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The first device that allows you to interact with every computer, move freely between them and access your digital identity, seamlessly
The first device that allows you to interact with every computer, move freely between them and access your digital identity, seamlessly
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    1. Alexandre Jouan on

      Same question as Harry, i live in new york and i m wondering when you guys will start shipping to the US

    2. Harry Valner on

      Hey. When do you plan on shipping the Black ones to the USA? And what is the ETA to California?

    3. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Dear Linengray,
      we hope to ship on time for your presentations. We should start the deliveries by the end of June.
      have a nice day,
      LS team

    4. Linengray on

      I have some presentations coming up in July and I hope that the Ego will be shipped before then. I want to get the hang of it before showing it off.

    5. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Hi James,
      everything is going well and we're finalizing the last things. We will ship by the end of the month.
      Have a nice day,

    6. Missing avatar

      James Buchanan on

      Any news on the delivery date?

    7. Kensy Wang on

      Problem solved! I switched my web browser.
      I used Safari instead of Chrome, and it worked.

    8. Kensy Wang on

      Hi, I'm having trouble registering. It kept showing wrong reCapthca.
      I've tried to register via both the website or the link you provided (without recaptcha).

    9. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Hi Mike, the Ego! Smartmouse doesn't use the integrated camera to detect its position relative to the screen. It detects movements and rotations thanks to the inertial sensors (3d accelerometer, 3d gyroscope, 3d compass). For this reason it works well with a multi-monitor setup and it is an ideal solution for presentations where that configuration is very common (computer + projector or computer + smartTV).

    10. Mike Baker on

      Still looking forward to this being shipped. I'm sure it's going to be an excellent product (it would fit perfectly with my setup at work and with my setup at home. I just don't know whether to buy a second one or take the one I'm getting with me on the daily commute.)

      Can someone from LS please comment on my multi-monitor question from before? Positive or negative I'd really like to know.

    11. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      @Steven: we are sorry. We were working to fix the problem. Please, try again.
      @Haldi: the device needs a charging current of 500mA.
      @James: yes, you can, but you have to wait for the MacOS release that is expected for July.

    12. Missing avatar

      Steven Luke on

      I get the same recaptcha error, but I don't see any recaptcha field... so it impossible to get it right. The page listed in the comment below has the same problem.

    13. Missing avatar

      Haldi on

      if i want to use the Smartmouse with my RaspberryPi i wonder if i can charge the Mouse via RaspberryPi or do i need an extra usb wall charger (i.e from a smartphone)
      pi provides max 140 mA, usb wall charger normally 750mA and there are some hi power 1.2-2A
      how much does the mouse need for charging?

    14. Missing avatar

      James Buchanan on

      Hi, the smartmouse looks awesome and I can't wait to get mine. However I want to use mine on both MacOS and Windows 7. Is this possible?

    15. Ahmed on

      Amazing! I can't believe a KS project is actually shipping on time!

    16. Missing avatar

      David Chin Shong on

      Working now thanks

    17. Missing avatar

      David Chin Shong on

      Stunned at quick response but it's still coming up wrong reCapthca Have tried altering email addresses etc.

    18. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Hi David, try from this page without recaptcha:

    19. Missing avatar

      David Chin Shong on

      I seem to have a problem registering, keeps telling me wrong recaptcha even though I've tried careful typing as well as copying and pasting - anyone else?

    20. Mike Baker on

      Here's a thought - How is the Ego mouse with a multi-monitor setup? Sometimes I use Powerpoint with a laptop connected to a large TV screen and the display mirrored. If the mouse uses a camera to work out where you're pointing it then what happens if both screens are visible to the camera at the same time?

      (Oh, and also allow me to tag on the obligatory question enquiring about Linux support, of course...)

    21. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Hi David,
      yes, we will deliver the smartmouses in June. Some days before we will send you a survey to collect the addresses.
      Thank you
      have a nice day
      Laura Sapiens team

    22. Missing avatar

      david li on

      So do you guys think that the June delivery date is doable or probably requires a later estimate?

    23. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Hi Harry,
      everything is going well and we are confident to delivery the Ego! Smartmouse on June. We were waiting for the end of the payment process because there were some pending transactions. Now we can go forward and we will contact you soon to get the shipping address, the color choise and other useful infos for the delivery.
      Have a nice day
      Laura Sapiens Team

    24. Harry Valner on

      Any update? No update since funding, and no update in almost a month now. Thanks again, and looking forward for this!

    25. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Hi David,
      yes, we will keep you posted about the updates!
      Have a nice day
      Laura Sapiens team

    26. Missing avatar

      david li on

      Will we get periodic updates on the progress?

