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I am making a new series of prints and sending them on a Midwest tour in 2013. Get in on the action.
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it's june already.

Posted by Laura Brown (Creator)

i just wrote a somewhat long-ish, really nicely written, sort of funny update about my recent jaunt to the u.p. of michigan for an art show and about how i'm almost done with all your rewards and it all took me longer than i thought it would but that i'm still so grateful and excited about what i have been able to do and make in the last few months and i'm looking forward to whatever is next and THEN, when i tried to upload photos and preview the update, the page got stuck and i hit refresh without copying my text and now all i have is photos and no text and a case of low blood sugar. so, because of the low blood sugar, you are getting a photo update this time. it probably fills in enough details. i give you:

a blurry phone photo from the show! (again, not with my fancy new camera! which i remembered this time. i even took the battery charger. which was good because i accidentally killed the battery. what i did not have was the CORD to connect the charger to any sort of energy source. oh, well.)

lake superior!

evidence of trespassing! (hey, i was driving a jeep.)

the bakery and jam shop (jammery?) of the monks that live on the shore of the lake!

the enormous, previously scary, automated press i conquered and have been using to print your posters on. 

more soon, probably. thank you all again and again.

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