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I am making a new series of prints and sending them on a Midwest tour in 2013. Get in on the action.
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(almost) halfway there. . . .

Posted by Laura Brown (Creator)

and perhaps literally livin' on a prayer? oh, boy (this is what you get when i type late at night after a long day in the studio).

i just want to say again, thank you all so much for your support. i have been working away on various parts of the project (interviewing interns! making a poster!) and while i am excited about FLY OVER the art show, there is still a long way to go fo FLY OVER the kickstarter campaign. there are just nine short days to raise more than half of my goal. here is my plan for the next nine days: i will keep working away in the studio, post a few more updates with what i hope is helpful information, and keep promoting this campaign. backers--would you be willing to join me in that last item? in the next few days, please share the project link with your network in whatever way makes the most sense to you--whether it's email, twitter, facebook, pinterest, anything. maybe share it along with a few words about why you decided to back the project. the more eyeballs that see it, the greater the chance of more backers getting in on the project, the greater the chances of me reaching my goal.

thank you all again. i am so grateful. (below is a sneak peek of the poster--the $50 and $100 rewards--from my instagram feed. it's almost finished!)

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