Funded! This project was successfully funded on June 4, 2012.

    1. Missing_small

      Creator Chris Petrella on August 1, 2013

      Thank you for sending me the T Shirts and everything. I am very happy! My 11 year old son is very excited about this project and he follows the project on the internet. He is even trying to build a version of the Aircraft on his MineCraft server!!!

    2. John.small

      Creator John McGinnis on June 10, 2013

      Mr. Wiles, we received your response to our request for size and address in our email previously. When we get your address, we'll send your shirt, along with our gratitude for your support. This final effort was launched a couple of weeks ago, so you'd have been contacted again. All backers expecting a shirt will get theirs soon.

    3. Beastie.small

      Creator Keith W on June 9, 2013

      Mr McGinnis, you expect me to send you my address in the survey, but I have yet to be given a survey to fill out.

      If I had answered this survey then I would see that response on my selection on the KS web page. If you had been waiting for me to send you my address then you could have sent me a private email via KS as you have my backer name/email, no?

      Your response to anyone that even comes close to saying something negative about this project has always been met with you giving them a piece of your mind or being condescending in your response.

      You stated on Jan 14th you wanted to apologize for the T-shirt debacle plus you felt it was a major embarrassment. Then I wait until June 9th (almost 4 months later, more then a year of the end of the kickstarter) to question your project and then you decide to response in a very negative way.

      I make a comment about how disappointed I am in your handling of this KS project and you then slam me for something you failed to do.

      I see now that you appear too arrogant or feel you are above us mere backers to even send out a 30 second email. You failed the first rule of KS communication and communicate with the backers, which seems to be beneath you in some way or you can not respond with a reasonable tone to a backer statement.

      It would have been better to respond with 'The surveys go out next week and sorry for not telling everyone sooner', but you chose to accuse me of something I could not have done without the survey.

      I do believe in the Synergy Aircraft and I hope it does succeed, but I do not believe in you as an effective communicator or your ability to handle this KS project correctly.

      I will not respond again on this public thread; if you want to continue via private email you should know my email address as I am a backer of 'Synergy Aircraft' (not you).

    4. John.small

      Creator John McGinnis on June 8, 2013

      Well, Mr. W, how nice of you. Your XL shirt is right here, but you never bothered to provide an address.

      Most backers told us, in the clearest possible terms, please spend your time building this airplane. That is what we have done, and with the arrival of our interns it has finally become possible to take care of the last of our Kickstarter obligations. Those who need a shirt or their package with a shirt, need to respond to the final survey Bailey will send next week. There are still a number of backers who have not answered the request.

      I will be shipping your shirt when we receive your information, along with your contributed $50 plus interest. I care a great deal about the backers, especially those who clearly could use a brighter spot in their day.

    5. Beastie.small

      Creator Keith W on June 8, 2013

      Well I thing this KS project is a bit of a disappointment IMO. I would have loved to sport my T-Shirt and be able to tell people I helped back that project with pride.

      Seeing as I believe I will never get my T-Shirt and be able to say with pride I helped. IMO this was a very bad project and I will never back another one like this unless they can really show me they care about the $95K they got from KS and the backers.

      I feel Mr McGinnis does not care about the backers and thinks we were a great place to take some free money from then just forget about us!

      Thanks for nothing!

    6. Phil.small

      Creator Phil T Tipp on June 5, 2013

      Keep on truckin'! Hope one day I'll be able to put one in the hangar :o) Best of luck!

      ps: No sight of my shirt yet - any ideas?

    7. N573047134_1061978_8287.small

      Creator Ian Faubert on April 23, 2013

      Was super excited to see this project on the cover of my most recent issue of PopSci. Can't wait to see the finished product!

    8. John.small

      Creator John McGinnis on January 14, 2013

      Along with those who have been patiently waiting for their shirts until now, and for the same reason, some of our most generous donors are still waiting for their package rewards... and if I've abused the patience of these most generous backers I'd like to apologize.

      I've held the view that most people wouldn't have the slightest interest in 'wearing their Synergy credentials with pride' if the project they were supporting failed to move forward.

      So, despite any political cost to myself, I feel strongly that my responsibility to backers is to deliver the actual innovation they are backing, not merely the rewards that helped make it attractive.

      Sometimes 'the doctor would love to come out' and personally reassure the expectant family that the two hour labor they came for will still happen in six, but when he has his hands full, using his experience to first protect his patients, it's best not to worry. It doesn't help. All is well here but we certainly do have our hands full!