    27. Brendan on

      Success! Looking forward to seeing the final version. :)

    28. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Hi Tan,
      the mouse has a low power and slim optical sensor with 1000 cpi resolution.

    29. Tan Zheyan on

      What is the DPI of the mouse sensitivity?

    30. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      @John: the Ego! Smartmouse is not waterproof but accidental drops cannot have effects on it.
      Currently we can give two extreme limits: at least 8 hours of intense and continuous use (when every internal component is running at its maximum) and at least 20 hours in the idle mode (when every internal component is sleeping). Furthermore you should consider the periods in which the device will be off as a consequence of a prolonged non use.
      The first supported Windows versions will be 7 and 8. We made internal testing with XP and Vista but they are becoming obsolete.
      The Ego! Smartmouse will be available on our website and on other online US retailers. The device is guaranteed and we also have an online customer service.

      @Marc: there are two way to increase the battery life: the reducing of the power consumption and a larger battery. We are working on the first option through firmware improvements and we are confident to reach a good result. On the other hand a larger battery would need more space, compromising the compact size of the device. There is also the opportunity to create a custom battery that fills better the inside space according to the device curved profile, but it is too expensive at the moment.

      @David: I think Ego! Smartmouse is more suitable for larger screens than the smartphone ones. It could work well with a tablet when it is used as a notebook. I also think it could be a good solution to interact with a smartphone or a tablet connected to a large screen as a tv or a projector.

    31. John Enerio on

      I have a few questions:

      Does this have accidental drop proof?
      Is this mouse waterproof sealed?
      How long is the battery life before recharging?
      Does it work on Windows XP,Vista,7,8?
      If I like the product, how can I order another? Will EGO! Smartmouse be available on online retailers here in the United States like or
      What if my EGO! Smartmouse broke, do I have liability for returns and receive another of the same product?

    32. Bucci on

      Can a stretch goal help with the battery life, I would pay more if the battery life was better...?


    33. Missing avatar

      david li on

      So i'm wondering, what are your thoughts on the smartmouse interactions with pads/smartphones?

    34. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Hi John, Ego! Smartmouse implements some gestures that work as shortcuts. It also has a touch surface that detect the position of the fingertip. I think the associating of a position with a command could be the way to add three or four extra buttons.

    35. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Hi David, we want to improve the Ego! experience increasing performances and developing new features. We will also provide a set of API to facilitate the development of new applications for gaming, businnes and more. For this reason we made both the device firmware and the computer software updatable with easy.

    36. John Enerio on

      If there's a need to add some features to the mouse like extra buttons for gaming / programming.

    37. Missing avatar

      david li on

      Once production starts, are more of your resources going to focused on improving the mouse (firmware updates/different models) or focused on another possible big kickstarter project.

    38. Laura Sapiens Creator on


    39. Harry Valner on

      Want to confirm. As I have backed the 2GB version, all of the memory is doubled due to the stretch goal. So I now have 4GB Storage.

    40. Winnafred on

      Aw...That's too bad. I really liked the matte one too....

    41. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Hi Pietro, unfortunately there isn't yet that option. It would require two different molds that are too expensive for us in this moment.

    42. Missing avatar

      Pietro Acquisto on

      Reviewing the updates, I find the new glossy finish (update #4) not really appealing. I hope there will be an option to choose black matte top and bottom, like in update #3.

    43. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      Hi Tan, Ego! Smartmouse works with Smart-TVs that use a supported Operating System or that are connected to a computer. The second context is probably the most common.

    44. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      @Carlos @Leandro: We need time to think over the costs of the cheaper rewards before to include an additional Bluetooth adapter. Indeed they include the international shipping and furthermore we have just doubled the memory size. I think we will communicate a decision with the next update.

    45. Leandro Serrão Franco on

      I think if a Bluetooth usb adapter is something common and cheap it's not difficult to put on with the mouse, so I can not afraid to buy one if needed.. $109 will be cheaper with one..

    46. Tan Zheyan on

      can it work with Smart TV? using the mouse to navigate and make selection..

    47. Carlos Hung on

      If there's a need for bluetooth USB adapters I think you should offer it as an add-on for convenience and such.
      Just a heads-up.

    48. Laura Sapiens Creator on

      @Brendan: Thanks! :)

      @Leandro: Ego! Smartmouse works with any Bluetooth USB adapter. It is a very common component and thus we didn't think to include it the package.

    49. Leandro Serrão Franco on

      Nice.I agree. I think the cursor works the same way as a pointer.
      I have another question. I have some desktops that doesn't have a Bluetooth built in function. The mouse comes with any type of receiver to works with pcs with no Bluetooth built in function ?

    50. Brendan on

      Very cool concept. Backed. :)

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