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Anodized Aluminium, Tangle Free Woven Cable and MFi Certification. It's the perfect match. Simply the cable Apple should have made!

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What is JUICIES+?

A simple cable is still is the best and easiest way to charge a device. So we used high quality materials to build a cable that matches our high-end devices. Our focus was on the core essence of what the product is supposed to be doing: Charging! Since we have to charge our phones every day, we really wanted to make sure that our cable gets the same nice look and feel. So we designed a cable that matches perfectly!

We were always fond of old world craftsmanship. It was important to us that our final product does not only look good, but also feels good from the first moment you touch it. We settled on a combination of recycled aerospace grade aluminum and flexible woven cables. It's awesome!

Now available in Gold to perfectly match the iPhone 5s!

Sandblasted Anodized Aerospace Aluminium

  • Same look and feel as your top of the line device.
  • Much stronger and more durable than a standard cable.
  • Thin connector housings that work with every case.
  • Very light. Just right!

Flexible Tangle Free Woven Cable

  • Much stronger, yet more flexible than standard cables.
  • The woven style is Tangle Free by Design.
  • Inner steel wire mesh shielding.
  • Simply looks and feels a thousand times better!

Certified Connector Parts 

Having manufactured USB cables previously, we know just how crucial original certified connector parts are. It guarantees a high production standard and continuous quality assurance testing. While this increases production time and total cost, we know that it is absolutely necessary to use original Apple MFi Lightning connectors. It ensures that a cable continues to work as expected, when updating the operating system on a device.

Lightning compatibility:
Works with every Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod with a Lightning connector. This includes the iPhone 5, 5C & 5S, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, iPod Nano and all new iOS devices. For an updated compatibility list click here.

Micro USB compatibility:
Works with every Smartphone and Tablet with a standard Micro USB Connector. This includes the Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 & S4, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC One, BlackBerry 10, LG Optimus, Sony Xperia, Nokia Lumia 920, 925 & 1020, Huawei Ascend and many more. For a extended list of compatible devices click here.

Technical Details and Charging Speed

  • While most USB cables are 3ft, we decided on a total cable length of 4ft. This additional foot ensures that you have just enough length to reach from wall plug to desktop or nightstand.
  • On the inside of the cable is a wire mesh. This makes the cable very strong and allows us to get the MFi certification even with the woven material on the outside.
  • The actual wires on the inside of the cable are rated for 4+ Amps! So no matter whether you are using a standard 12V car plug or a high-power 20 Watt wall outlet such as the one that comes with the iPad 4, your JUICIES+ cable allows for the fastest charge times possible.
  • The actual connector parts get an additional rubber overmold before being inserted into the aluminium housings. This ensures a perfect fit and protects from electrical interference.



Stretch Goals

  • Stretch Goal #1 is $120K: JUICIES+ Limited Edition in Gold - UNLOCKED!

Our Story

Back in early 2011 we started our first Kickstarter project to introduce colors to the world of charge and sync cables. It was way more difficult and took much longer than initially expected. But at the end of the day, we did manage to deliver a great product to all of our backers. 

While Laurens started the first Juicies Kickstarter project by himself, Hannes joined him shortly thereafter. Right now Laurens spends most of his time working from Honolulu, USA and Hannes is working from Bremen, Germany. Having known each other since childhood, we feel blessed to be working together now, despite it being mostly virtually due to the geographical distance. We founded Juicies together aiming to capture the power-related mobile accessory market!


Our inspiration for JUICIES+ came from materials that are not really common for power-related mobile accessories. We were initially looking at products like watches, jewelry and pens. Then we started looking at high quality headphones and audio cables that are used in the music industry.

We totally fell in love with Kickstarter and its community during the roller coaster experience of our last project. We learned a lot from our previous mistakes; we are now excited to apply this new knowledge to the JUICIES+ project. We have been dealing with charging solutions for over three years now, and during this process we realized that there was still room for improvement. So with JUICIES+ we have decided to create the cable that Apple should have delivered! 

