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A tabletop roleplaying adventure game for enthusiasts of monster-catching, training, and battling!
A tabletop roleplaying adventure game for enthusiasts of monster-catching, training, and battling!
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September Progress Report: Hard Cover Updates and Scenes from the Wildlands!

Posted by Late Knight Games (Creator)

It's September, which means it's time for another Progress Report!

We’ll be using this update to discuss our progress with proofing the MajiMonsters Core Rulebook hard cover copy, our estimated timeline for shipping, and what you can expect moving forward.

The Core Rulebook Proofs

The Late Knights have received two hardcover proofs since we released the PDF version of MajiMonsters a month ago. These proofs have allowed us to clean up all the production errors we discovered, resulting in a beautiful, professional rulebook that has a natural place at the gaming table. You can see the graphic designer’s impressions from the first proof from the previous update, with his thoughts on the second proof in the video below.

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The second proof is close. So close. We discussed it, and we agreed we want to take a few more days to look it over, adding a final round of polish. We’re dedicated; we’ve seen this thing out this far, and we owe it to you and ourselves to ensure you’ve got the best possible product we can make. This means we’ll want to order one final (hopefully!) proof from our printer before we can order the hard covers to ship.

Final Reward Shipment Timeline

As mentioned in the video, it takes about a week turnaround time to make a change to the hard cover copy before the printer is ready for use to review it. Unfortunately, shipping adds to that time as well. Giving ourselves a week to review the last proof for any tiny errors, plus this turnaround time, means we likely won’t have the final proof in our hands until the last week of September.

Even if everything goes smoothly, it may take a couple weeks to print an order the size we’ll need to cover the rewards, plus the shipping time to us in Baltimore. Then, once we receive everything at our location, we’ll need to ship the books from where we’re at to where you’re at. That shouldn’t take nearly as long as printing, but it does add to the time. So, all said and done, we might not have the hard covers in our possession until mid to late October.

All of this depends on our printer’s workload. If their production schedule is light, it’s possible we could have everything before the end of September. It’s also possible they get busy and we get pushed back to even later. We just want to be realistic and transparent, so you all have reasonable expectations of when you’ll be receiving your rewards.

Here’s the good news: we’ve got stuff for everyone while you wait. The Knights have been busy with creating online content promised from the Kickstarter campaign. And you can get the first of this new content right now.

Scenes from the Wildlands

The first official new content for MajiMonsters is the series Scenes from the Wildlands. Each Scenes from the Wildlands packet includes an encounter you can run, a graphic map of the encounter area, read-aloud text and descriptions for the GM, as well as other fun things like what the results of the encounter lead to or treasure the party can find. You’ll need a copy of the Core Rulebook to use them, but new NPC binder stats (and new MajiMonster Bestiary entries!) will be included in an appendix if necessary.

We have three such Scenes from the Wildlands encounters ready now with another three in development. We’ll be releasing them once every other week for now to get the ball rolling. We’re focusing this initial batch Grade 1 and 2 encounters for 2 XP each.  

Click to download Drajule Altar from DriveThruRPG!
Click to download Drajule Altar from DriveThruRPG!


You can grab the first Scenes from the Wildlands encounter, Drajule Altar, by clicking the link above! These are completely free with a Pay What You Want option. We hope you enjoy it!

Scenes from the Wildlands isn’t the only supplement series we’re working on. In fact, there’s a couple various projects (and collaborations!) we’re working with for MajiMonsters, but we’re not ready to reveal those just yet. For now, we just want you to be aware we’ve got plenty lined up to support this product you’ve all helped create!

Hard Cover Pricing & Upgrade Options

When the hard cover version of the Core Rulebook does become available, we’ll release it to the public as a print-on-demand option through DriveThruRPG after we’ve shipped them to eligible backers (we want to make sure you guys get your copies first!)

The hard cover can be purchased for $49.99 + shipping, and anyone purchasing the hard cover can also get the PDF copy for only $5.00 additional.

We will be offering an “upgrade” link to anyone who purchased the PDF version of the Core Rulebook and wants to purchase the hard cover. This link provides the hard cover at a discount, so that your total purchase amount between the two equals $54.99 (before shipping). For instance, if you are a $25.00 backer and want to get a copy of the hard cover, you don’t have to spend another $50 to do so—your link will provide it to you for only $29.99. If you missed the Kickstarter and purchased the PDF online for its launch price of $27.99, your link will provide you a copy for only $27.00.

We’ll have more details once the hard covers are ready for the public.


Phew. Okay so, that was a lot. Rest assured, things are coming together. Hopefully we can get an update before the end of September with some more good news. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for alerts to new Scenes from the Wildlands encounters as well!

Till then!

Late Knight Games



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