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A tabletop roleplaying adventure game for enthusiasts of monster-catching, training, and battling!
A tabletop roleplaying adventure game for enthusiasts of monster-catching, training, and battling!
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August Progress Report: A Look Ahead!

Posted by Late Knight Games (Creator)

Well, it's been a crazy week since launch. In fact, it's been so crazy it hasn't technically been a full week yet, but it's felt like several!

Recent Core Rulebook Update

We've spent the time since launch fine tuning the Core Rulebook as we prepare for print; between this comb-through and your collected feedback, we've made an update to the digital file. You can log in to your DriveThruRPG library to get the latest version. The updates are mostly minor formatting changes, clarifications based on feedback, and a few grammar or spelling fixes. There are some mechanical changes based on feedback, but very few and nothing major.

The launch was a great success! With your help, MajiMonsters managed to hit #1 on DriveThruRPG’s Hottest Unique Systems category, and #5 OVERALL on Hottest Small Press! That’s quite an achievement. Give yourselves a pat on the back, you guys made it possible!

Thanks so much for your support! We're honored!
Thanks so much for your support! We're honored!

August Progress Report

The Late Knights continue to roll forward with our monthly Progress Reports until all the rewards have been fulfilled. With the digital release of MajiMonsters last Wednesday, we’ve got a lot to cover, so strap in!

Redeeming Rewards

If you haven’t received an email containing links to redeem your digital rewards, please let us know. We prefer you send us a direct message on Kickstarter, or email us at We will get you your personal links as soon as possible.

Rate MajiMonsters on DriveThruRPG!

Some of you have been kind enough to rate or review MajiMonsters and Echoes of the Lost Empire already on DriveThruRPG – we really appreciate it! If you like the game, please consider giving it a kind rating. A strong rating helps the product’s visibility, which ultimately helps us to continue to provide new content. It also makes our day!

Our Stance on Community-Created Content

Some of you are already enthusiastically making content for MajiMonsters! That’s fantastic. We want to go over our philosophy regarding this, with a few reminders on what’s OK and what isn’t.

Please feel free to share…

  • Your binder builds, MajiMonster builds, fan art, stories, and settings
  • Unique Monsters you’ve made, as well as unique techniques, traits, or relics
  • Materials you’ve created for the game such as tokens, terrain, custom character sheets, or supplements.

In general, you cannot post anything protected by our copyright online, or anything that subverts the use of the rulebook. This means you’re welcome to share a binder or MajiMonster build that references backgrounds, merits, abilities, traits, and techniques by name, but you cannot spell out the game text of those same backgrounds, merits, abilities, traits, or techniques. If you make up new game mechanics, like new traits, affinities, or techniques for instance, you are welcome to share!

If you share something, let us know! Here are some great places to share:

  • This Kickstarter campaign’s comments section (you’ll have to post a link in most cases)
  • Our Facebook Page, or post on Facebook with @majimonsters or #majimonsters
  • Our Twitter Page, or post on Twitter with @majimonsters or #majimonsters
  • We’ve had a fan create a MajiMonsters subreddit that might start getting some action now that the game is out!

Obviously, please do not share the digital copies of the materials online. We will pursue our copyright, and we don’t want to get tangled up in any messy lawsuits any more than you do!

Moving Towards Physical Release

We’ve cleared the Pre-Media phase with our printer, which means we can proof the hardcover copy of MajiMonsters and make any last minute edits before ordering. As we make these small changes to the print version, we’ll update the digital version as well. You may see emails notifying you of such, all you have to do is download a new copy from your DriveThruRPG library to have the most up-to-date version.

If you see an error in the documents, let us know! We’ve gone from 5 editors to over 300 in the past week. Even though we think this latest update is very tight, with so many new eyes on the products it's possible someone may catch something we’ve missed. Once we’ve given it enough time, we’ll make an order from the printer and will deliver the physical copies with the player’s kits. We’ll provide tracking information when this time comes. Our expectations are mid to late September for the physical copy delivery.

What Comes Next?

It’s hard to believe we’re actually thinking about it, after spending so long on this project! But yes, we do have plenty of things we’re ready to start (or are already in the process of!) working on.

The first thing we’ll be delivering is supplemental online content. Online content includes new MajiMonsters, traits, and relics. They’ll be available for download from DriveThruRPG as well. Anyone that pledged at the NOVICE tier or higher will be eligible for all supplemental online content at no charge, while others will be charged a very small fee for the material.

New content is already in the works!
New content is already in the works!

We’ll also be developing more adventures that build on the story established in Echoes of the Lost Empire. We hope to publish several more official adventures over the next couple years. We may be able to make more during this time starting different or “one-off” stories, but that will depend on time and assets.

Lastly, we may be developing physical supplemental items for MajiMonsters as well, similar to the tokens produced for the player’s kits. We’ve tossed around the ideas of building “technique decks” of cards for quick references to each technique, actual plastic miniatures of the Monsters, customized dice, battle mats, Game Master’s screens, and everything in between. Of course, these physical items that do not print on demand are much different undertakings, so we can’t make any promises here other than we’ll do what we can if we have the time and money to afford it.


We warned you this would be a big one! Thanks so much for your support. Till September!

Late Knight Games

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