      It might not seem 'that important' to everyone, but please be assured that every decision in this project- including the painful one to ignore you guys when absolutely necessary- has allowed us to keep our focus on the task at hand.

      Backers have been given an update on all of this, and once again, on behalf of all of us here, thank you for your support.

    9. John.small

      Creator John McGinnis on January 13, 2013

      Apologies, Chris, but I'm only a phone call, email or message away. "These guys" can't be out of business as they are not yet "in business". I am unable to write in response right now but I will post when I get home. Your goodie bag is missing a shirt or you'd have it by now. Our priority has been on the project.

    10. Missing_small

      Creator Chris Petrella on January 13, 2013

      ok I give. Are these guys still in business?
      I kicked in $250. No postcard, no hat, no mug, no communication. Off all the projects I backed so far, this is the absolute worst when it comes to keeping promises and communications.

    11. Missing_small

      Creator Caleb Ziebold on November 30, 2012

      While I'm really looking forward to sporting the sleek design of Synergy on my head; I'm looking forward even more to seeing the sleek design in full scale at AirVenture 2013, accompanied by demonstrated performance figures to hush the skeptics. If there's time in between building the dream by day and dreaming the dream by night, I choose option 1: Team Synergy icon logo US-made, black as my reward.

    12. John.small

      Creator John McGinnis on November 18, 2012

      To all, the shirt situation was twice delayed by graphic design contributors, and I regret to say that it's still not fully resolved. I do apologize for the lack of communication, but in the wake of unforeseeable events we interpreted your support to put the first priority on building the airplane, and it has been an around-the-clock effort that we are very proud of. Even though this wasn't a 'hey buy my T-shirt' project we could certainly have done much better. A full update on the amazing story is forthcoming for backers, with lots of exclusive content. A survey for those still waiting for their items (anyone getting a shirt or a shirt in combo with other items) will be forthcoming soon, and shipments will continue at that point. Thanks once again to all for your support.

    13. Beastie.small

      Creator Keith W on November 17, 2012

      I too have not gotten my shirt, can anyone explain the delay or lack of response?

    14. 1778668_12_1afd3b049da140f4bbc61998e97c6acb.small

      Creator Andrew Soderberg on October 27, 2012

      No shirt or VIP edition, US-made Synergy 'icon logo' hat yet :( Any idea on when mine will ship?

    15. Missing_small

      Creator Fredrik Alströmer on October 25, 2012

      Would love to hear some updates! How's your work coming along? Perhaps a quick youtube tour of the shop? :D

    16. John.small

      Creator John McGinnis on October 12, 2012

      Tom, the hat you picked proved more popular than we expected, and we had to reorder them. Yours actually arrived some time ago and should have shipped out. Please accept our apologies for the delay. We put your box with the hats that go out with the shirts. Unfortunately, we're still waiting for shirts.

      An update is coming soon; the short version is that we've made good progress in related areas but the months we lost to CNC damage forced a few changes in the order of our workflow. To anyone still waiting for their rewards (mostly our larger backers, who get a full package), please stand by.

    17. Ross%20arbuckle%20and%20his%20american%20eagle.small

      Creator Tom Arbuckle on October 12, 2012

      I'm looking forward to wearing my logo hat to start conversations about Synergy with whomever inquires. Received the preferences survey, expected Sept. shipment, but still no hat. Are the rewards shipping?

    18. 7_shockproofx.com_strallent.com_2bmx_2012.small

      Creator SHOCKPROOFX.COM™ on October 12, 2012

      I'm really excited on this aircraft!

    19. Missing_small

      Creator JD on August 25, 2012

      Any new updates?

    20. John.small

      Creator John McGinnis on July 24, 2012

      Hello to everyone from AirVenture in Oshkosh WI, where Synergy is a featured guest of EAA in the Innovations Hangar South. John Paul and I are presenting all week in the forums, tech center, on the radio, and at special events including AeroInnovate. It's a nine day, 18 hours a day workweek, and completely exhausting!

      Just prior to our departure, some of the Kickstarter rewards arrived and we brought them with us to the booth. Many backers have already stopped by to meet us, chat, and receive their hats and mugs. As soon as we get home in the first couple days of August we'll ship out what we can.

