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A tabletop roleplaying adventure game for enthusiasts of monster-catching, training, and battling!
A tabletop roleplaying adventure game for enthusiasts of monster-catching, training, and battling!
A tabletop roleplaying adventure game for enthusiasts of monster-catching, training, and battling!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Chase Holden on

      One last note, if you can't arrange for GM screen to be printed via DriveThruRPG, then perhaps you could just do inserts, that work with something like this.

    2. Missing avatar

      Chase Holden on

      That's fine, and if that turns out to be too difficult, just a few pages of the art from the bestiary, all condensed into one file with no text on it would work. At least then I wouldn't have to sort through each individual page of the bestiary to make my own tokens.

    3. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      It’s something we’re looking into, Chase. The sheer amount of MajiMonsters (up to 127 now!) makes it daunting to make a unique token for each one, especially considering how a Monster’s size, affinities, and appearance may be altered by a trait, relic or class feature. What’s more likely are generic tokens that are simply sized for 1” grids common among gaming mats.

    4. Missing avatar

      Chase Holden on

      Are a set of printable tokens in the works?

    5. Gordon228 on

      for anyone doing Majimonsters on tabletop simulator here is some resources to help you.… will add more as i think of it.

    6. Kevin Glusing on

      Just downloaded my copy of the core rulebook. Geoyeti looks awesome! Thanks guys, this is the coolest.

    7. Gordon228 on

      i hope it is next weekend but we all know that when one thing gets delayed everything gets delayed. also great character sheet.

    8. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      Hey Gordon! We're just waiting on a few pieces of art we commissioned while laying out Echoes, as well as the final spot check. We don't have a specific date, but it'll definitely be before the end of the month (hopefully as soon as next weekend!)

    9. Gordon228 on

      How far along are you guys before releaseing the digital stuff?

    10. Gordon228 on

      once i get the physical stuff i will be doing an unboxing at a local games store near me called nerd haven now the question is should i record it?

    11. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      It's definitely something we're going to explore in the future; we'd need to create a mechanic that allows it work with the system we've developed. It's possible our solution could come in one of the early expansion materials!

    12. Jointil the Beardless on

      In this first set of rules i think its great that binders should be keep out of the fights but at a latter date it would be a good idear to have high level binders gain the right to fight monsters new classes of binder could then allow the game to go down another path . There could be monster that boost a binder so he could act like a low level monster .this would keep the monsters allways at the top of the fighting chart .tou could try a rule where the binder could stay boosted for only a short time .this could work as a life boat rule .when all is lost the binder shares the monsters skill for a short time but has to pay a price after the battle like falls asleep for 6hr .this could add an edge to the game and up the stakes ?

    13. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the comment Chase. Here's a recap on how Binder v Monster combat developed and where it resolved:

      While MajiMonsters was being created, the understanding was the Monsters would be doing all the fighting. This is what the system was built to support, and we flavored the game world to reflect that intention. The comparison people have drawn to binders as “Pokemon trainers” is apt; while the Binder will still make important choices and have plenty to role-play, major combats are settled by the hands of the Monsters in their control.

      When we arrived at playtesting, the question of Binder v Monster came into play. We tried lots of different solutions to satisfy this, but we found a lot of our proposed solutions created a different problem when we tested it. For instance, if a Binder could be just as easily targeted by an attack as another Monster, why not simply slay a rival Binder outright every time? We could try different ways of fixing this issue, but that was opening the doors to serious system changes to fix an issue we couldn’t agree was a problem.

      The other issue we started to impede upon was the theme of the MajiMonsters world. Even if we could adapt a system for Binder v Monster combat, there’d need to be a cosmetic change accordantly. We can justify a few cosmetic changes, but the MajiMonsters are the centerpiece to the game; the system has been built around them, and we very much want even the lowliest MajiMonster to be intimidating to any human, regardless of their experience.

      So, we settled with an updated version of the Fog of War rule, which doesn’t drive the system very far from where it began. Fog of War states MajiMonsters always target other Monsters in battle, seeing them as the direct threats, and cannot be coerced to attack a human while such a threat is on the battlefield. The rules for equipment and the action economy we’ve developed also support this, so that Binders have a fighting chance to defend themselves if caught off-guard, but won’t be a threat to a MajiMonster by him or herself. Once a Binder is out of MajiMonsters, his or her fate is up to wild MajiMonsters or rival Binder he or she is facing. A very simple set of rules are in the Core Rulebook that explain how a MajiMonster can affect a target in this circumstance, and it’s certainly a very lethal one!

      Suffice to say, this doesn’t speak to combat or tests of strength between to humans. A clash of swords between two Binders is resolved using contested checks, similar to skill checks, although there is no specific skill regarding it. This worked the best in our play-tests, and left the system clean without over complication to re-balance MajiMonsters to allow for a Binder in combat at all times.

