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A tabletop roleplaying adventure game for enthusiasts of monster-catching, training, and battling!
A tabletop roleplaying adventure game for enthusiasts of monster-catching, training, and battling!
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MONSTERS. ARE. HERE. The Digital Rewards are Now Available!

Posted by Late Knight Games (Creator)

It's August!

We promised we’d have some exciting news for you this month, and we certainly do. The digital rewards for the campaign are now available! We’ve provided answers to questions you’ll likely have below; if we’ve overlooked something, or if you’re still confused, please reply in the comments.

What are the digital rewards?  

The digital rewards consist of the things we can get to you through the magic of technology. They include the PDF versions of the Core Rulebook and the first adventure, Echoes of the Lost Empire, as well as commissioned art pieces for custom MajiMonsters purchased as add-ons from the campaign. Additional online content will follow as it’s created.

How will I receive the rewards?

We’re distributing the Core Rulebook and Echoes of the Lost Empire through DriveThruRPG. We give DriveThru your email address (the one associated with your Kickstarter account), and site sends an automated email to you with links you can use to download your copy at no charge. If you don’t have a DriveThruRPG account using this address, you’ll need to set one up to redeem it. If you purchased an add-on to have one of our artists illustrate a MajiMonster for you, it will be sent in a separate email from the MajiMonsters gmail address (

I don’t see the email from DriveThruRPG. What do I do?

For whatever reason, DriveThruRPG emails sometimes get caught by email filters and are undeliverable. If you don’t see the email with the redemption link, let us know. We have a copy of all of the links and can get them to you in a private message. Just be aware, however, that we may not be able to respond right away. Be patient with us; we want you to have these as much as you do!

I purchased a second digital copy as part of my reward level, how do I redeem it?

Please send us the second email address you’d like to receive the product and we will send it to you; if you’re gifting it to a friend make sure you have the correct email address!

What if I see an error in the product?

The best part about hosting the digital rewards through DriveThruRPG is being able to push updates live to your product library. In fact, this is a big part of our strategy here; we’re going to let the digital rewards simmer for a little bit, allowing us to correct errors before we go to print. If you see something that appears to be an error, please let us know. We’ve spent a lot of time editing what has amounted to more than 350 pages of content; it’s possible we had a spelling mistake, bad sentence, or improper use of punctuation get by us! If you see something, please contact us as, or leave a comment on our Kickstarter page. We’d ask you do NOT post such comments on the DriveThruRPG site, as it’s unlikely we’ll be able to respond as quickly to them there.

When will the physical rewards be available?

We don’t have a date for you yet, other than soon. We’ve been proofing the printed version of the Core Rulebook with the printer, and there’s a turnaround time of a couple days to a week with each change. Additionally, we’re want to smooth out any errors we may have missed in the digital version first, so the printed rulebook is as close to perfect as possible. We’ve got our eyes on September for sure, but this is relatively uncharted waters for us. It’s possible they could be delayed. It’s also possible we could have this wrapped up by the end of August! Once we have the books printed, we’ll ship out the rest of the physical rewards.


It goes without saying, but all the knights want to say THANK YOU again for your patience. We've had a great time making this game, we hope you have as great a time playing it!

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    1. Gordon228 on

      ah that makes sense. thats also probably why they are not selectible in the book and i have a good plan and that is to scour the internet to find matching symbols or to create them. at least one of the symbols comes with windows.

    2. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      We made vector graphics for the affinity and condition symbols :)

    3. Gordon228 on

      cool thanks now a quick question did you make the condition symbols or did you find them?

    4. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      Looks great, Nick!

      You have our permission to post anything you create related to MajiMonsters, so long as it isn't copyrighted text or art. So if you have fan art or VTT items like this, feel free to share. But please don't post copies of the rules or use our art work. Other than that, we encourage the community getting involved with their own MajiMonsters stuff!

    5. Gordon228 on… this is what the blinded condition looks like with my condition hex using zoom and the pdf. i will not upload anything to the tabletop simulator workshop with out approval from the Knights.

    6. Gordon228 on

      with the release of majimonsters and knowing that the player resources has hexed based condition markers i took it upon my self to make some for use in Tabletop simulator now the question is are there hi-res versions of the condition symbols and what are the colors your using for them in the physical rewards? [img][/img] this is the unfinished hex design. hope you all like it and what other stuff might be useful for Tabletop simulator?

    7. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      Thanks Nick! We've note the change; it will go live in the print version of the book and will be replaced in the first digital version update.

    8. Gordon228 on

      great book but my name is not Gordon it's Nick. also will be looking into the book in more detail tonight.