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Experience the nightmare together as you and 5 friends struggle to survive against one player that's playing as the Killer.
Experience the nightmare together as you and 5 friends struggle to survive against one player that's playing as the Killer.
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Discord Channel, New Team Members, Wire Trap, Motion Tracker and Shotgun Reveal

Posted by James Matthew Wearing (Creator)

Hello Backers! This is Kevin, your new marketing and community guy.  James and the team are hard at work on making Last Year the best asymmetrical game possible so it falls to me to update you guys this time.

Fan Discord Channel

We have a great new Discord channel setup with the help of Krokodiel89, we will be having weekly Friday conversations with fans about the game, art asset uploads, and behind the scenes news loaded up there. Plus, it’s a great place to meet people and plan your future groups escape route from Last Year. Did I mention that I am there all the time as well?  See you soon backers, Link -

New Team Member

We have a new team member! Warm welcome to Etienne Malepart our new Junior Technical Game Designer.

Hey Backers! My name’s Etienne Malepart and I’m the newest member of the Elastic Games’ team and I am going to be working on Last Year The Game. I’ve just recently finished my bachelor's at NAD (3D Animation and Image Synthesis) and I’ve been hired on the project as a Junior Technical Game Designer. That said, I’ll be mostly working on UI integration, to help make the experience smooth and intuitive. So far, I’ve mostly worked on the killer selection screen, which lets you choose between killers before you start a match. I’ve also started working on the in-game HUD and we are really excited to share that with you guys in the near future. I’m really thrilled to be a part of this adventure, considering I am a huge fan of team-based competitive games as well as horror games.

Traps, Shotguns, and Motion Tracker

We are happy to share with you two new finalized art assets, the Trap, the Shotgun and talk a bit about how we are reworking the Motion Tracker.

The Wire Trap is finally done! Although we have covered the trap in the past we are now at the point of calling this locked down in both appearance and function. It’s been a cool journey for the wire trap, from pen to in-game, and at this point we are excited to see how all you Killers use it in the August beta.  At the moment, multiple traps can be dropped across choke points, wide corridors and on top of darkened areas where they are hard to see creating both great ambush locations and cutting off survivor retreat options. Don’t worry about how big it looks, after hundreds of hours of testing internally we can vouch for you guys that when the environmental lighting combines with the gameplay you will always find yourself running into these at the worst possible times.

The Shotgun is a single barrel, limited ammo weapon. Very powerful and a great way to level the playing field with the Killer, especially if your 2-3 teammates down. Remember if you miss the first time you could be in a lot of trouble.  Ammo is not something you will find in the world easy and the Shotgun is difficult in the best of times to acquire.  We went through a few different iterations of it but we finally settled on a single barrel hunting shotgun for its look.

The Motion Tracker is coming along. We are doing a new pass on The Motion Tracker. We found that the past motion tracker currently in-game didn’t really work well broadcasting two critical things. If the Killer was close and if your defensive camera flash had blinded him. As you can see we are busy on reworking this and have some cool close to final concepts. We look forward to sharing the in-game model with you soon.


Next Time

That is it for this time, we are looking forward to sharing with you next time all the hard work the team has put into several gameplay advancements and matching making scenario.  We have so much we want to share with you next time!

See you next time!

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    1. Benjamin Logan Lawson on

      I agree with both comments below

    2. Missing avatar

      Archie on

      It seems like every time another grant is obtained, the game gets bigger and therefore pushed out further. When this game was introduced, asymetrical survival games were fresh and new. My fear now is that with more and more of them coming out, this one may not be so diverse from the landscape. Is there a new timeline to follow?

    3. Missing avatar

      Tristan on

      Do we have any updates on a timeline for delivery? Beta? anything that we could actually play?

      I understand it has been delayed but is there a new time line we could follow?

    4. Daniel H. on

      That environment artwork looks amazing, hyped!!