      This is our seventh annual trip to the epicenter of US Aviation, and is on the schedule every year as the key commitment of our development of the aircraft, its technologies, and its opportunities. This year we felt its timing more acutely than normal as we were barely getting back to work, but man, what a show stopper Synergy is here, where the most passionate and enthusiastic airplane nuts in the world are to be found by the thousands. When we finally do arrive in the full scale aircraft, it will be a seminal moment. Our first presentation at 10AM opening day was standing room only.

      I'm sure J is not alone, but let's take this opportunity to adjust our expectations. It takes weeks and months of effort to do the work that results in a few days of forward construction progress: the photos we occasionally post on our Facebook page to keep our many pre- and post-Kickstarter supporters in the loop come in bunches every few months. That's just how it is and how it has always been.

      For the most part, the first 90% of the work is programming and cutting with the CNC machine and doing detailed solid modeling in the computer. I like seeing shots of that stuff as much as anyone, but there are only two people doing that part right now, and it takes a very significant amount of time (while holding the twenty or so active thoughts involved in the work itself) to create, collect, describe, and post updates of that type. It is truly a MAJOR distraction and we must limit it to the available time for it. Right now, there is nothing to see, but we're going full steam ahead on several fronts. Minor posts are made as frequently as time allows, and we try to introduce people working in the shop and some of the things we're doing on our Facebook page.

      Recently a lightning storm destroyed a computer system we use for the CNC machine, so priorities had to be shifted around a bit and a different handful of the seemingly infinite jobs we have to do got done instead. As our resident jarhead likes to say: Improvise, adapt, and overcome!

      Work starts again in five hours, so that's all for now. Watch for a survey of reward preferences soon; some of you may have an option. Thanks, Kickstarters! The 'engine is running' and it's going to make some noise. We just won't be able to communicate all that well in the meantime. You wanted us to get busy, and we're BUSY!

    21. Missing_small

      Creator Jack on July 23, 2012

      Is it just me? I was excited to be part of the funding of this project and was looking forward to somewhat regular updates on the status of the development of Synergy.
      The last update was a business style summary of the collected funds and, in addition to this, I have received a personal thank you message. Great.

      However, part of the 'kick' is to see the money at work, so to speak. Disappointment, seems to strong of a statement, yet I would like to see and hear how the funds had been or will be put to good use and when, we as the backers, could see some results or progress updates.

      To that affect, could I please ask the Synergy project team for a project and status update on how development is progressing, please?

      If I have missed previous updates or news flashes, accept my applogies.

      Thanks, Jack

    22. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Karoliina Salminen on July 6, 2012

      Are you going to fly it to Oshkosh 2013? Want to see it there.

    23. Missing_small

      Creator Tig Gilliam on June 4, 2012

      Congratulations Synergy Team! This is going to be fun... and you have a chance to change the world! I can't wait to see what is next !! As a pilot, I am ready to put down my deposit for the first wave of production aircraft... just tell me when!

    24. 7_shockproofx.com_strallent.com_2bmx_2012.small

      Creator SHOCKPROOFX.COM™ on June 4, 2012

      Congratulations! The Future Starts Here! **

    25. 7_shockproofx.com_strallent.com_2bmx_2012.small

      Creator SHOCKPROOFX.COM™ on June 4, 2012

      Congratulations! The Future Stars Here!

    26. 69837_1512355842025_1028264677_31177785_1013361_n.small

      Creator Aiman Al-Khazaali on June 4, 2012

      Congrats on making your goal. Looks like a cool project, and hopefully not the last aircraft design to be on Kickstarter! Would be great to see you guys at EAA Airventure or SAF in Florida someday.

    27. Missing_small

      Creator Ken Freeland on June 4, 2012

      797 backers!!!!!Your sexy white plane is gonna look like the sleath with all those names. Now its time to rock and roll! Congrats John. Lets bring it in!

    28. John.small

      Creator John McGinnis on June 3, 2012

      OK, folks, with three hours left we're five grand short of six figures. There's great value and satisfaction in getting there, even though we're obviously not going to make our stretch goal this time.

      Come on, Kickstarters, we can do it! There are still six bronze castings available... what will they be worth someday?

    29. Missing_small

      Creator xjalbritton on June 3, 2012

      Congrats on making your kickstarter goal. I donated simply as a thanks for the superb education you are providing me via the excellent thread at, but of course, I'd love to see your goals realized, as well. I am not a pilot but have worked heavily on software for the computer side of simulators for many years. Synergy may just change that.

