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Arakion is a first person, group based RPG that includes extensive customization, town building and adventuring in a story driven world
Arakion is a
group based role-playing dungeon crawler that pays homage the classics
while adding its own style with fresh mechanics. Lead a band of three
heroes through a broken land, ripped apart by unknown forces.
Arakion is a group based role-playing dungeon crawler that pays homage the classics while adding its own style with fresh mechanics. Lead a band of three heroes through a broken land, ripped apart by unknown forces.
1,347 backers pledged $47,580 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Chris Taylor Creator 4 days ago

      Will love* haha sorry typing on a phone.

    2. Chris Taylor Creator 4 days ago

      @Robbie: Hey thanks for the support! Yeah Arakion has taken way longer than expected but I think you all love the final gme !!

    3. Robbie Carrington 4 days ago

      Hey, Chris. Looking forward to the game. Been waiting a long time, but I think it will be well worth it. ;) Keep on rockin'.

    4. Chris Taylor Creator on April 7

      @D Morris: Hey thanks for the kind words, you all are the only reason that Arakion happened so I try to respond to any messages as soon as I see them. After steam release I should be able to post updates more frequently as well.

    5. D Morris on April 7

      Thanks for actually replying to comments even though this game is well past delivery it's the only Kickstarter I backed that actually replies frequently (or at all) on their Kickstarter page and really... that's kinda all I want.

    6. Chris Taylor Creator on March 25

      @mbpopolano24: I'll release an update as soon as the keys get sent out. I have a couple crashes in Macs left to fix and it's ready.
      As a sole developer on a large game sometimes things take a little longer than expected. I've also been working a couple of extra jobs so that I can have funds to do rapid development upon launch. If you have any other questions just let me know. Thanks!

    7. Missing avatar

      mbpopolano24 on March 25

      Soon? March 25, almost 3 months later... did you send the Steam keys?

    8. Chris Taylor Creator on January 7

      @Shawn: They'll be sending out soon, found a small (but lethal) bug with GUIDs I've been fixing. Basically all the traits (there are hundreds) had their GUIDs wiped somehow so I've had to recreate them over the last couple weeks. It should be wrapped up in the next couple of days then I'll send out the surveys, post an update and send out the keys!

    9. Shawn on January 7

      Hi ,
      Any news on steam keys?

    10. Chris Taylor Creator on December 14

      @Zerotown: Hey Zero! Things are going really well, just wrapping up some stuff before full launch. Sorry I haven't updated Kickstarter (I've been posting updates on the Steam page). I'll be sure to post updates here as well.
      The initial launch will have Chapter 0, The Open World Beginnings, Tower of Infinity, Town Building, And about 15 dungeons. Backers will be receiving two keys. One for Beta build access and one for full release access. Will update you with more tomorrow!

    11. Zerotown on December 14


      Wat is the status of this project?

    12. Chris Taylor Creator on August 25, 2016

      @David: Thanks! It has been a very long road, but I couldn't have asked for better backers than you all. Your patience, understanding and help testing have been amazing across the board!

      I can't wait for you guys to dive into the first release!

    13. David Sandquist on August 25, 2016

      Just want to say that while it's been a long road, it's great to see the work, dedication, and commitment you have for completing Arakion. Amazing job and I look forward to seeing the finished product!

    14. Disastercake on March 12, 2016

      Yay! I'm very glad to see you accomplish your goals, Chris! It's been a long journey for sure. I think I pledged before I even launched the Soul Saga Kickstarter. It's projects like Arakion that display the true Kickstarter spirit: highly ambitious indies sticking with their word to the very end no matter what crap is thrown in their way.

      Can't wait to see you cross that finish line, Chris! =D

    15. Chris Taylor Creator on March 4, 2016

      @Everyone: Video update tomorrow. Alpha2A out next week.

    16. Zerotown on February 25, 2016

      @Chris: cool, thank you for the response. I'm looking forward to the update.

    17. Chris Taylor Creator on February 23, 2016

      @Zerotown: Major update coming shortly, hoping to push it out this Thursday, just waiting on Andrew to wrap up some remaining code. I have been working night and day on Arakion the last few months so there will be a lot to cover.

      The next release will have a lot of playtime, bug fixes, graphical updates, new content, new features etc... so I would appreciate feedback from everyone in regards to it.

      In good news, after this release we'll be back in a regular release cycle for the foreseeable future with releases every 2 or so weeks, in addition we'll be saving your progression so you'll be able to pick up where you left off every update.

    18. Zerotown on February 23, 2016

      Hi, I've been wondering how the game is coming along. Any news or updates?

