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The first device that allows you to interact with every computer, move freely between them and access your digital identity, seamlessly
The first device that allows you to interact with every computer, move freely between them and access your digital identity, seamlessly
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    1. Harry Valner on

      Martin, don't expect a question from September 4Th is still un-answered. The last time they logged in was (It say son their profile) September 16Th...they're ignoring us that shows. No charging cable is horrible, I thought the same thing. How ridiculous. Where are you located? I'm in USA and wasn't charged anything....
      - H

    2. Missing avatar

      Martin Collis on

      Isn't shipping/handling included? It cost me just under $30 at the door when UPS delivered. And it is the WRONG COLOUR. And no charging cable. And no Mac software at almost the end of September that was promised by July.
      This is how you treat customers?!!

    3. Harry Valner on

      ...tick tock......tick....tock.....

    4. Luis Lee on

      i got a blue one but i ordered a white one messaged twice got no response...and i dont like the blue on the mouse i received....... i ordered white mouse for a reason!

    5. Missing avatar

      Jorge Quinones on

      Same problem here, I just got mine but its the wrong color I asked for White and received a yellow instead...

    6. Matthias Kraus on

      In the quick guide it says one of the virtual buttons can be configured. I haven't found out how. Could anybody tell me, please?

    7. Harry Valner on

      Its been now what, 7 days and no response from the team at all regarding anything it seems. They usually respond in a day or so. So they're obviously trying to hide something....

    8. Missing avatar

      Adam Lathers on

      I tried reaching out to the dev team to see if I could lend some research time to the issue to solve the Mac gap. No answer. fingers crossed a solution is on the horizon and I can actually *use* my awesome new über mouse!

    9. Harry Valner on

      RK, seems they haven't been responsive at all lately...I wonder if they plan on responding?

    10. Missing avatar

      RK on

      Just got mine but its the wrwong color- asked for White, but received Green instead. Can you send me the right color?

    11. Missing avatar

      Leo Kiraly on

      Hi! I received my mouse yesterday and it works fine but there is only 200 MB cloud space instead of 4 GB. What did I wrong?

    12. Harry Valner on

      When do you expect to have a mac update? If you have a developer working on this every day it should have been fixed by now. I am disappointed to see software holding you up over a month. I have a product and no way to use it now. Well lets play the waiting game...

    13. derCobold on

      Received mine yesterday here in Germany. The QRCode scanning is improvable, but anyway: great product.:-)

    14. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Hi Jason, unfortunately not. We still have problems with the pairing Bluetooth. We know it's frustrating (it's also for us) but Mac seems very complicated.

    15. Jason Hermans on

      I very pleased to have received my EGO! Smartmouse, but I have a Mac and there is no way to use it :- ( Any ETA for the Mac version of the ego service pack?

    16. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Hi Harry,
      we still have no update, it seems very complicated, but once done you will be able to switch from Mac to PC, or PC to Mac, Mac to Mac, PC to PC.

    17. Harry Valner on

      Awesome Laura Team! Just got the shipping notification. That is AWESOME. Thank you! And no update on the Mac version?

      Real quickly, will it be possible, once all mac issues are fixed to go from Mac to PC, or PC to Mac, Mac to Mac, PC to PC?

    18. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      All the black ones will be shipped today.

    19. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      @Gonzalo the answers are below your comments... please read the previous messages to get informed. Moreover we didn't receive any mail through kickstarter. If you need to speak with us in private, please write a message through the kickstarter platform.

    20. Gonzalo Morere on

      Hello again im still waiting for a response about my 2gb Ego! I sent you an email weeks ago an still no responde about date of shipping. Thanks

    21. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Black 4BG will be sent tomorrow and in the first days of newt week.

    22. Harry Valner on

      So any ETA as to shipping the Black ones?

