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UnDungeon is a beautiful and complex Action/RPG pixelart game with a rich background, immersive story and seven unique characters.
UnDungeon is a beautiful and complex Action/RPG pixelart game with a rich background, immersive story and seven unique characters.
4,603 backers pledged €95,519 to help bring this project to life.

Undungeon 1st demo is here!

Posted by Laughing Machines (Creator)

Hi, Heralds! 

As always, Ri Ra, the game designer, is speaking. Today, the Shift is one step closer - the 1st Undungeon demo is finally here! But first I would like to convey a few essential things that are important for understanding the current situation with both the demo and the game as a whole.

If you are familiar with one of the previous updates, then you know that we are not satisfied with the current quality of some systems, and also parted with the programmer responsible for most of the project code relatively recently. To remedy the situation, we are planning to rework the combat system and AI (and some related things which are 50% of the game code) from scratch with a new team of programmers. Rework starts right after this update. So after a few months of development, we plan to release a 2nd demo - forged with new tools, reworked & improved. There is a plan to post a roadmap for it in one of the upcoming updates.

The current version is pre-alpha \ tech demo. It is raw, buggy, not very user-friendly, but playable. The main reason for the release of this demo is our desire to show you that the game exists and we are working on it tirelessly. The goal is to show backers the current state of the game, so you can understand our decision to cut&rewrite. Backers have been waiting for a very long time and deserve to see the result. On the other hand, it is too early to show the current version to a wide audience. For this reason, we ask you to keep from streaming and uploading this version of the demo to the Internet. Of course, it's up to you to decide to do so or not.

Ignifers: upcoming fraction of ever-burning people
Ignifers: upcoming fraction of ever-burning people


You may wonder why we didn't wait a little bit longer finalizing the problematic aspects of the game and releasing the demo after that? The answer is simple and again lies in the code aspect - the basis of our current system was written by a single kamikaze (our only member who decided to work remotely), and therefore it is complicated to expand or maintain this Frankenstein in a healthy state. Now, we have a team of 2 programmers (and are actively looking for another one!) who have spent the last two months fixing & improving this demo. The old code slows down the speed of their work essentially and makes it impossible to put a sober estimate on the related tasks. In this situation, we want to move on to the next stage of development as soon as possible and no longer waste time correcting things that will be affected by the upcoming rework anyway. So here is a current (tech) version of Undungeon!

There is also a pleasant side. During the Kickstarter campaign, 4,603 people supported us. And we would like to thank each of them for their confidence in us at the beginning of the journey and for their patience throughout this time. Therefore, this demo will be available to the backers of all levels - not just starting from the Ranger Level. All of you have been waiting long enough and deserve to see the progress. Also, we will be able to collect much more feedback from players this way.

Variations of banshee: upcoming enemy
Variations of banshee: upcoming enemy


So the demo includes the tutorial and the main part. And if you are unlikely to have problems with training, then it is worth giving a few explanations about the main part. As for the structure, the demo is similar to the planned release version of Undungeon, but very simplified. Local levels are made by hand without procedural interferences in this version (to avoid multiplication of related pathfinding & AI bugs). Also, most of the items that you will collect can be used only to trade and to “feed” your Core. Custom interactions and mechanics for them will come later.

The Herdsman & his herd: upcoming NPC
The Herdsman & his herd: upcoming NPC


After selecting a character, you will find yourself on a generated global map and be able to choose a location to start your journey. As in the full game, your main goal is to “wake up” the Core to gain the opportunity to do something with the Shift phenomenon. The Herald comes to Earth as a newborn, not knowing anything about the world and surrounding creatures. To “wake up” the Core, the Herald must gradually form its personality, traveling the world and making a variety of difficult decisions.

Undungeon uses the alignment system to represent Herald’s character and his decisions. In the full version, alignments will gain character some bonuses and also affect the available endings. But in the demo, you just need to gain 5 alignment points in total. See what happens!

So our basic advice: just study locations, meet characters, trade, and fight - these actions will bring you closer to the final goal of “activating” the Core. After this, the Core will open the place of the last ceremony. If, nevertheless, you feel lost, talk to the Mysterious Stranger in the hat that awaits the Herald by almost every portal.

New decorations class: Living creatures melted with the environment by the Shift
New decorations class: Living creatures melted with the environment by the Shift


A few words about the Core, which every Herald carries, for whom the Core is at the same time the heart, the battery, the engine, and the stomach... By endowing the Herald with powerful abilities, the Core gradually spends the stock of stored energy and starts blocking Herald’s ability slots. If it is completely empty - the Herald dies. Fortunately, the Core can transform matter into energy and absorb it feeding itself. Fortunately, any object encountered in the game can be "fed" to the Core (be careful with quest items!).


And… That's all that we had to tell. This stage was the most difficult for us for all the development time and, to be honest, we are exhausted. Now, the team takes a short respite and then proceeds to the rework. Despite all his harshness, a tremendous amount of effort, time and emotions were invested in this demo. Laughing Machines sincerely hope that all of you will evaluate the result and will wait with us for the next iteration.

P.S. This demo is for Windows\PC only. We still will support Win\Mac\Linux, but we can't waste a month more to make a stable builds for this platforms for now. Because rework is awaits!

P.P.S. We are gathering feedback via the Survey form. Feel free to ask questions and propose suggestions or constructive criticism.

P.P.S. Where is the demo? While you are reading these lines, you might have already received a link via your mail. Or it will come very soon. If you still didn’t receive it - check spam folder or contact us from the email address used on Kickstarter or for pre-order.


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    1. David Coffey on

      No link to the demo - backer 4128. Thanks

    2. Drake on

      Thanks very very much!!

    3. Laughing Machines Creator on

      @Piotr Nowakowski
      @Stefan Musat
      Plz contact us via: so we can send you a link.

