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We're building an airplane, in a garage (!) but it's not just another tired old airplane. This is Synergy, the beginning of the future.
We're building an airplane, in a garage (!) but it's not just another tired old airplane. This is Synergy, the beginning of the future.
799 backers pledged $95,627 to help bring this project to life.

Word from the birthing ward: mama and baby doing well... please stand by.


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Synergy Hat Choices for Backers


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Team Synergy at Oshkosh

Hello to everyone from AirVenture in Oshkosh WI, where Synergy is a featured guest of EAA in the Innovations Hangar South. John Paul and I are presenting all week in the forums, tech center, on the radio, and at special events including AeroInnovate. It's a nine day, 18 hours a day workweek, and completely exhausting!

Just prior to our departure, some of the Kickstarter rewards arrived and we brought them with us to the booth. Many backers have already stopped by to meet us, chat, and receive their hats and mugs. As soon as we get home in the first couple days of August we'll ship out what we can. This is our seventh annual trip to the epicenter of US Aviation, and is on the schedule every year as the key commitment of our development of the aircraft, its technologies, and its opportunities. 

This year we felt its timing more acutely than normal as we were barely getting back to work, but man, what a show stopper Synergy is here, where the most passionate and enthusiastic airplane nuts in the world are to be found by the thousands. When we finally do arrive in the full scale aircraft, it will be a seminal moment. Our first presentation at 10AM opening day was standing room only. 

I'm sure J is not alone, but let's take this opportunity to adjust our expectations. It takes weeks and months of effort to do the work that results in a few days of forward construction progress: the photos we occasionally post on our Facebook page to keep our many pre- and post-Kickstarter supporters in the loop come in bunches every few months. That's just how it is and how it has always been. For the most part, the first 90% of the work is programming and cutting with the CNC machine and doing detailed solid modeling in the computer. 

I like seeing shots of that stuff as much as anyone, but there are only two people doing that part right now, and it takes a very significant amount of time (while holding the twenty or so active thoughts involved in the work itself) to create, collect, describe, and post updates of that type. It is truly a major distraction and we must limit it to the available time for it. Right now, there is nothing to see, but we're going full steam ahead on several fronts. Minor posts are made as frequently as time allows, and we try to introduce people working in the shop and some of the things we're doing on our Facebook page. 

Recently a lightning storm destroyed a computer system we use for the CNC machine, so priorities had to be shifted around a bit and a different handful of the seemingly infinite jobs we have to do got done instead. As our resident jarhead likes to say: Improvise, adapt, and overcome! Work starts again in five hours, so that's all for now. Watch for a survey of reward preferences soon; some of you may have an option. Thanks, Kickstarters! The 'engine is running' and it's going to make some noise. We just won't be able to communicate all that well in the meantime. You wanted us to get busy, and we're BUSY!
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Thanks to our backers, Synergy is back to work and making dust!

Although we're still a week or two away from actually having any of the money (Amazon holds the funds for two weeks, and the transfer itself can take five business days), we wanted to let everyone know how much we truly appreciate the incredible support we've received. Every single pledge counts with us and we're grateful to be able to continue the project. 

All but $7355 of the original pledges were successfully collected, making the direct revenue total to the project roughly $80,000 after fees, assuming most backers used a credit card. After reward fulfillment costs, we'll still be able to run long shifts all summer long to reach our project goal.

While managing something like five hundred emails a day, due to the extraordinary global press our project received (the video was seen more than 36,000 times on Kickstarter alone), we were still able to get started on programming the next few parts and cutting the lower wing center section mold, which we'll need to put Synergy on its mains and begin connecting all the pieces.  As things get a little crazier we'll definitely try to post pictures and updates here, but if the news seems slow in coming from us it just means we're busy, busy, busy! Be sure to follow all the latest news and updates on our Facebook page and website, and be sure to say hi if you see us at Oshkosh (mark your calendars for next year!)

With gratitude for this opportunity,

Team Synergy

700 backers get behind our final push

With "hours" to go, Kickstarter certainly has our full attention here at the fledgling Synergy Aircraft Works. From every corner of the globe, people have reached out to support this project.

Now it comes down to the clock. One day's Kickstarter results can mean a productive month in the shop (!!!) but our coming up far short of the stretch goal could mean that the time we'll need to capitalize and the time we need to build don't get along very well. 

Dedicated funds mean effective planning and efficient work, and we want Synergy at Oshkosh next year!  The next two days will have a huge bearing on how that comes together.

Thanks again to everyone for your impressive and generous support! 

A few newer links are below, including a Podcast interview on Flighttime Radio, where I once again prove I'm just an edjumacated hillbilly who grew up waterskiing on the Lake of the Ozarks. Charlie and Milford made me feel right at home.

-John Flight time radio