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Update #27

Juicies - T1 arrival

Hi all

In my last update I was waiting for the T1 samples and the color samples to be shipped to Hawaii. I am happy to inform you that I have received both of them in good condition.

First of all let me say that I really did feel some form of relief, as the quality of the samples is now very close to what I originally had in mind. Most of the colors are now spot-on when compared to the Pantone colors that are being used for the iPad Smart Covers and the iPhone Bumpers. The colors of the cable itself, the Dock Connector housing and the Stress Relief part are also matching nicely.

All T1 samples that I got are working properly with numerous devices including ALL iPhones, ALL iPod Touches, many older iPods, the iPad and iPad 2 and of course “The New iPad”. I have tested them many times and I have also done a lot of stress testing such as plugging them in and out over a thousand times (seriously, I counted! :-). In addition, all outer measurements of the Dock Connector housing and of the male USB housing are as specified. This is very important because it means that it is possible to use Juicies in combination with the original iPhone 4 Bumper Cases. This is also good since a lot of 3rd party audio accessories require you to fit your existing Dock Connector through a very tight opening.

BUT… there are still a few details, which have to be corrected:

1. The colors of all the cables itself are perfect. However, the orange, green and yellow Dock Connector housings seem a little translucent. It’s not something you notice immediately, but when paying close attention to it you will see it. It doesn't look that good, especially when held against the light. Sounds minor, but it is a rather big deal to me since these things are all about the color. And who wants to see the PCB (printed circuit board) shining through?

2. The USB logo and the Dock Connector logo have still not been printed on the housings. I called the manufacturer immediately after having received the T1 samples. They said they would take care of it right away. Basically, there is a top side and a bottom side to the housings (see the picture below). From all the research I have done, there seems to be no official standard for what to print on which side. It seems that most USB related cables have the specifying logo (i.e. the USB logo, the Dock Connector logo or the Thunderbolt logo, etc.) on the top side of the housing, so that when holding the cable you can see which way to plug it in. Any other logos or labels should therefore be on the bottom-side. With this in mind, we have decided to place the ever so slightly recessed Juicies Drop logo on the bottom-side. The specifying logo will be on the top side.

3. The cable imprint saying “Designed by Juicies in Hawaii   Assembled in China” has to be on the cable for import reasons. However, it should only be on each cable ONCE! There is no need to continuously print it all over the cable, which is unfortunately exactly what the cable supplier did for the T1 samples. I'm glad that this issue has already been corrected and the next batch of T1s will hopefully not need any further corrections.

Have a look at the pictures below with my comments. Once the above-mentioned issues have been resolved, we should be ready to deliver the high-quality product that I have been promising to all of you from the very beginning. Sending out sub-standard, low-quality cables is just not an option after all this time.

I hope this update was helpful to you. As always, I highly welcome all comments and suggestions. I want to thank everybody again for sending me messages and leaving comments. It means a lot to me to receive your words of encouragement.

With much Aloha from Honolulu!



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