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I am making a new series of prints and sending them on a Midwest tour in 2013. Get in on the action.
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a poster! a new reward!

Posted by Laura Brown (Creator)

hello, backers and friends!

things seem to still be moving along. slowly and (hopefully) surely, we will make it! i say "we" because i really feel like you are all in this with me. thank you.

things are moving along in the art-making department as well. i finally have a version of the poster that i am excited about (the first photo below). there will probably be some minor changes before i print the edition. i want at least one of the layers to be printed from a wood block, for some more texture and variation, but making screens is the easiest and fastest way for me to test out my compositions and colors.

as always happens in the printing process, i ended up with some rather nice test prints (the second photo below). which gave me an idea for a new reward level! so now, for $35, you can play "test print roulette" and i'll surprise you with one of the beautiful one-offs that happen during the proofing process. if you have already pledged for another reward level but want to SWITCH and take a gamble, i am pretty sure that kickstarter will let you do that. there are 21 of these rewards left.

this is turning into a real nail-biter for me (don't worry, mom. not literally), and to tell you the truth, i'll be glad when the fundraising is over and i can just focus on making the work. thank you all for spreading the word! i have already had some really great connections made as a result of this campaign. please don't hesitate to continue sharing it with your network until the very end.

thank you all again so much.


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