    23. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      The problem is that unfortunately we're not the physical makers of each piece of Ego! Smartmouse and we depend on the suppliers. With the first order, the supplier sent us some inoperative memories so we needed to make another order. They will come by this week as the supplier was on holiday in August. Same problem with the white covers: some had little damages so we preferred not to send them and make another supply. The provider is still on holiday so the white 4GB will take longer.
      Regarding the Mac version there's a problem with the QR code recognition and we're working to solve it.
      Hope to give you details soon!

    24. Harry Valner on

      So still no updates on the 4GB version? Whats going on? I understand you were on holiday but you still should have been working on this, this should be a top priority. You are 2 months behind and giving us very few details. Please help.

    25. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      @Steven Luke.
      Thanks for your report, it looks like to be a calibration problem of the touch surface of your device.
      We will contact you with private message to get more information so we can try to fix the problem.


      first of all thank you for your review. Your feedbacks really help us in improving our product.

      The micro USB on the rear side is a device port and this means that can be used to interact with external devices. We are working to implement a new function to turn Ego! Smartmouse in a mass storage device. Since, for technical requirements not depending on us, the filesystem cannot be modified at the same time both from the USB and from the Ego! Smartmouse folder, we are working to activate this function when Ego! Smartmouse is not connected. This is why we decided to trigger the connection to the last PC using the virtual front key.

      The optical sensor has been positioned in the rear side for design issues: since Ego! smartmouse can be used also as an air mouse we opted for a shape that would have allowed the user to hold it in a convenient way. This compromise had for sure limited the possibility to put the mouse sensor in a central position. Maybe you can try to obtain the best response based on your use by acting on the Windows sensitivity settings.

      About the auto mode selection algorithm, as you guessed, we currently evaluate several parameters and to avoid false and incorrect changing between “air” and “table” we opted for the evaluation both of the level and of the surface quality. As Steven Luke suggests you should already have the possibility to set your preferred mode in “Ego! device settings”.

      Thank you.

      LS team

    26. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      @Quinn Hi, you should have received it on August 21th. Let us know if you had some problems.

    27. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Hi guys,
      as we spent one week on holiday there are no updates with white 4GB and Mac version. If you are experiencing technical problems please open a ticket here to get assistance.
      Thank you,
      LS team

    28. Missing avatar

      Steven Luke on

      I have been having some trouble with this myself. The scrolling seems broken. If I have anything that scrolls down and the Ego! turned on, then the page will automatically scroll all the way to the bottom, then jump around a bit, then settle at the bottom. I can force scrolling up, but as soon as a take my finger off, it scrolls all the way down again.

      It has made the mouse completely useless on every computer I have connected it to. Anyone else seeing this? any suggestions on how to avoid it?

    29. Missing avatar

      Steven Luke on

      @Andred Yik: "This mouse has a serious lack of settings. I really want a way to easily switch permanently between table and air mouse"

      If you open the Ego! ServicePack (with the device connected, probably need to right-click on the sys tray icon and choose Home), and go to the Ego! Device setting, can there is an option at the bottom that switches between table and air (or auto) modes. I just checked it and it seems persistent. Does it not work for you?

    30. Gonzalo Morere on

      any news on the status of the 4GB white???
      From Chile

    31. Quinn Vidal on

      Is there anyway to check the status of my shipment as I have not received mines as of yet . . Texas (USA)

    32. Steve Johnson on

      Guys yes please make binary simple settings for the device. I am also having problems switching mine off. Sometimes it vibrates and switches off and sometimes it doesn't.
      I have to reset it. Then when I've left it I come back and battery is gone....
      Please invent a auto power off mode, I can't use it yet as I have mac only.
      Keep up the good work...

    33. Missing avatar

      Andrew Yik on

      Just writing down a few more thoughts on the mouse.

      New function to connect to the last computer with a press off the top off the virtual button (scroll pad) works well. I can't understand why it doesn't just try to access the last known computer first, as the current way is an extra step and can be surprisingly annoying if you're trying to turn the mouse on and off to conserve the short 8 hours of life of the mouse.