      We realize this is likely not the answer you were hoping to see, but we don’t want you to be discouraged. We’re huge supporters of gamers tinkering and modifying the system with their own class rules, unique MajiMonsters, and house rules like you mentioned. Don’t let us tell you how to play a game; it is YOUR game, after all! We’re building the system and the ground work that works best in our opinion, but once it’s in your hands, we want you and all to have as much fun as you like. :)

      If you have any further questions, feel free to drop us a direct message, or continue the discussion here in the comments!

      Thanks again!

      Late Knight Games, LLC.

    14. Missing avatar

      Chase Holden on

      Was a adequate rule for human combat ever implemented, or will that have to remain as house rules, I remember fighting for it very hard during the play testing on the forums, but I never got a definitive answer. Will there be a small chapter dedicated to how human VS human, or human vs monster fights will work?

    15. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      Chase, while we don't have a specific date in mind yet, we are confident it will be released before the end of 2016.

    16. Missing avatar

      Chase Holden on

      I know you don't have a release date yet, but will it be 2016?

    17. Gordon228 on

      i never cared for when i came out as getting something that is the best it can be dose take time i just wanted to know if your going to be releasing the digital good as soon as there ready and you have supplied the answer i wanted. i thank you all for that and i hope everything goes smoothly. as always take your time to finish everything so it's how you want it to be.

    18. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      Sorry for the delay Gordon, here's the current status-

      Right now, all of the content is in editing. This is a lengthy process, considering the size of the Core Rulebook. To give you an idea of the amount of time it takes, we're hoping to be 50% finished editing by the end of March, finishing the rest as we approach the end of Spring.

      The process is done piecemeal, but we're constantly examining the entirety of the written content as a whole for consistency. The good news is, we're putting everything together as we go, so once we're over that hurdle the finish line will be in sight.

      We plan on distributing the digital rewards as soon as they're ready, and before printing. This has two advantages; it gets the products in your hands as soon as possible, and it gives us time to hear any last-minute backer feedback before printing. We can use that to fix any errors that slip through the cracks, add clarifications, or make any tweaks want before the printers get a hold of it.

      We know it's a lot asking you to wait several more months after everyone has been so patient, but we feel this is the best course of action. We'll continue to tease more from the book and provide updates each month as we go!

      Thanks again for your support!

    19. Gordon228 on

      are you almost ready to release the core rule book aka the digital version? i do want quality and i do know it takes time but if your waiting to get all the digital stuff ready first i would release it as it's done and leave updates to the fact of whats coming next. if this is not something you want to do i understand but to me it's the most logical.

    20. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      Tyrel - Yes! We are going to continue doing monthly updates until the product is released. February's Progress Report will contain a Binder Class Preview for the Knight class, as well as an update on what we've been putting together for the rulebook.

    21. Tyrel Brown on

      Will there be a February update?

    22. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      Hey Chase, I did a lot of shopping around for printers before we started our campaign. You can find a lot of printers online that will give you free quotes and work with you, but also look at a phone book if you can cause there may be a printer in your town or close by that doesn't have much of an online presence. More and more printers now even have price calculators on their websites that let you play around with book size, page number, and print type as well as order size. There's a lot of variables when printing a book, so its good to know as many details as you can. We looked at similar RPG books and figured out our book dimensions and rough page size beforehand. The hard part is order number. The less you order the more it costs per book. If you're planning on doing a Kickstarter campaign like us, you won't know how many books you're going to order until after the campaign. We assumed we'd be ordering a low number, which in printing is usually any number under 1000. There's also options for print on demand services so you don't have to bulk order. DriveThruRPG has a good print on demand service that also can sell books for you and handle the shipping, which is helpful for a small company. Good luck on your book!


    23. Missing avatar

      Chase Holden on

      Hey if it is not asking too much, I'd like to know how you judge the price of printing the book, and also where you had it shipped. As well as how to get proper licensing. (Me and my friends are working on a strategy tabletop, and would like to know)

    24. Dan Coleman on

      Most Monsters have one or two affinities. Very few have three, and fewer still have four. However, as Monsters advance there is an opportunity to gain or change affinities!

      Thanks! We love Aerochnid too. When our editor gives me permission, I'll get some more previews for you :)

      (Posting from my other account)

    25. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Cooper on

      Aerochnid? Beautiful monster, beautiful layout. And is that four diamonds for affinity? Does this mean monsters may have more than two affinities? Getting really excited for full release!

    26. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      Thanks for being so understanding!

      Once the book is released, we fully endorse making tokens and other creations to enhance your gaming experience! So long as you’re not selling anything copyrighted, we’re cool with it. We actually really love seeing that kind of stuff!

