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The first device that allows you to interact with every computer, move freely between them and access your digital identity, seamlessly

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TechCrunch - "a unique input device that wears many hats"
Digital Trends
- "a wonder mouse"
Tech City News
- "bringing the mouse into the 21st century"
Mashable - "you could seamlessly move from any Bluetooth-capable desktop, laptop, projector and gaming system"
Techhive - "Ego Smartmouse puts other input devices to shame"
Geeky Gadgets -"the unique multi-use mouse"
Slash Gear - "this mouse could do just about everything"
Technology Tell - "Ego! Smartmouse follows wherever you go"
AOL on Tech
- "one controller for all your screens"
Ultra Unboxing - Ego! Smartmouse will revolutionize the way we interact with our screens
YOUng - "Ego! Smartmouse: your personal revolutionary device" (German) - "3D-Maus mit eingebautem Linux-Rechner"
(Danish) - "Smart mus kan både styre din pc og stuens fladskærm"
Wired (Italian) - "un contenitore della nostra identità digitale"
Hardware Upgrade (Italian) - "un dispositivo di puntamento intelligente"

£25.000 - Stretch goal achieved

We will double the Ego! Smartmouse memory size for every reward


Nowadays many easy tasks with computers still require different devices and activities, causing a break in work-flow, connectivity, and productivity. To solve this problem we created Ego! Smartmouse, a versatile and convenient device that allows you to move between computers, interact and access your personal digital identity. 

With the Ego! Smartmouse you can: 

  • interact both in 2D and 3D
  • store and transfer files with ease
  • seamlessly authenticate into computers and systems
  • easily switch from one computer to another

enjoying a unique interaction experience with the surrounding digital environment. Every desktop, laptop, smart-TV, projector and whiteboard can be instantly customized, allowing you to find what you like, what you are looking for or what you were doing on another computer.

Control every screen remotely as an air mouse
Control every screen remotely as an air mouse
Use it traditionally as a table mouse
Use it traditionally as a table mouse
Store and transfer data: your digital identity follows you everywhere
Store and transfer data: your digital identity follows you everywhere
Easily connect to every screen
Easily connect to every screen

Going beyond functionality, the Ego! Smartmouse does all of this without compromising on style and design. It is studied with great attention to details in order to maximize comfort and usability in its different grips and uses and, thanks to its symmetrical design, can be easily customized for both left-handed and right-handed users. 

How it's made (Hardware stuff)

Ego! Smartmouse is based on a Linux OS running on a 400 Mhz ARM9 microcontroller and it has a flash memory up to 4GB. It embeds a number of sensors to enable both 2D and 3D features: accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and an optical mouse sensor. The communication is guaranteed by a Bluetooth chip. It further integrates a VGA camera, a touch surface, vibration motor and LEDs. The Li-Po battery is rechargeable via micro-USB and its low power consumption guarantees an intense and prolonged use.
It's definitely the most stuffed “mouse” you've ever seen, that's why we called it smart :)

How it works (Software stuff)

  • Power saving - The central button switches the device on and off and its status is revealed by different colors of the embedded LED. For example, it goes to sleep when not in use and wakes up autonomously when touched.
  • Connection - When the QR-code appears on your screen, point the smartmouse camera at it and press the central button: your computer is recognized (you'll see the central LED blinking) and a Bluetooth connection will be established.
  • 2D and 3D modes - You can just place the mouse on your desk or you can freely swing it in the air: it will behave accordingly.
  • Storage and transfer – The embedded memory will be displayed as a normal folder on your desktop every time you connect it. More, when you're online all your cloud-located files will be accessible (mp3s, images, documents, bookmarks, etc) and you can upload and download anything you want. You can use the embedded gestures to create shortcuts to open and close folders and transfer files.
    The inside memory will also be accessible through USB (view the update) as an external mass storage device. This will also facilitate the software setup on new computers.
  • Automatic access to favourites - When Smartmouse is connected, the software installed on your computer displays icons of the most visited sites (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Dropbox, ect). Clicking on the icon, you can access your account without entering a password. You will need to set up the access only once.
  • Connection to the cloud - You can associate your Smartmouse with your EGO! account and the associated cloud space. Your space appears as a folder on your desktop, of course it will disappear once you go away.
  • Device protection – If your Smartmouse got stolen or lost, you can block it on You can use a pin or an equivalent solution to protect the data saved in the internal memory.
  • Configuration and settings – Using the software installed on your computer you can configure your Smartmouse adjusting its setup parameters (for example sensitivity, safety features, etc...).
  • Updating – Its firmware can be easily updated by connecting to your computer, enabling further improvements and new features.