    30. Missing_small

      Creator JOSEP TRIAS on June 2, 2012

      I am looking forward to flight one of them soon. It make sense all the aerodinamics suggested to lower induced drag. Good luck on the project. Exited to seen it flying very soon and wondering who will be the first test pilot.

    31. Hd14.small

      Creator Jose M. Font on June 2, 2012

      FYI, some people find the project interesting but don't want to go through the "hassle" of signing up to Amazon to make a donation to the project... especially for smaller amounts. It is only an idea but what about suggesting to existing donors to act as "bundlers" for the last few hours - collect cash or commitments from people that they know who are interested & want to support the project and then make the "bundled" contribution to Synergy? Just a thought.

    32. Missing_small

      Creator Paul Carlton on June 2, 2012

      To sate our unbridled curiosity and keep us intrigued, offer a subscription to a Synergy Builder's Diary website. Say $30/month gives you access to captioned photos and tantalizing technical tidbits about the birth of Synergy. Kind of an aeronautical fan dance (turbofan dance?). Shake it, John!

    33. John.small

      Creator John McGinnis on June 2, 2012

      Laurie, you've touched on what this demonstration is all about. Yes, the preparatory work involved a full range of applications and designs. Synergy represented the best embodiment we could reasonably create successfully ourselves. Once its character, performance, and efficiencies are fully documented, the questions we have raised (about why present preliminary design methods do not arrive directly here on their own) can be finally answered without incurring another fifty year setback for debate over the fundamentals of the applied science. Many future aircraft will hopefully build upon these lessons.

    34. Missing_small

      Creator Laurie Nuzzo on June 2, 2012

      This is the first truly revolutionary Kickstarter I've seen. I hope this works ( and I have enough dough to buy one when it comes out!).

      That said, have you modeled a much larger plane ..say 100 passengers with this configuration? Would love to see the projected efficiencies at that scale.

    35. John.small

      Creator John McGinnis on June 1, 2012

      Most of our backers don't specify their city right up front, so it's hard to see the whole picture, but here's a feel for where our support is resonating outside the fifty states! Thank you to all our international backers!

      Christchurch, New Zealand
      Central, Hong Kong
      Venice, Italy
      Bautzen, Germany
      Belo Horizonte, Brazil
      Gothenburg, Sweden
      Montpellier, France
      Perth, Australia
      Limburg, Netherlands
      Munich, Germany
      Auckland, New Zealand
      Corozal District, Belize
      Sydney, Australia
      Espoo, Finland
      Poplar, United Kingdom
      Wellington, New Zealand
      Kiev, Ukraine
      Zaandijk, Netherlands
      Trondheim, Norway
      Perth, Australia
      Jerusalem, Israel
      ACT, Australia
      Reading, United Kingdom
      Selby, United Kingdom
      Paris, France
      Mexico City, Mexico
      York, United Kingdom
      Antwerp, Belgium
      Zurich, Switzerland
      Edmonton, Canada
      Brisbane, Australia
      Peterlee, United Kingdom
      Moscow, Russia
      Petah Tikva, Israel
      Guangzhou, China
      Copenhagen, Denmark
      Ede, Netherlands
      Tarifa, Spain
      Cairns, Australia
      Toronto, Canada
      Melbourne, Australia
      Cardiff, United Kingdom
      Bangalow, Australia
      London, United Kingdom
      Western Springs, New Zealand

    36. Felix.small

      Creator Alan Roireau on May 31, 2012

      Hey, you need to see how other kickstarters do it when they reach their goal. They change their front page and put in their new STRETCH goal. Putting any new pics on the front also helps. We want to give you the most you can get so please do some marketing of rhe new goal and what people backers will get if you make this new goal. You may have several stratch goals but I think with the time left, just go for one

    37. John.small

      Creator John McGinnis on May 31, 2012

      A nice article published in AOPA quoting Mark Moore, Senior aerospace engineer at NASA Langley Research Center, who is a big fan and supporter of the project. Like anyone else who'd like to keep their job, there are certain things our friends in the industry are not exactly at liberty to say, but it's nice to know they're rooting for us!…

    38. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Michal Margolien on May 31, 2012

      Wow! That would be awesome to have it in X-Plane!

