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We're building an airplane, in a garage (!) but it's not just another tired old airplane. This is Synergy, the beginning of the future.
799 backers pledged $95,627 to help bring this project to life.

Thanks to our backers, Synergy is back to work and making dust!

Posted by John McGinnis (Creator)

Although we're still a week or two away from actually having any of the money (Amazon holds the funds for two weeks, and the transfer itself can take five business days), we wanted to let everyone know how much we truly appreciate the incredible support we've received. Every single pledge counts with us and we're grateful to be able to continue the project. 

All but $7355 of the original pledges were successfully collected, making the direct revenue total to the project roughly $80,000 after fees, assuming most backers used a credit card. After reward fulfillment costs, we'll still be able to run long shifts all summer long to reach our project goal.

While managing something like five hundred emails a day, due to the extraordinary global press our project received (the video was seen more than 36,000 times on Kickstarter alone), we were still able to get started on programming the next few parts and cutting the lower wing center section mold, which we'll need to put Synergy on its mains and begin connecting all the pieces.  As things get a little crazier we'll definitely try to post pictures and updates here, but if the news seems slow in coming from us it just means we're busy, busy, busy! Be sure to follow all the latest news and updates on our Facebook page and website, and be sure to say hi if you see us at Oshkosh (mark your calendars for next year!)

With gratitude for this opportunity,

Team Synergy


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    1. Andrew Soderberg on


      It has been a month since your last post here. How about a little update on the project as a whole?



    2. Blueseed on

      How much of the $80,000 revenue will remain after taxes?