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The first device that allows you to interact with every computer, move freely between them and access your digital identity, seamlessly
The first device that allows you to interact with every computer, move freely between them and access your digital identity, seamlessly
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Update #11

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New Update (#10)

Dear guys, 

we hope this update reaches you well. 
Here are some little points about the status of Ego! Smartmouse:
- We have almost finished the deliveries but we experienced a problem with the 4GB memories. Below you see a graphic with the status of the shipments.
- About the Macos: we are facing a problem with the pairing Bluetooth but we are working hard to find a solution. Hope it will be released as soon as possible. 
- If you are experiencing technical problems please open a ticket here to get assistance.
- About the next deliveries: you will receive a tracking number as soon as it will be shipped. If you didn't receive it, Ego! Smartmouse has not been shipped yet. 

As it is summer we will be closed for some days and also mail boxes will be closed. Deliveries and answers will progress a bit slowly. We will need some more weeks to finish the shipments. Hope you understand.

Thank you,

LS team

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Ego! Smartmouse update: quick connection to last host

Dear backers, 
we have a big news for you! All your feedbacks were so useful and precious that we decided to promptly make one first update: the quick connection to last host. 

With this new feature Ego! Smartmouse will recognize the last pc used, through its Bluetooth address, allowing you to reconnect to the last computer without taking the picture of the QR code. (Please, keep in mind that Ego! Smartmouse remembers the Bluetooth address: if you changed it, for example with another adapter, it will not reconnect automatically to the pc.) 

Keep your Ego! Smartmouse up-to-date is quick and simple, just take the following steps:
- go to and download the new firmware 10002.smf - point the QR code on the screen to connect your Ego! Smartmouse
- once connected, click the front key or double click on the icon Service Pack in the system tray - click on the icon Ego! Device
- click on the icon Update Firmware
- open the file 10002.smf which you downloaded before
- wait till the multicolor LED stops flashing and turns red
Your Ego! Smartmouse is now updated! When you first connect Ego! Smartmouse to your computer, a pop-up message will notify you about a positive or negative result. Please, in case of failure, retry the procedure. 

Now let’s see how to use the new feature. As the old firmware didn’t remember the last computer Bluetooth address, you need to connect the first time as usual. After having updated your Ego! Smartmouse with this new firmware, you will be able to quickly reconnect to the last computer you have used without taking the picture of the QR code displayed on its screen. You just need to click the front virtual key of Ego! Smartmouse: it will turn from red to green when the connection is established.

If you have any problem, please contact us in private message! We will be happy to help you!

Laura Sapiens team

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Ready Steady Ego!

Hello everyone! 

Are you ready for your Ego! Smartmouse?

We are fixing the very last details and next week we will start to deliver the first devices. We will begin with the shipment of the white and black Ego! Smartmouses, then we will send the colored ones and lastly the personalized ones (please be patient as it was hard to find a competitive supplier to color the devices and print the colored strips). 

In the meantime, take a look at the lively packaging we made. Laura Sapiens wanted to communicate the tasks of simplicity and clarity at the same time, as the product should be technological and Italian made at first glance. So we thought the design needed to be simple, fresh-looking and functional.

Scroll down to take a look at the pictures we clicked for you! 

Feel free to share them with your buddies and keep following us on facebook and twitter.

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A picture is worth a thousand words

Dear backers, 

the delivery is fast approaching! We’re so excited Ego! Smartmouse is coming to market and we couldn’t wait to show you some new pictures! 

We are evaluating the colors of your Smartmouse and even it’s just a test we’re very proud of the results. So, because a picture is worth a thousand words, stop talking and look together at some pics of Ego! Smartmouse! 

Just a ps: we’ve noticed that some of you haven't completed the survey yet. If you have problems in filling the form contact us, we will be happy to help you! Otherwise we remind you to complete it as soon as possible. 

Pps: follow us on twitter, facebook and on our blog

Laura Sapiens team

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