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Space! Love! Exploration! Action! As the newest heroic Moon Intern! Fix Machines, Deliver Packages and Fight Evil! Love your Soulmate!
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Full Moon Intern #4


Howdy, Mooninites!

This past month we each went about our lives, trying to each get tasks done from our lists. Personally, I wish we could have gotten more done, but we still have some notable events to talk about.

The team recently assembled to discuss some new tasks as well as rulesets for the level generator. The whole thing is a bit intimidating as it’s going to be the backbone of the game, but thankfully Peter was able to make a leap of progress in the level generator a couple weeks ago. He is actively attempting to implement structures into the terrain generator this very second, and I hope by the time the next Full Moon Intern comes around we’ll have a demo that allows exterior and interior exploration. Mason and Gewargis are still on Weapons, Enemies, HUD and Inventory systems, and working close with Peter on that.

I’m honing my blade of pixelart. I moved along on drawing many npc portraits over the last month, making additions to the website almost every day. I’m still working out a new format to present them in, as posting them on our kickstarter page was starting to look a bit rubbish in the news feed. I stuck nose nose the the grinder today and finished redraws of 6 more characters but I still need to color correct them before adding them to the website. With the tardiness of our delivery of Moon Intern, I want to make sure the backers who are becoming characters in the game are drawn as quickly as possible to help fulfill what is arguably our biggest promise. I have hundreds of characters to draw, but still want a sense of quality to adhere to. There’s a difficult to balance to that, but sticking to drawing a character each day really helps. I'm hoping I'll soon be up to 3 a day, and once I'm there I'll be able to have that task knocked out of the park in no time at all.

I’m disappointed we didn’t get a new build out for the testers this month. I really could have put something together, but I just didn’t finish the art I wanted for it, and thus haven’t put the objects into the scene I’m working on. As I’ve talked about previously, the level I’m putting together isn’t terribly advanced, but it’s a place to test some abilities and interactable objects. I don’t want to put off that task any longer, so that’s what I’m going to make my mission to complete this coming week.

We are finally encountering some nicer weather here in Chicago, and it’s time we all emerge from our winter slumbers and shake off our cloudy-day blues. We’re looking forward to a great summer of development, and I hope we can share some good news with you all soon.

Love, Larry!

Character-a-day changing formats

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Hey all! So to avoid cluttering up the update feed here on kickstarter, I'm going to be posting all of the character portraits on Sorry if you were liking them posted here, but it's the only thing changing. I'll still be putting up Full Moon Intern updates, as well as occasional development news as project updates. 

However, here are 3 more animated characters!

Daniel D
Daniel D

 The rest will be posted on our website! 

Character-a-day : Jon Ferriter

Character-a-day : Emandar

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Character-a-day : Brendan J.J.