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CA$ 2,496 pledged of CA$ 29,000 goal
By Launch Designworks
CA$ 2,496 pledged of CA$ 29,000 goal

Hockey World Blog: Launch Skates Looking to Change Holders

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Thanks to any new backers!  Your interest and support are greatly appreciated.

The popular Hockey World Blog just posted an article about Launch Skates.

"Launch skates is introducing a new product, via their kickstarter campaign, that hopes to get consumers to swap out their holders for their new holders. These new holders harness kinetic energy and springs in order to help propel the skater faster" . . . read more

Great post by The Hockey Network sharing the Launch Skates Kickstarter project to all THN Fans

The Hockey Network tonight just shared the Launch Skates Kickstarter project link to its 37,890 Fans on Facebook!  Thanks for all the support!

"Help this Kickstarter campaign reach its funding goal, these things look pretty cool!"

Large product design firm names Launch Skates in Top 5 coolest products

It's always great to hear positive reviews of the Launch Skates, and even better when one comes from a notable product design and engineering firm.  

"We’ve also come across a number of innovative product ideas that probably had many inventors thinking, “boy why didn’t I think of that”! Whenever we share these creative inventions with the Design 1st team, the industrial designers and mechanical engineers usually toss ideas around on how it's manufactured and what would make it better. Lately we keep discovering new inventions and gadgets that we feel we must share, here’s a list of the Top 5 coolest ones we’ve found!"  read more

Popular Canadian Hockey Blog following Launch Skates

There has been a lot of press for Launch Skates, which is greatly appreciated - including another detailed and very positive post by Hockey-Blog-in-Canada-Blogspot last night.  Read the full post here.

Launch Skates continues on Kickstarter's Popular Projects list.  Please tell a friend - or two!

Thanks for your support.

On Kickstarter's Popular Projects list Day 2!


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