    19. Chris Taylor Creator on August 17, 2015

      @Sean Hull:

      We're testing some final things and making sure the build is working, just a couple things left. Lightmaps are acting weird (we're using Unity 5 realtime and it's still very very much half implemented) and enemies line of sight is odd are the primary final things left. Line of sight is causing the enemies to stop fighting you as soon as you're out and for whatever reason they aren't turning to reface you. If we can't fix these things by mid-week we'll just release it as is.

      I agree with your comments completely, at the moment we're trying to get it to a point where rapid / constant updates are good, encourage a replay and are easy to manage. The Alpha is dealing with a very small portion of content (only a couple hours), so we're trying to get it to a good base point where we can take that small portion of content, polish, optimize and test out things like skill forging, equipment forging, quests, farming, town building etc all while the tester is repeating the same content over and over without it feeling like a burden.

      Honestly our biggest problem boils down to it's just us two developing the game, we do intend to release content at the times posted, the problem becomes one thing leads to another and suddenly a couple hundred hours of work is required to get it cleaned up. With that in mind we've taken a very slow approach to this initial big release so that future releases we hope can be more rapid. We will release this version to all backers however, the game is in a very solid state so expanding testing is encouraged.

      Appreciate you guys keeping me on top of things and asking questions, it helps keep us honest and make sure we keep working hard to get it out.

    20. Sean Hull on August 17, 2015


      Coming from a dev background myself I know what it's like to get caught in a cycle that never seems to end. You justify it 100 diff ways saying that you're making it better and it'll be worth it. I also can tell you that EVERY SINGLE TIME the client/stakeholder/audience disagreed completely and it ultimately hurt the project.

      Please keep in mind you are working on ALPHA builds, so flaws, incomplete things, bugs, etc are expected. Do not continue to hold up releases for weeks (5x the initial estimated time for this build). You need to meet your release deadline, and anything not complete gets pushed into the next cycle.

      It keeps the releases coming at a regular rate that you and your team will appreciate, and us users will also greatly appreciate it.

    21. Chris Taylor Creator on August 11, 2015

      Alpha is currently built on Windows, but we can certainly begin building it on Mac or Linux for testing. No one has asked for it yet though so we have no basis on where things stand.

    22. Dawn_
      on August 11, 2015

      On which plateform will the game be available for?

    23. Sean Hull on August 11, 2015

      I'll be keeping an eye out... In the meantime I guess it's Nekro and Grim Dawn :)

    24. Chris Taylor Creator on August 11, 2015

      @Sean: It's so so close! I'd say the new couple days it'll be out but I'm horrible with times haha! It's coming out really great very expansive we just have a couple more things to wrap up then it'll be ready to roll! We went ahead and fully implemented saving as well as a slew of new features because the games scale increased quite a bit. In the future we won't have this big of a delay in between releases, this one just included a massive amount of upgraded / implemented core features and content that were really needed. I'll go over all the changes in the release update but it really is a ton of new content.

      We've wittled it down to just a few things left and are trying to put in 14 hour days to get it out as soon as possible for you. Really excited for everyone to start getting some feedback in! Haven't been this excited in a very long time!!

      Basically what's left
      -Couple combat bugs
      -Placeable objects bugging / saving correctly
      -First quest feature testing

    25. Sean Hull on August 10, 2015

      What's the word on 1C? I've been anxiously waiting, and I've been put on bed rest for a week, so I was hoping I could spend some of that time playing :D

    26. Chris Taylor Creator on August 3, 2015

      @Jason: Sorry for lack of update we ended up doing a lot of additional work for 1C than originally anticipated. We're putting the final touches on it and it should be coming out in the next couple days. I'll also do a update as well in regards to all of that. We may release 1C to all backers, we're still deciding that.

    27. Jason on August 3, 2015

      how's it looking?

    28. Chris Taylor Creator on June 19, 2015

      @Tommaso: If you'd like to be an alpha tester early just toss me a message we'll get you right in, since you were on the forums you'll have noticed that there was an open invite for people to help resolve these bugs.

      We're resolving some major issues so additional alpha roll outs have been slightly delayed but there are plenty of people testing. A delayed roll-out is just for QA reasons it's better to have a few people testing and fixing these bugs then move on to more people.

      Again if you'd like to help out just toss me a message, we'll get you right in.

    29. Tommaso Bosco on June 19, 2015

      In fact, I'm asking people: here no one has answered, the forum is dead. Where are the proof that someone is testing?

    30. Chris Taylor Creator on June 18, 2015

      @Tommaso: You can expect it in two to three weeks with your pledge level, appreciate the patience.

      It is very much an alpha so I like to fix problems that arise before including more people.

    31. Chris Taylor Creator on June 18, 2015

      @Tommaso: There are quite a few people testing already. We've slightly delayed the next round by a couple days simply due to fixing bugs.

    32. Tommaso Bosco on June 18, 2015

      Anyone got the alpha?