      We got the OK from editor to share some “finished” MajiMonster entries from the rulebook. Hopefully that will whet your appetite for a little while 

    27. Gordon228 on

      it's your first thing i understand that and take all the time you need to make it the best you can. also on a side once released do you want me to attempt to make custom tokens for use with tabletop simulator? even tho i am not good at it i can give it a shot to make something that looks decent.

    28. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      Gordon - while we're working diligently on the materials, we don't expect everything to be ready for a couple months, including the digital materials. This is due to a lot of things we're bringing together. If you haven't yet, we recommend you read this update regarding our current progress and expectations for 2016.

      We promise we'll deliver the materials as soon as they're ready, but it's going to be later in 2016 than we initially anticipated. We appreciate your patience!

    29. Gordon228 on

      nice so sometime this month we will have the digital goods. looking forward to it.

    30. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      @Gordon - that's the plan. The nice thing is the digital copy will be finished before the printed one. Once we're 100% and send the book to print, we'll roll out the digital versions for everyone. We'll post a more detailed update about fulfillment as we get there.

    31. Gordon228 on

      yo will the digital good be released before the physical stuff? just curious.

    32. Dan Coleman on

      Brian - I don't know HOW we missed this comment for so long. Wild MajiMonsters do not receive the same level up benefits as those under a binder, with the exception of level-up techniques and increased hit points.

      The playtest really did not cover this, but the MajiMonsters presented in the Core Rulebook show hit point totals at different levels, as well as a selection of techniques you can choose at higher Grades. We're in the process of laying out the Bestiary now; once we get some samples we can approve for show we'll post an update!

    33. Brian Bergdall on

      Do wild and NPC Monsters get the same level up benefits as PC monsters. If so, any suggestions on how to level up the monsters in the playtest modules?

    34. Dan Coleman on

      Interesting question, Chase. Since it's an original system it doesn't really have a label. At its core MajiMonsters uses a d6 system, but other dice types come into play through resource use, damage rolls, and binding MajiMonsters.

    35. Missing avatar

      Chase Holden on

      If this game's system had a name what would it be? (as in D20, Cortex, ect.)

    36. Jointil the Beardless on

      Emailed u a few idears that could change the way u see your rpg

    37. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      Jonathan - you can contact us at Thanks!

    38. Jointil the Beardless on

      Do u have an email address or r u only useing the kikstarter program . Your web site also does not have any email address this is the only project I have backed where I could not contact the creator be email .

    39. Jointil the Beardless on

      I will do a mock up on my laptop latter today and email to u latter to give u an idear of how easy it is to do.

    40. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      Thanks for your comment Jonathan. We like the suggestion about cut outs for miniatures in the back of the book! We’d certainly like to provide plastic miniatures in the future; we’re not quite there yet with our budget, but it’s certainly on the table down the line.

      We’re afraid you may have been misinformed, or simply skipped some of our updates over the past couple months. We released the playtest (which included all the rules!) back in May, and then a follow up back in July! The playtest is available for free to all backers; if you missed the link for your copy, we’d be glad to get you another one. Please give us a direct message if that’s the case and one of the Knights will be glad to assist you.

    41. Jointil the Beardless on

      As a kikstarter backer i tend to only talk on the comments page moving talk about the game away from where the backers and contacts that can push the game for u is always a bad idear . I feel as if u have left me and other backers out of the loop . I dont know anything about your rules or system and at this point i should . Sending an email with the test game to all backers would have been a good idear .if u make me wait untill i get the printed copy how can i help u promote your work . It would also be a good idear for u to talk to a company like Iron winds who make metal miniatures . They did most of the work for all the AD&D miniatures line 40 years ago and could make a range of monsters and humans that would be usefull for your game rules .your next kikstarter would need them . I cant see myself buying a game book like this in a shop without a set of monster miniatures or layout maps to use in this day and age .another way is to use cardboard cutout monsters that can stand up . A page at the back of the rule book could have a page u can copy then print on computer .

    42. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      Oh awesome that'd work.

    43. Jonathan Barron

      Hey Adam, Jon from LKG here. We will have something in place when the physical book becomes available if you'd like to upgrade your pledge. It may be through something like backer kit, or way may just give you a discount coupon on the physical book if you'd like to buy it through Drive-Thru RPG.

    44. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      I'm curious to know, before the game releases will backers who didn't pledge for a physical copy have a chance to up there pledge?

    45. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      Thanks for your feedback so far everyone! We've released a small update to the playtest to fix some errors, add some clarifications, and we've added 5 new MajiMonsters as well!

    46. Gordon228 on… here is a vid explaining how to use TTS to play majimonsters and other rpgs like it.

    47. Gordon228 on

      The forums are up thanks in part to LKG as they got them up and i have some info over there

    48. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      Start getting excited.

    49. Late Knight Games 2-time creator on

      Oops, my bad. That strikingly handsome gentleman in the Ravens shirt that posted below this one should have been logged into the Late Knight Games Kickstarter profile before replying. His answer is accurate, however!

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