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Arakion is a first person, group based RPG that includes extensive customization, town building and adventuring in a story driven world
Arakion is a
group based role-playing dungeon crawler that pays homage the classics
while adding its own style with fresh mechanics. Lead a band of three
heroes through a broken land, ripped apart by unknown forces.
Arakion is a group based role-playing dungeon crawler that pays homage the classics while adding its own style with fresh mechanics. Lead a band of three heroes through a broken land, ripped apart by unknown forces.
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Feature: Upgradable Traits

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Hey Everyone!

As Arakion inches closer to its June release I wanted to start going over some of the unannounced features. Today I'll be going over upgradable traits. 

More updates will be coming soon as we get closer to launch!


Have a wonderful day!


General Update


Hey everyone!

Some quick news, Arakion has a tentative release of early June, I'm trying to get it out as quickly as possible but things generally end up taking longer than expected. I'll hopefully be able to post a release date announcement soon. There is a checklist of things I've been going over including making sure saving functions (see Prey) on all machines. I want your playtime in Arakion to be fun, seamless and bug-free to reflect the experience that's intended.  

Because there are so many new and awesome features and bug fixes to go over since my last update, for the sake of settling back into the rhythm of things, today I'll be going over Arakion's updated character creation and Satyr race! 

The character creation has been modified to be easier to use and look visually more appealing, you can see a preview of it in the video provided. 




The Satyr

Satyrs were little-known before the Sky War in Arakion. During the war, they stepped up and became a valuable asset to overcome the Fae. Altruistic in nature, they have near human-like adaptability and this quickly catapulted them to a Great-Race status. As many races vie to replace Humans on the western continent, more and more people look to the Satyr to lead the future. 

The video previews Western Satyr, smaller and more slender than the other races of Arakion, they make up for this by having high adaptability, a stealth-like presence, and unsurpassed vigilance. The Satyr race starts with slightly less Health and Strength but drastically increased Vigilance, making them ideal ranged weapon users, lock-pick specialist and trap disablers

That's it for today, but a lot of updates will be coming soon. Back to work on Arakion for me and I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Small Update


Hey everyone! 

I'm only a week or two from sending out all the digital rewards. I was hoping to do this a couple weeks ago but it's taken longer than expected to round everything up. Unity 5.5 also did some strange things to Arakion on Linux, and those had to be fixed.

In anticipation of that event here is some more game news I've been itching to talk about!

Upgraded Town

The biggest change to the town is 'Worker' Buildings, these take in game time to construct and operate. They are operated by town workers and they produce materials like rations and offer services like resting at the inn or a ride on the RTSF system. Most worker buildings are discovered by ascending the Tower of Infinity, for now.

An example, the worker spawner (pink tree) you see below takes 1 day to construct and 4 days to operate, after 4 days you'll receive 1 additional town worker. The barracks, on the other hand, takes 4 days to construct and 1 week to operate. Once it's constructed you can send out town workers or rescued NPCs on quests. Of course, you could just rest repeatedly to have everything constructed quickly but your characters will age in the meantime.

The town still has all the traditional stuff you can construct as well including hero housing, monuments, vegetation, manually constructing buildings or just some rocks you want to throw on the ground, but worker buildings add a new level of interactivity and function to the town.

It's mah town!
It's mah town!


Worker spawner to the left, crystal mine to the right, Inn and transport ship in the background. Also check out the new sexy character backgrounds, they make characters much easier to see!
Worker spawner to the left, crystal mine to the right, Inn and transport ship in the background. Also check out the new sexy character backgrounds, they make characters much easier to see!


Upgraded Tower of Infinity

As you'll see below the tower visuals have been completely redone. It now exists within the 'Void Realm'.

In addition to having town worker building recipes, the tower has been greatly upgraded and improved upon. It now operates like Arakion 'Classic' and the world builds itself as you move along. You're only able to see 1 tile-set ahead (except for major tiles) and the puzzles/traps will keep you on your toes.

I wanted to do this upgrade before launch because the tower is a major feature in Arakion and I wanted the quality to reflect that. At launch there will be 1-2 tiers as well as the infinite level. The infinite level has items you won't find anywhere else but is totally randomized each time.

Each tier consists of 10 levels, 3 - 4 worker building blueprints, multiple camera locatables, rare traits, 1 hidden Elementalstone or Primalstone, rare cards and more!

Tower entrance
Tower entrance


A little further
A little further

 Resolution Scaling

While I'm in the tower I want to talk about resolution scaling. This should help players with lower end machines still be able to have a high quality experience in Arakion. For instance, you may be viewing the game at 1920x1080 but it's a little sluggish, you can scale the resolution down to 75% and the game will be nearly identical in quality but will run ~30fps faster in some instances. Down the road, I'll be adding a 'pixelated mode' to this function to allow the game to operate like a classic dungeon crawler visually.

Resolution scaling
Resolution scaling


 That's it for now, I hope you're all as excited for the release as I am! 

As always if you have any questions just drop them below or toss me a message and I'll respond as soon as I see them!


Surveys Out! Launching soon! Updates!


Hey Everyone!

I have sent out the surveys for Arakion rewards! Just get them back to me whenever you can and I'll soon begin sending out rewards!

Arakion should be launching within the next two or three weeks for backers. At first, it will be only on steam but (fingers crossed) soon after I'll have a direct download DRM free version up for you to access on the site as well. In a previous update, I went over what will be available in the first release (chapter 0, open world, tower of infinity, town, etc) I just played through it and it's crazy fun, can't wait for you all to get your hands on the newest version!

