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Space! Love! Exploration! Action! As the newest heroic Moon Intern! Fix Machines, Deliver Packages and Fight Evil! Love your Soulmate!
Space! Love! Exploration! Action! As the newest heroic Moon Intern! Fix Machines, Deliver Packages and Fight Evil! Love your Soulmate!
Space! Love! Exploration! Action! As the newest heroic Moon Intern! Fix Machines, Deliver Packages and Fight Evil! Love your Soulmate!
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Recent updates


Weekly Update 08/27/2017


Howdy, all! So we released a test build last week. This week we worked on some maps for the story, as well as a bunch of enemy behavior stuff.

So this might be a bit dull but if you're interested in data structure or some more in depth unity junk, bear with me. So the main thing that's happening right now with the new enemy behavior system is that the enemy behaviors themselves will no longer contain a series of scriptable objects that would be manipulated in the inspector of the enemy behavior as a sub editor. It turns out that while scriptable objects support sub editors (which is very cool and sleek looking) they do not work well as a part of a prefab, which our enemies will need to be. So now the enemy behavior will have a list of monobehaviors which will serve the same function that the scriptable objects were serving before.

We will put out the next version of the test build within the next week or so. Until then, havve a good week, everyone!

Love, Cosmosaur

Weekly Update 08/20/2017


Hi all!


We’re building and putting up a new version of the test build right now; version 20170821. It should be live in your humble store sometime tomorrow. The code and organization of the project is now in a state where we’ll regularly be updating the test build (every couple or few weeks is what we’re aiming for). As such, it is in a very simple state, but still allows some new enemies for you to test, a boss, and a tighter hp/ep/item hud. The in game menu is broken however, so it’s currently turned off until a later build. So to quit gameplay, use Alt+F4 on Windows, or Command+Q on Mac. We were determined to get the test build out today, to help us build momentum and keep trucking along on game progress. As the build is updated, we will be focusing on gameplay features, as well as the game itself, letting test levels take a backseat.

The very next things scheduled to be added to the test build however will be testable dialog, new art in spots, as well as changes to how we build and script the enemies (we’ve talked about that the last couple of weeks).

Looking forward to releasing the next version of the test build, we hope you enjoy this new one until then.

Love, Cosmosaur

Weekly Update 08/13/17

Hi all! Glad to be back after a quick week off.

Gewargis continued his work on the dialogue system. He incorporated “barks”, which are a little dialogue pop ups for the NPCs. These are used throughout the game when the NPCs are idle, giving you a hint, showing distress or any other types of emotions during cutscenes/gameplay. These can be customized per NPC, so each NPC can have a different style to them.

Mason has been getting himself acquainted with the new enemy behavior system. This coming week he'll go through the process of rebuilding each of the enemies with the new behavior system. Unfortunately it won't bear any awesome looking fruit but it will bear some added efficiency fruit (the most delicious fruit of them all). Once we have all of the current enemies repurposed to used the event system we will have many of the components for future enemies making our baddy creation process much more modular.

Larry has finished the reorg and merged it back to master. All of our assets and prefabs that we’re using are tagged/organized and the stuff we’re no longer/not going to use has been removed.

Development is now very close to allowing a test build. We’re pretty confident by next weekend we’ll actually be pushing an update to the downloadable test build! (If you haven’t noticed, we’ve shied away from mentioned specific dates for quite a while now; so us talking about it now means it’s really happening, folks.)

Looking forward to writing next update! Talk to y’all soon.

Love, Cosmosaur

Weekly Update 07/30/17

Howdy, folks!

This week we were able to get back on pace after the slowdown last week.

The reorg of the project folder is mostly complete, with just the merge remaining. We’ve all upgraded to the newly released Unity 2017 as well, with no adverse effects.

The new enemy behavioral system is ready to be implemented and we're under way refitting all of the old enemies to work with the new system. This new behavior system changes how the data and actions are structured but not how they work. The new structure is going to allow us to save a lot of time by making each component of enemy behavior into a separate and reusable piece so that we'll be able to construct new enemies without needing to rebuild older enemy actions, reactions, and detectors. We may go into more detail on how exactly the new behavior system works but it's going to streamline things in a major way and I can't wait till it's fully implemented.

Next week we’ll pull all new work since the fork off our main branch, into the new branch, and then we’ll be back on task of releasing the test build.

Talk to y’all again next weekend, 


Weekly Update 07/23/17

Hi all,

This is just a quick update. We didn't move as many pieces this week as we wanted, due to one vacation, and another sick dev. However despite that, Mason and Peter were able to work through a bug with the eTool. Anyways, more progress to come this week, and as always...

Love, Cosmosaur