    39. John.small

      Creator John McGinnis on May 31, 2012

      Pending release of options or improvements to X-Plane in areas involving wing joining, span efficiency calculation, constructive interference, and blocked-body mass flow calculation, we'd love to release a relatively accurate (closed thermodynamic) Synergy model for the X-Plane platform. (Synergy presents virtually all of the rare conditions that cause X-Plane's ordinarily high fidelity simulation to be modestly inaccurate, and since there are no other 'open thermodynamic' aircraft to benefit from such fundamental flight modeling refinement, we can expect a minor wait. Austin is a fan, however, and like all of us is anxious for exact, validated data from which to assess our strategic options.)

      Nothing against FSX, which doesn't calculate flight physics directly; we can give it a spreadsheet to read and we'd love to hear from qualified developers under binding NDA... even though no public release will be made until preliminary flight testing is complete.

      As reward it's all way too late, I'm afraid. :-( Great idea though!

    40. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Karl Hoenshel on May 30, 2012

      In one of the videos, you are sitting at a flight simulator. Do you have an FSX expansion that you use to simulate the Synergy? If so, have you thought about releasing it as a pledge reward, even if you have to wait until the completion of the project to release it (for disclosure reasons)?

    41. Missing_small

      Creator Jim McCoy on May 29, 2012

      Helping Synergy beyond its modest Kickstarter base funding level is a good thing.

      John's work is a very worthy investment. His game changing dream, brilliant work and dedicated team can make a meaningful difference on a small planet running low on dirty, cheap fuels and help reduce the fouling of our own nest. We need more thinking and action like this. Efficiency matters big.

      Synergy could be John McGinnis' major disruption of subsonic aerodynamics, thought well understood for over half a century. While some aerodynamicists scratch their chins and gnaw around the fringes of John's solid logic, he's building a real breakthrough machine. Step function improvement in fuel efficiency without sacrificing speed or load carrying capability is a holy grail just plain hard for conventional thinking to accept. ...Until full scale Synergy flies and opens a lot of eyes.

      Innovation is alive and thriving in general aviation. This is true home grown inventive genius with serious purpose.

    42. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Jeff Craighead on May 28, 2012

      Don't think I'll make it to AirVenture this year, but if you bring the prototype to Sun 'N Fun '13 I'll take you up on the ride. :)

    43. 7_shockproofx.com_strallent.com_2bmx_2012.small

      Creator SHOCKPROOFX.COM™ on May 28, 2012

      Hi John! Congratulations! I hope to see Synergy on the Sales Floor(-:

    44. 7_shockproofx.com_strallent.com_2bmx_2012.small

      Creator SHOCKPROOFX.COM™ on May 28, 2012

      Hi John! After doing hours and hours of research, I finally came to a conclusion that your Synergy Aircraft has the potential to become the Standard of Future Aeronautical Design. I can envision the future when my Company Logos are all over this Aircraft. Let's put this into Production, so we can all buy it! More Power & Congratulations! -- F. STRALLENT

    45. Missing_small

      Creator John Knox on May 28, 2012

      I am so excited to be able to make a contribution to Synergy. Supporting Synergy feels like an investment in my future!

    46. John.small

      Creator John McGinnis on May 27, 2012

      Jacob, we have to respond to the market demand for this product. Whether we build all the kits or just prove out the production process (for contracted production) remains to be seen, and is a function of the core competencies of our growing team and the capital we can bring to the endeavor early in the decision making process. Both options are acceptable and accord with our overall strategy, which is to empower further rapid development in aeronautics.

    47. Missing_small

      Creator Jacob Dowling on May 26, 2012

      beyond this proof of concept, what is the end goal? do you plan on turning this into a kit plane for sale or manufacture these yourself?

    48. Missing_small

      Creator jkoenig on May 25, 2012

      Congratulations John and the entire Synergy Team! I am so happy for you and, the new prospects your project brings to the aviation community. With nine days to go, it will be awesome to reach your new goal and, I will not be surprised if your new goal is met and exceded. Again, congratulations!

    49. Missing_small

      Creator Emily on May 25, 2012

      Congratulations! 9 Days left and funding reached. I'm excited to be able to help you out on such an amazing project. Good Luck!

    50. John.small

      Creator John McGinnis on May 25, 2012

      Lars, before I started Synergy design work I had invented and applied for patent on a novel stall prevention method, based largely upon the observed behaviors of this class of aircraft. While it is too early to comment on whether the desired character will be obtained for this prototype, the fundamentals are promising. Many of the aircraft I have designed according to this teaching will neither stall nor spin in physical simulation, and low speed handling has been superb.

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