      If you haven't noticed, the usb port seems to be used solely for charging and I'm guessing it has no circuitry to interact with any other devices from the port itself. Not a bad thing, but just clarifying for anyone that didn't get that note.

      The red light on the bottom for the table mouse has been put on the back end of the mouse instead of the center. If you like to move the mouse a good length across a table to navigate a screen, this may not be a problem, but if you are like me who likes having their mouse fairly sensitive to movement, you may have problems. I tend to have a habit of moving a mouse only with my wrist sometimes, so the movement is more like a turn or a pivot than a full scrolling movement across a table. Because the sensor is at the back of the mouse, pivoting the mouse creates very small and inconsistent movements of the pointer. May be a problem for people who use small movements of the hand for their mouse, but probably won't be a problem for most people.

      Someone mentioned that the mouse will not work on a slanted work surface. I tried the same and came to the same conclusion. In addition to the red light checking whether or not it is on a table, it also seems to check if the mouse is level. If the mouse is on a slant, then even if it is on top of a surface, it will think that you want to use the air mouse and you won't be able to use it as a table mouse.

      I'm guessing problems like the mouse thinking your hand is a surface will pop up if it doesn't check its level, so there will probably be compromise if that part is turned off. I'm still expecting settings and options for this kind of thing to pop up in the future though.

      This mouse has a serious lack of settings. I really want a way to easily switch permanently between table and air mouse as well as a quick sleep or off mode. Turning the mouse on and off all the time is really annoying and the low life of the mouse really requires you to do this all the time. This is probably the main reason why I still don't use it as my main mouse. It just isn't as easy to use as a normal mouse yet.

    34. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Hi guys,
      we are experiencing technical problems with the 4GB memories and the Mac version.
      Hope to fix all these problems soon, we're working hard.
      LS team

    35. Missing avatar

      Cong on

      would you pls help to check whether my order is already delivered?

    36. Harry Valner on

      Guess if the mac version isn't out, as I thought it would have been out last month, I'm in no rush to get my EGO!

    37. Winnafred on


      I was just wondering if you were sending out tracking numbers or whatever for the EGOs you sent out already?

      Because if mine hasn't been sent yet and may not reach me til next month, I really need to change my address with you guys.

    38. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Hi guys, we're working on the Mac version and later we will start with Linux and Android. Hope everything will be released soon but it takes time.
      @Steven we saw that you didn't sign up as mention in the survey, that's why it wasn't connected, Now your cloud storage should work.

    39. Missing avatar

      Steven Luke on

      I got my EGO! today, set it up on Win 7 64 bit - painless. I got it working, and I can see it has local storage. I setup my cloud account. Is there any way to tell that I have the cloud storage I signed up for? I couldn't find anything related to that on the website.

    40. Eric Chow on

      Got my EGO! It is love in first sight, I cannot wait to get it connected but the mac version isn't ready yet. Hope everything is alright for the mac version and release soon.

    41. Missing avatar

      Lucas Rischka on

      Received my EGO! on friday! Would be great if the Mac Version were finished soon. ;)

    42. elroy manning on

      Recieved my ego!

      What do we think about adding android support? I use my note 2 as a docked device. Possible to develop for this?

    43. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Dear Carla,
      please, read the post we published before yours... you will receive it soon.

    44. CSS

      I'm in the UK, and still haven't heard anything about the delivery of my mouse...
      Any updates on this?

    45. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Hi guys,
      deliveries are in progress, please keep in mind that the product is quite complex and its the first time we assemble it. Hope you understand, we will deliver you your ego! smartmouse soon.
      Thank you,
      LS team

    46. Linengray on

      Well mine finally arrived. I was disappointed that the micro USB cable was not included. I did have an extra one lying around but not everyone might.

    47. Harry Valner on

      Hey when will mine ship, any eta? Let me know, thanks!

    48. Leetcat on

      Bug found: The mouse does not auto transition from air to slanted work station.

    49. Leetcat on

      Are there any linux drivers for this mouse yet?

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