Now, for items I wanted to post as updates but haven't had the time!

Yin Enter the Fray!



The Yin have joined the fight sooner than expected. Former slaves that hail from the Mountains, they are some of the most hard-hitting races in Arakion. Their skill is "Blood Rage" and they make fantastic Warriors and Monks. 

I've been using a Yin Pugilist Monk as both my tank and healer. I grabbed the Yin trait for health return and monk mend upgrade healing-palm to heal my Yin on a per hit basis I then chose pugilist for extra defensive strikes. This frees up my Warrior slot to go all out on damage and my Brewmaster to focuses on support while my Yin can still do a bit of damage himself. The downside of this build is it is a bit light on Stamina. (see image above| I was almost through Chapter 0 and still only 5 stamina) so I have a bit of difficulty in longer or group fights.

Town Workers!

Until the NPCs arrive these little guys will be running your town. Need someone to mine? They got it! Need someone to farm? They'll do that too! Any building or facility that requires someone to operate or do some dirty work they're on it. More on these little guys soon but they are fantastic and add tons of functionality to the town!

Equipment Forge Upgrades!


In order for the Forge to become more versatile, I've added 2 types of nodes, shard nodes and forge nodes. 

Forge nodes are your major equipment piece upgrades, for instance going from Iron to Steel and so forth. They always cost a heap of materials and give guaranteed stat boosts.

Shard nodes on the other hand, add in the fun bits. In the Pugilist example above, shard nodes add the weapon skill levels ( defensive strikes ) as well as gaining ranks within orders (IE Order of the Flame adding burst elemental damage), of course you can pass all that up and simply use shard nodes to upgrade a base stat by a small amount.

Oh speaking of orders, Arakion now has 500 new traits, enjoy!

I'm moving traits to icons this weekend. Yes my Warrior has died twice.
I'm moving traits to icons this weekend. Yes my Warrior has died twice.


Story Books!


Story books are something I've wanted to implement in Arakion for a very long time. They are one form of minigames in Arakion. The benefit here is the minigame is combined with history, lore, and stories about the world. When you open a storybook you're presented with a choose your own adventure style book, depending on the outcome of your decisions you are rewarded with anything from rare items to new traits! (In the example above I got Body Builder early by finishing a storybook with a tank alive at the end).

Now the downside to storybooks is there simply aren't enough of them yet. It requires me to spend a couple of days really sitting down writing an engaging story to which I haven't had a lot of time for just yet. However, I'll be regularly adding more storybooks with each update! I hope you all find them as fun of a minigame as I do! 

And with that, I get back to the grind and the ever closer release of Arakion!

As always if you have any questions please let me know, I'm also considering doing Kickstarter Live soon as well to constantly preview the new stuff for you all!


Launch Date and Surveys


Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all having some wonderful and festive holidays! I know I've been quiet on the Kickstarter front as I've been getting Arakion ready on Steam. For now, everything appears to be about ready to go! Since it's Christmas season I may not do an official launch until after the holidays but my goal is to get you all your keys soon.

With that said you should have a survey coming your way in the next couple weeks (possibly as soon as this weekend). Since I'm a single person handling everything, I'll likely send out rewards in batches as I receive the surveys back. There is no hurry on the survey responses just send them back at your leisure. 

Just to go over some previously stated stuff:

What's in the initial launch? 

The initial launch will be considered early access (Early access until Chapter 3) due to how steam handles early access vs full release for marketing. With that said you're going to be able to get a lot of playtime and fun out of it! For a more in-depth analysis check out the website.

  • Chapter 0 | About 4 hours of gameplay
  • Tower of Infinity | 10 Floors : 1 Void Floor : 1 Infinite Floor : A lot of hours to find everything
  • Three Professions | Brewmaster : Warrior : Monk : (Ethermage coming soon)
  • Two (Maybe Three) Races | Human : Sappling : Yin
  • The Town | Mining : Farming : Maybe NPC Housing : Hero Housing : etc...
  • Open World | About 3 hours of gameplay
  • 15 Dungeons | About 3-5 hours of gameplay

*Time estimates are based on my and testers gameplay time: I honestly have no idea how long it will take someone else who doesn't know where secrets are.

How can Backers help out?

I get a lot of messages asking how you all can help. I really appreciate the enthusiasm and support. The best thing you can do is keep active and send feedback while playing. Since I'm the only person developing in-engine, I sometimes overlook aspects that would be obvious to someone else. Don't like the skills? Let me know! Want to add a new building to the town? Let me know! As people who have been testing know, I'm very receptive to input!

The Rama Transport System of the Future!

The Open world zone has officially received fast transit! After completing a (super easy and obvious) quest, heroes can now catch a ride on the Rama Transport System of the Future, or R.T.S.F for short. Hop in and the tubes will take you where you want to go! (They come in copper and glass variety)


Twenty-five shmeckles to the first person who actually gets the reference!

Quest Tracking

Speaking of quests, I've gotten some feedback regarding quest tracking. At the moment you have a journal you can manually track quests in, there is no automated way to track quests ( I developed it this way for immersion and that classic feel ). Testers seem to prefer it this way but I'd like to get feedback from all of you. So let me know what you prefer!

Hope to see you in-game soon!

Have any questions? Let me know below and I'll respond back as soon as I see them!