Where we are

  • Design – We finalized our spec sheets.
  • Manufacturer – We have established a great working relationship with our licensed contract manufacturer.
  • Process – We have already tried out various production processes and are figuring out what works best.
  • Costs – We set up a financial calculation based on the experience from our previous project and have addressed hidden costs.
  • Samples – We now have working samples and are ready to go to the next step.

Why we need you

  • MFi Lightning, Micro USB, Male USB - The components that make up the cable connectors.
  • Rubber Overmold – This makes the connectors more durable and resistant to interference.
  • Die Cast or Metal Injection Molds - To manufacture the awesome aluminium housings of JUICIES+ cables.
  • Tooling – We have to create custom tools for every part. Very expensive!
  • Manufacturing - The JUICIES+ look and feel is very important to us, so the actual production is a specialized series of steps.
  • Packaging – Concepts for packaging are in the works. You will be able to help us with this!
  • Shipping - Getting your JUICIES+ to you, wherever you are in the world.

So back our project and be part of the JUICIES+ Story!

Why Kickstarter?
We are a small team with a big vision. Kickstarter allows those who believe in what we're doing to help bring our dream to life by supporting our efforts. By backing the JUICIES+ Project on Kickstarter you enable us to put the JUICIES+ cables in your hands first!

Project Timeline
We have already completed our design and the first working prototypes. The funds we raise on Kickstarter will be used to pay for all of our tooling expenses, and to cover the minimum order requirements with our certified contract manufacturer. We will also use part of the funds for packaging, logistics and shipping so that we can get our product into your hands!

Estimated Production

  • September 25th - Order quantities are confirmed with manufacturer.
  • October 5th - Certified MFi Lightning connectors are ordered from Apple.
  • October 20th - Packaging design is finalized.
  • October 25th - Pre-production begins.
  • November 15th - First round of pre-production Micro USB cables completed.
  • November 25th - Full Production starts.
  • December 15th - Final product gets packaged and sent to our warehouse.
  • December 25th - Bulk product shipment to our backers begins.
  • January 31st - All rewards have been shipped!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

MFi Certification. The actual manufacturing process can take a while. Like other MFi accessory makers, we are dependent on Apple to provide us with production quantities of the actual MFi Lightning 8 pin connector. Our timeline is therefore partially dictated by Apple. We will do our best to push for a timely production.

Quality Control. We might make fun of ourselves here and there, but we are entirely serious when it comes to the quality of our products. There is always the risk that we won’t be satisfied with result of a final production sample. In that case, additional iterations or improvement of the manufacturing process might be necessary. This is a rather unlikely scenario; however, it could delay the manufacturing process.

We know that good communication and transparency is the key to an awesome and fun project. While unforeseen issues can always arise, we won’t be making the same mistakes twice. And if we do run into any problems along the way, our backers will be the first to know!


  • Once the project is successfully funded we will sent a survey via email, in which you will make your selection of rewards according to your pledge. Here you can choose you color and connector type.

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  • Just pick your desired reward(s) and add $5 to the cost while making the pledge, that’s it!

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  • Yes! Simply multiply your pledge level and then enter the correct amount. For example:
    3 x Early Bird at $15 each = $45 for a total of 3 JUICIES+ cables
    2 x Family Pack at $65 each = $130 for for a total of 8 JUICIES+ cables
    etc. If you are international make sure to add $5 once for the shipping cost.

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  • Gold was unlocked for ALL backers when we hit the $120K stretch goal! So simply choose ANY of the reward levels. Once closer to shipping we will sent a survey where you can choose your color and connector type.

    The actual wording of a reward level can't be changed once it has received at least one backer.

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  • Yes, absolutely! It's essential for the JUICIES+ Lightning Connector cables to be MFi certified in order for you to charge AND sync your Apple device. So yes, yes, yes. They are!

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