Project status and goals

What you see in the video is a working and engineered prototype of Ego! Smartmouse. The project started two years ago. Since then we have made significant product enhancements in usability, mechanics and hardware and we have also tested it at some events and trade shows (here is the video of SMAU). Right now we are just about to start the production: we are looking for help to get off the ground. Kickstarter is a big opportunity for us to get to market, expand our business and build strategic alliances with companies and educational institutions.

These are our future milestones:

  • March: electronic hardware and plastic parts sample manufacturing
  • April: product certification
  • June: in case of success, delivery of the first batch
  • June: in case of success, delivery of the software for PC
  • July: in case of success, delivery of the software for Mac

Opportunities for developers

You can start thinking of Ego! Smartmouse as a platform: it potentially enables a whole new generation of interaction applications. Augmented interaction, automatic user recognition and portability of digital identity represent the basis of the improved relationship between people and computers.

Authentication - The embedded memory and the associated cloud space can store the necessary information to automatically manage access to any application or service. In this way, the user saves time and security can be strengthened. For example, digital signature solution or license manager can be enabled.

Gaming - Rotations, displacements and accelerations along 3-axis can be combined to provide a new game experience with computers and different grips (joystick, steering, racket, wand). Vibration can stimulate the user when her eyes are busy on the screen. User recognition enables immediate game customization.

Media centers - Different contents (presentations, playlists, collections, galleries, etc.) can be dynamically loaded by Smartmouse or its cloud space and remotely controlled with gestures in the air (zoom, forward, backward, open, close, etc.).

Websites – The user could be offered customized search and contents based on his profile, connected to its device. Registration and check-out procedures could become automated.

Schools, exhibitions etc... - Ego! Smartmouse can be used in digital environments to allow users (teachers, managers, doctors, students, etc) to move among the different terminals.

For more examples and information about Ego! visit the applications page on our website.

EGO! Smartmouse models

EGO! SMARTMOUSE 2GB - White, Black.
EGO! SMARTMOUSE 4GB - White, Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue.
EGO! SMARTMOUSE 8GB - Custom & Limited Edition - White, Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue. You can customize the touch surface, choosing the background color (white, black, red, green, yellow, blue) and the text print (font: Arial, colors: white or black).

Ego! Smartmouse can be associated to your Ego! account and get several additional cloud GB.

Ego! Smartmouse materials and colors
Ego! Smartmouse materials and colors
Renderings for the SUPER EGO! Smartmouse
Renderings for the SUPER EGO! Smartmouse

Last update

We are very happy to show you an assembled Ego! Smartmouse. We  used a prototypal touch label and there are some other details (as the light diffusion of the central button) that must be improved, but we couldn’t wait to share this progress with you. Read more

Final push on kickstarter!
Final push on kickstarter!

Who is Laura Sapiens

We founded Laura Sapiens after having worked together on this project for about one year. Starting from this experience we would like to continue our work and create new opportunities in the human-computer interaction, expressing our vision of the future.

Founders (job position, education, experience):

  • Matteo Modè (CEO, MSc in Industrial Engineering, Automotive)
  • Matteo Fornacciari (CTO, MSc in Electronic Engineering, Embedded Systems and Security)
  • Stefano Garusi (Computer Software, MSc in Computer Science Engineering, Consumer Electronics)
  • Stefano Ghidoni (Embedded Software, PhD in Information Technology, Computer Vision)
  • Stefano Salati (Electronics, MSc in Electronic Engineering, Embedded Systems and Automotive).

For further information feel free to contact us:

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We cleaned the project from technological and productive uncertainties creating a number of prototypes and testing and revising the hardware. For extra care, we will carry out a gradual ramp up production which will allow us to control the quality achieved and optimize processes.

We have analyzed and planned the supplying of components and their production. Currently we estimate that 12 weeks are required to complete the first batch (1000 units) of Ego! Smartmouse.

We provided the possibility to update all the software components of Ego! to ensure that all device owners will always have the latest and upgraded version.

On our website we activated a ticket-based service, that we plan to further improve in the coming months. Get your free Ego! Account now and if you have any question do not hesitate to contact us.


  • The computer software will be available for PC (Windows 8 and 7) by June and for MacOS by July. After that we will start the development for Android and Linux. We hope for a great success of the crowdfunding campaign to speed up the development and complete the software by the end of September.

    Last updated:
  • We have estimated that Ego! Smartmouse can be used for about 8 hours when fully active (connection established and data transfers between computer and device). Using power saving methods we expect to prolong its duration. The microUSB recharging socket situated in the rear of the device allows you to use it also during recharge.

    Last updated:
  • We will contact you at the end of the campaign to know which color you want for your Ego! Smartmouse. Furthermore, we will give you instructions and information to track the shipment.

    In the meantime, stay tuned with the new reports as we plan to update the project to inform every backer about its achievements.

    Last updated:
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