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I am making a new series of prints and sending them on a Midwest tour in 2013. Get in on the action.
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one show down!

Posted by Laura Brown (Creator)

hello again, friends!

well, it's only taken me two weeks, but i am happy to report the first show of the new work is up and the opening reception was a success! at the beginning of april, my dear friend jack (a grand rapids native) and i headed north to grand rapids for a little road trip and art viewing. because i am the most forgetful person on the planet, i neglected to take my fancy new kickstarter-funded camera to document everything, but i did manage to take a few photos with my phone. they are not the greatest, but i've learned my lesson and won't forget the camera next time--and i won't be so shy that i forget to take photos until after the natural light is gone. next time i will be better.

also: now that all the prints are finished for the shows, i am excited to start printing all of your rewards! so be on the lookout in the next few days for a survey about collecting your delivery information. i am hopeful that winter might go away eventually and that delivering local twin cities rewards by bicycle is still a possibility.

anyway, without further ado, i give you some photographic highlights of our little trip--which included a driving tour called "jack's grand rapids highlights" and a visit to the judy garland children's museum! yes! grand rapids is her official birthplace, though she was actually born in minot, north dakota while her musician parents were on tour. confusing, i know. and lastly, a studio snap from the other day, when i spent literally four hours cutting down large sheets of paper into postcard-sized pieces.

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