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About this project

My name is Lauren K. Pomeroy, I'm a Fantasy Fiction Author with two ebooks self published on Amazon.com called Alexander: Vanquish the Night, published earlier this year in April of 2011 and Corruption later in July of 2011, a recent novel I finished with its sequel, "The Dragon Prince" already underway and finding a cover artist.

What are you looking to accomplish?:

What I'm looking to accomplish with my books is trying to get them out to the public - I've heard many times that people would love to actually have the books and read them all the time, rather than as an ebook on a screen regardless of the Kindle and EReader's popularity - I myself prefer the traditional book, and I think everyone in a sense still does.

Both of these books are ready to go, they're done being edited as far as I can take them, and now they just need your help.  


How do you plan on getting your books there?

The next step, what I originally had wanted was to send them to a professional publishing agency. I've found that Lulu.com is probably the best website for self publishers in order to meet their needs for their books. The package I am intending on signing for is as follows; Keep in mind, this is the package for each novel.

Included in this Package: http://www.lulu.com/services/pre-publishing/laureate-publishing-package

How much does editing and self publishing cost?

The editing depends on the editors themself. Normally rates vary - sometimes you wouldn't think editing a book would cost as much as it does at first, but you'd be surprised. Thankfully, Lulu.com and their pre-publishing laureate package has a full book edit as well with other various book extras for an author.

Self publishing is also a "shop around" kind of deal. So far the most clear and concise formatting I've seen for self publishing is on Lulu.com. I've practiced with my books just to get a rough idea, and it's going to be about 25-30$ per book if I were to do it all book by book. Since I want them to both be hardcover and paperback, the Lulu package offers copies of both for a fraction of the price, and after they are printed and ready, they will always be print on demand which means if I run out, and people want more, it'll be a snap to get!

Will you be able to contend with others?

 I feel that though the digital age of books is coming, there are many who still would rather purchase a hardcover copy - like myself. If my novels had their chance in a hard copy book, not only would they end up in more people's hands, but I feel more people who know who I am, what my writing stands for, and in turn love the stories I write.

What would you do with the money?

The money would be to pay for the editing first and foremost, as well as sending the books into Lulu.com which I plan to probably have them both into hardcover only, but they will be distributed on Amazon.com for sure, most likely Barnes and Noble, and I may even try the physical bookstore as well. Not only that, but to those who pledge 50$ or more will receive not only both hard copies with their names on the exclusive "supporter" list published inside the actual book, but have it signed as well and shipped to them when the first order comes in, and for 25$, if you yourself have your own Kickstarter project and are looking for some extra "eyes" to see it, or if you have a shop, blog, anything of interest, I can publish it on my website as well as my facebook page.

So what are these stories about? 

Alexander: Vanquish the Night by Lauren K. Pomeroy

Cover Illustrated by: Pawel Hordyniak - The rest of his gallery can be viewed here! Extremely talented artist!


The first story, Alexander: Vanquish the Night is a breathtaking 3 part novel filled with suspense, adventure, mystery, and romance. This story takes place in a medieval setting with savage beats and monsters - a depiction of the tie between human, werewolf, and vampire as well as my fantasy take of the infamous Dracula and where the journey may have first originated. Our character not only experiences these horrors, but the chilling loss of his innocent family, a quest to find the murderer, and his own battle between good and evil.

Corruption by Lauren K. Pomeroy

The second, Corruption also takes place in a medieval setting. This story I recently wrote depicted subtle true-life events. Though we can never experience the hardships of what it was like to live back then with no rules and harsh consequences, this story was forged from elements that seem to be happening day to day in our real lives. Deceit, betrayal, justice, and revenge is all that consumes our main character, Hadrian after the corrupted wearer of the crown brutally murders his wife, and frames him for treason. After his release, he is set on correcting the wrongs that have been done to save their future young generations, but by also avenging the cheated and stolen life of his wife, Emeline.
The subtle real-life instances that brought me to create this story was the backstabbing, and the mistrust in one another, what it means to have true friends that would do anything for you, and to believe in you when no one else does. I think many of us day to day experience the hurt and pain that others can cause, and I feel that this story depicts that in an entirely different light and foreshadowing the way you triumph from it - by believing in yourself and that no matter what, you can succeed.  

Please go to the link below to see more on both stories, or go to Amazon.com to view "Corruption's" very first review from a fan! I promise it will be worth it.


The Laureate Publishing Package Includes:

Laureate Publishing Package

Roll out the red carpet! Our Laureate Publishing Package provides our finest pre-publishing services available. In addition to a full copy edit included in the price, the Laureate includes 100 paperback copies and 25 hard cover copies of your new title. This is for US and Candian residents only, please request a free consultation if you are outside of this area.

Included in this package: (Remember this is PER book, possibly even more for Alexander: Vanquish the Night)

•Phone Support: Six phone appointments to use throughout the process
•100 Paperback Books: 6 x 9 BW only: Value ($800)
•25 Hardcover Books: 6 x 9 BW only: Value ($400)

•Premium Cover Design: Two original cover designs ($450)

•Ultimate Formatting: Interior layout, unlimited images ($699)

•Editorial Quality Review: Our Editorial Staff will review your book providing feedback on the quality of the content ($199)
•Full Copy Edit: Includes up to 100,000 words. If you have more than 100,000 words please request a free consultation and a Lulu representative will help you determine potential extra editing charges. (Value $2,000-$5,000)

•Epub Conversion: ePub format is the required eBook format for various eBook distributors ($99)

•Lulu ISBN (International Standard Book Number)
•Retail Availability (Amazon, etc.) ($150)

•Project coordinator to manage the project and publish the final version of the book
•PDF download of the book
•Galley copies of both versions of the book: Average value ($50)

Range of cost if purchased separately: $4,772 to $7,772

Laureate Package Price: $4,729

The full cost of the edit is included in the cost of the Laureate Publishing Pack. This service includes editing up to 100,000 words. In the event your manuscript has more than 100,000 words, there will be an additional fee for the remaining editing.

How Long Would It Take?

The length of going through this package was actually a lot shorter than what I had expected - in a matter of weeks they get this done, at the maximum of 3-4 and then they are available to you!

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