    4. Piotr Nowakowski on

      Hi. I have not received the email either.
      Any chance of getting my hands on the demo as well?

    5. Missing avatar

      Stefan Musat on

      Hi guys, I did not received the email with the link to the demo. Can you please send it again to my email address?

      Thank you,

    6. Andre on

      No problem Joshua. I am curious to know how it works for you.

    7. Laughing Machines Creator on

      @Karl Roosa
      We don't see the letter on your behalf. Plz try again a bit later or PM us here.

    8. Karl Roosa on

      I still haven't gotten the e-mail with the link.
      I did send an email to Laughing Machines about it.

    9. chan kwon on

      Thanks and lots of love to you guys.

    10. Joshua Borlase

      Thanks Andre!

    11. Laughing Machines Creator on

      @Maarten Roex
      Sent it to our programmers.
      Plz contact us via email, we will try to help.

    12. Ludens on

      Great work so far guys! Can't wait to see the future changes. Already looking forward to Demo2. Keep it up!

    13. Andre on

      Martin. That is strange. for me the executable is just UnDungeon. No - Unity or any of that other stuff. It runs well for me. Not sure what is going on. Go to the executable's properties/ general tab and delete the - Unity 2018.2.0f2_787658998520 part just leaving UnDungeon and save the change. See if that works.

    14. Andre on

      Hi Joshua. As I made the suggestion to some one using Linux. You should not let it being Windows only deter you from trying it. I have run many windows programs and games on Linux and Mac using Wine(linux) and Wine Bottler using Mac.

      No reason why it would not work in this case and it is worth a shot.

    15. Joshua Borlase

      I’m a Mac backer and I totally support your decision to NOT create a Mac demo. I see that you are putting effort into this project and I would rather that energy be productive for all our sakes. Keep going you are doing good!

    16. Maarten Roex on

      Hey guys, Thanks for the demo!

      I just downloaded it, unzipped it and tried to run, but ...nothing happens? After I click the Undungeon.exe I see a quick flash of some kind of splashscreen and that's it.

      I managed to grab a screenshot but I cannot post it here.

      the application is named :

      UnDungeon - Unity 2018.2.0f2_787658998520


    17. Marquise Elliott on

      Thanks for the update bro! Gonna download as son as I get home from work

    18. Missing avatar

      Steve on

      Downloading now, excited to take a peek! Thanks for the update and the transparency on your dev process.

    19. Andre on

      It is what I used

    20. Andre on

      Windows 8/10 should have a native program that unzips it. However, if not then 7zip will be able to do it.

    21. Missing avatar

      Hugo on

      The demo is a win zip and I can't open it without buying something, how do I get around this?

    22. Kilvaras on

      Hello tehre!
      I've been waiting for a demo for so long! I'm seriously happy to try it!

      Since you've signed up with a publisher and so on, is it possible to do a stream showing the demo?

      Many thanks!

    23. Andre on

      addendum. I have to correct my comment. the link they posted was to a screen shot not the actual download. My mistake. Ignore some of my ranting. :)

    24. Andre on

      *pre-alpha demo

    25. Andre on

      @laughing machines. Not sure if it was intentional but this update is public and you just shared a link to the demo.

      Now on to the good stuff. This is a alpha demo! There is so much there. Dialogue, story, music, items, and enemies all over the place. Full death animations and creature animations. Access to multiple characters and different worlds to explore. I am sure a lot of it is place holder (for testing) as far is the amount of items every where, and saw at least one item in Cyrillic (i think), every thing else was in English with no (major, if any) grammar or spelling errors that I noticed in my limited play time (15 minutes). I have not tested out the full functionality of every thing and how much of the game is in this demo....but it looks really fleshed out to me.

      For a game you are not too happy with I am impressed. As a proof of concept of what the game will be going forward it is a very good indicator of the things to come. The basic structure is there. Inventory UI, basic combat mechanics and dialogue tree, a fair amount of story writing all ready in place, full tutorial level that combines intro story, nice animations, full key board and controller support (only tested the mouse and key board). It works well and the key placements make sense and are comfortable.

      ha. I was going to make this less of a review of its current state but will do a more comprehensive one in the survey link given in the email when I get a chance to really test every thing out.

      thanks so much for sharing this with us and I am looking forward to the next demo phase and the game release.

    26. Daniel Serbicki on

      Thank you so much for your clear communication, and your utter transparency. In particular I find it striking that you are willing to admit that one reason you are releasing this to show how BAD your product is, and get community support for your decision to switch.

      That's smart, and respectful. Thank you.

    27. Missing avatar

      dimastty on

      email from developers (with link to alpha) was dumped to spam folder by gmail. So check yours iif you does not receive that mail.

    28. Andre on

      Oh.....other people saw his name as Alex to. He must have just changed it after I typed the message out. I thought I was imagining things.

    29. Laughing Machines Creator on - highlighted demo link.
      If you have not received the link, please contact us via email.

    30. Missing avatar

      Piotr Szczepanski on

      Alex they sent out a mail with the link.
      It would probably be safer and better to include the direct link to the ZIP on this page though...

    31. Andre on

      Not sure why I wrote Alex. Sorry.


    32. Andre on


      you will have received two emails. One from kickstarter announcing the update and another from the developers. It also announces the update but has a link to the demo download as well.

    33. Missing avatar

      EliteNotty on

      How do we get this demo? I don't see a download link in the update for it.

    34. Mardoch on

      Difficult choice to reckon with all that tech debt at this point in the process, but ultimately the right one. Hopefully as more systems get reworked new systems can be built and tested at a faster pace and everything gets easier.

      Good luck.

    35. Justin Harrelson on

      A few MORE months before we get another demo? For some reason i thought this thing was almost complete.