’ll let in a ton of people (This will mainly be a bug fixing / software optimizing stage) we’ll definitely let in a decent amount for testing purposes. This will also been on the forum store when it goes up soon.

A few notable changes to the game

  • Professions now have 3 skills with a racial skill replacing the previous fourth. For instance if you are a Sappling Monk you’d have Mend, Shadowstrike, Aura and Regrowth. This makes the race of your characters much more important.  
  • Inside racial skills are a lot of passive / upgrades pertinent to the race. Using the Sappling example, if you upgrade Regrowth you'll find upgrades geared toward strength and vitality.
  • We’ve replaced the Alchemist profession with “Brewmaster”. Skills in the document below.
  • Rations and hunger have been implemented (sapplings don't have hunger)
  • Aging has been added to the todo list
  • We have working translations for multiple language and the rest will be google translated, if you'd like to help more accurately translate a certain language please email me.

About the release date

We’re fully committed to a December release. While the game may only be in Beta at that point we’re fully confident that it will be in a playable and enjoyable state, and everyone will be receiving their Kickstarter rewards on time.

Join in the conversation

Here is a little extra for you all, it’s not fancy graphics or videos but a link to one of our internal development documents.

You can access the document “Here

Right click to insert comments, feel free to make any comments you feel are relative (especially if you’d like to see something sooner than later or things you'd like to see change) but please avoid spamming as the team uses this document. This is your way to help drive development and gives us a much more direct way to interact with backers

Red doesn’t mean it hasn’t been coded / worked on, it just means it’s not been implemented into the build yet.

That's it for now. We'll have more information on Alpha 1 as well as changes and adjustments to the game in the near future.


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