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BrainFood Comics is an Independent Publisher dedicated to putting out a diverse and exciting assortment of books! Please help us realize our dream!

BrainFood Comics was started back in January of 2009 by myself and Stephen Lindsay (Jesus Hates Zombies, Devil's Trail, Massive Awesome) as a means to publish our series "The Slightly Askew Adventures of Inspector Ham & Eggs". It was only a little over a year ago, but since then the outstanding group of BrainFood creators and I have worked towards making BrainFood Comics into something more.

Our goal shifted from a simple means to an end to an outlet for amazing indie talent! It began with the addition of Ben and Jeff Cohen and their hilarious book "Dinoman", and has since grown with Eben Burgoon and D.Bethel of the fantastic webcomic series "Eben 07"! We've even expanded our flagship series "Ham & Eggs" with spin-offs and one-shots including the upcoming "Buddy Cops", written by Chris Caravella and illustrated by myself!

This is where you guys come in. This is where we need your help! It may seem as though we've accomplished a good amount already, but we've only just begun. All of us have invested so much time, money and effort into this labor of love that we've lost track. We want to not only continue providing our beloved fans and readers with the quality content we are now, we want to raise the bar!

We cannot do this alone.

With your help we will be able to:

+ Deliver more great books, including trade paperbacks, hardcovers and the patented pamphlet issues!
+ Awesome BrainFood and BrainFood title merchandise like shirts, prints, pins, stickers and more!
+ Send out FREE samples to retailers, so they can see what we're about and carry our books to the local fans and readers!
+ Help fund our appearances at conventions across the country so that WE can come to YOU with all of the above and special con exclusives!

So it is with all of this that we humbly request your assistance. I am optimistic for the future of BrainFood and Independent comics across the globe! This is an exciting time to be a creator AND a fan, and we thank you all for being a part of it with us!

Thanks all!

Very best,

Lauren Monardo
President, BrainFood Comics


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    Emaciated Brain - Your brain is past starved, it is practically a lifeless husk, begging for nurishment! Fear not, friend, for you have made your first step on the path to Brain satisfaction! Your generous gift has procured you, or your brain, a PDF copy of a BrainFood comic of your choice! Only one though, so make sure you and your brain agree on it.

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    Starved Brain - Great gatsby! When was the last time you fed that poor, poor brain of yours? Why it's practically slopping over with sorrow and hunger. Hark! There is a light at the end of this tunnel! Your generous gift has staved off these pangs of hunger! Your brain thanks you and so do we, as a sign of our gratitude please accept a single issue of the comic of your choice! Choose from the first issue of either "Dinoman", "Eben 07" or "Ham & Eggs"!

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    Malnourished Brain - That poor brain of yours is so hungry it could just cry! It gets you right in the ol' ticker, it does. But look! It's starting to perk up! Why, it's as though your generous gift has brought life back to your cranial companion! As if the satisfaction of your brain feeling better isn't enough, we offer you a copy of the wondrous BrainFood Appetizer Sampler, a 28 page digest-sized comic featuring samples of our 4 major series! Hot dawg!

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    Hungry Brain - It's been a bit between meals, but your brain is craving something new, different and exciting! Luckily your generous gift has stayed it's appetite for now, but who knows when it'll be hungry again!? Your generous gift can help keep your brain's appetite at bay with the fashionable BrainFood Comics T-Shirt! Now that's the stuff!

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    Peckish Brain - Your brain won't lie, it's not starving, nor is it all that hungry. But it could eat, and would be happy to do so! Very well! Your generous gift beckons forth the first issues of our three main series, "The Slightly Askew Adventures of Inspector Ham & Eggs", "Eben 07", and "Dinoman"! That's three (3) fantastic books! Sweet!!

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    Satisfied Brain - Your brain is not only full, it is filled with unbridled satisfaction! It is forever grateful for the meal you have provided, the women, men, wine and song didn't hurt its feelings either... As if your brain's rapture isn't reward enough, your generous gift has earned you the three first issues of "Dinoman", "Eben 07" and "The Slightly Askew Adventures of Inspector Ham & Eggs" (That's a total of 9 books, by the way!) plus a sketch from one of the three artists! ( Jeff Cohen, D.Bethel and Lauren Monardo, respectively). What a wonderful world!

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    Brain Fed For A Year - 365 days shall pass by without one solitary notion of hunger from your brain! For henceforth, til the end of said annum, you shall receive all the goodies from "Satisfied Brain" plus anything else our devious minds come up with and release! That's pre-tty cool! +Rewards for this bracket are limited+

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    Brain Fed For Life - For as long as you and your brain shall live, we will shower it with BrainFood delights! All the benefits of "Brain Fed For A Year", but for LIFE! Num nums! +Rewards for this bracket are limited+

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    Brain Stuffed Like A Thanksgiving Turkey For Life - We didn't think we could really add MORE to "Brain Fed For Life", but here goes nothing! All the benefits of "Brain Fed For Life" plus an original one-of-a-kind sketch by all three BrainFood artists! Yowza! +Rewards for this bracket are limited+

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