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We're building an airplane, in a garage (!) but it's not just another tired old airplane. This is Synergy, the beginning of the future.
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John McGinnis

799 backers pledged $95,627 to help bring this project to life.

700 backers get behind our final push

With "hours" to go, Kickstarter certainly has our full attention here at the fledgling Synergy Aircraft Works. From every corner of the globe, people have reached out to support this project.

Now it comes down to the clock. One day's Kickstarter results can mean a productive month in the shop (!!!) but our coming up far short of the stretch goal could mean that the time we'll need to capitalize and the time we need to build don't get along very well. 

Dedicated funds mean effective planning and efficient work, and we want Synergy at Oshkosh next year!  The next two days will have a huge bearing on how that comes together.

Thanks again to everyone for your impressive and generous support! 

A few newer links are below, including a Podcast interview on Flighttime Radio, where I once again prove I'm just an edjumacated hillbilly who grew up waterskiing on the Lake of the Ozarks. Charlie and Milford made me feel right at home.

-John Flight time radio