    33. Chris Taylor Creator on June 11, 2015

      @Tommaso Already started messaging people

    34. Disastercake on June 5, 2015

      I think Chris' response on March 14 is a very real and genuine statement. It's something many project creators go through who don't have massive external funding. Arakion was the first game I ever pledged to on Kickstarter, and it inspired me to create my own project. I've had all the faith in the world Chris would get this done, and now that his alpha is going live that is final proof for even the most pessimistic of backers that this project will be completed. It takes a lot of self respect and care for your backers to push through what Chris has gone through, and I appreciate all of that work.

    35. Matthew Hinz on June 5, 2015

      I agree with Ithilien. I've backed many a campaign in my day and, so far, I've been lucky in that even with the ones that never see completion, the people or person in charge made every effort to keep the backers informed and up to date even when the news was bad. As far as this project goes, Chris clearly has dedication to seeing this through despite the inevitable delays and setbacks and has been open and accessible from the beginning. I look forward to playing the game, and should the worst happen, I'm still happy I helped someone chase a dream that they most likely never would have been capable of pursuing otherwise. As long as you "fail forward" and the lessons learned allow you to become better at what you love to do, I'm content.

    36. Chris Taylor Creator on May 6, 2015

      @Redeicarciofi: Been posting regularly on the forums.

    37. Missing avatar

      redeicarciofi on May 6, 2015

      Still no news...?

    38. Missing avatar

      Ithilien on March 29, 2015

      @Chris Taylor; The only thing those who contribute at Kickstarter can expect is honesty and dedication, and I think you've shown both. Best of luck with the initial release - hopefully you will gain a bit of momentum (money wise) as soon as you get the game on Steam.

    39. Malau on March 17, 2015

      Well, I just hope thing'll be manageable from henceforth. All the best.

    40. Missing avatar

      James Sablatura on March 17, 2015

      You seem surprised that people are getting unruly over this project? Delays happen all of the time and are expected so that's not the issue. It's the lack of updates and constant stream of broken promises that I think riles people up, and that is certainly in your control to fix. I posted something similar to this over 1 year ago in the forums, and nothing changed, so I don't expect any changes now either. But it sure would be nice if it would.

    41. Chris Taylor Creator on March 14, 2015

      @redeicarciofi: I'm probably going to give too long of a response, but I'm going to explain myself since you felt it was necessary to report the project. Lots of projects take multiple additional years, due to time constraints, money constraints and any number of other issues. Go look at a number of games or technology that received millions of dollars from Kickstarter and still are late to deliver by years, haven't yet or worse canceled with no refund. Look at Clang for a perfect example, they took 500k and canceled taking the money.
      With Arakion I've invested a large portion of my own money and blood developing it. It’s late, and I've repeatedly taken full responsibility for that. I'm also developing an extremely large classic RPG on a limited budget, if there is even a hint of an error it can take us days to fix because we don't have the team size to quickly resolve it. For instance we wanted to move enemies to a behavior tree, instead of being able to give an extra coder that job, the whole team has to basically pitch and get it done or else it would take forever.
      Additionally, some things are out of the my control, if I invest a few thousand dollars in a coder or artist only to later find out they had no business working on the game and inflated their resume, I've lost that money. I use it as a learning experience and realize I'll have to freelance to get the money to hire someone else. This takes time from the project.
      With 47k there was a very low amount of room for error with hiring. After taxes / kickstarter / amazon, you only end up with a fraction of what was invested in the first place. So now I'm down to ~30k. Add in the failed hires and suddenly what looked to be enough quickly became not nearly enough. I manned up, worked my butt off and refilled the reserves to continue developing, eventually I found a fantastic team who deserves every cent they are paid.
      Should I have launched the Kickstarter when Arakion was further developed? Absolutely, but life is a learning lesson. Kickstarter is the spark that launched Arakion, I can't thank everyone enough for believing in the project, backing and joining me on this journey. To repay, I'm taking the time, putting in the hours, spending the money and making sure we get to the right destination.

    42. Missing avatar

      redeicarciofi on March 14, 2015

      December 2013...and still I'm here waiting for an alpha?!
      I reported the project.

    43. Zerotown on March 12, 2015

      @Chris Taylor: that is much appreciated! Thanks!

    44. Chris Taylor Creator on March 11, 2015

      We have lots of fun events / bonuses / benefits planned for all backers. All backers will be getting alpha once my freelance contract is finished and I have spare time to get all the cogs in place.

    45. Zerotown on March 11, 2015

      @d10sfan: that would certainly be a nice gesture!

    46. Missing avatar

      d10sfan on March 9, 2015

      Who all will be allowed into the alpha? Considering the length, would it be possible for lower tiers to get into the alpha as well?

    47. Imban
      on March 5, 2015

      Good to hear you're still working on this, Chris. Making games is hard!

    48. Malau on March 5, 2015

      Hope everything's going alright?

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