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Space! Love! Exploration! Action! As the newest heroic Moon Intern! Fix Machines, Deliver Packages and Fight Evil! Love your Soulmate!
Space! Love! Exploration! Action! As the newest heroic Moon Intern! Fix Machines, Deliver Packages and Fight Evil! Love your Soulmate!
Space! Love! Exploration! Action! As the newest heroic Moon Intern! Fix Machines, Deliver Packages and Fight Evil! Love your Soulmate!
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    1. Missing avatar

      crazyd on

      Closing in on a year without any updates. Are you willing to admit this project is dead yet?

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      Nick Who the heck knows but if this game ever gets done no one will ever know what its release date will be, but i know the game is moving forward its a matter of how well that really is thou.

    3. Missing avatar

      Nick Rowley on

      Now that the main moonintern website has been down for over a month, is this 6 year grand experiment truly over?

    4. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      Rob Vespa, As far as i know they have gone back over the game about 2 or 3 times doing level design and working out what they want in the game and how to go about it. presently has a malware warning on it but that has all the updates you need as well as what is here.

      there is a newish demo witch is fun for what it is if you care to download it from humble bundle.

      Was waiting for a new demo to come out but its been slow going as Most of the guys behind this game only work on the game during the weekend and WHEN they are all around so they can talk to another...

      so the game is still being developed just much more slowly than we could have ever have hoped.

    5. Rob Vespa on

      What is the status of this project that had an estimated delivery date of November 2013?

    6. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      Hey people, I just wanted to let Larry and other dev's on the project know that is being flagged by google chrome by phishing and i get a whole red page when trying to access the web site..

      Could you please fix or at least scan your homepad web server ?

    7. LarryPixel Creator on

      @crazyd: Still breathing. Holidays over, job is stable, home life stable, and anxiety in check. I’m hoping to have a new playable the weekend after next.

    8. Missing avatar

      crazyd on

      This is fully dead, right? There's 0 chance of a release? I have no idea why I threw money away on this one, nothing but red flags from the jump.

    9. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      No update on humble bundle for 3 days...

    10. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      Always Sunday Funday

      PLEASE ALL go to the main website and have a look over this update. IT needs FEEDBACK Right NOW.....

      Please PLEASE tell them not to kill a game by mini games in the wrong spot.

    11. Will O'Neill

      Oh yeah, thank God they updated to Unity 5.5. We're well on our way now.

    12. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      update on, upgrade to unity 5.5 < hope that helps

    13. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      think about shows they could be showing the game off to. Now i do not know if that is true or not, but I would like to see another update to the game.

      But I wont call this a scam untill i get like a complete years worth of silence.

    14. Shivian Morgan on

      Let's start calling these 'delays' what they really are: excuses to make you forget about this project so that the scam artists can keep our money and laugh the whole time.

      How disappointing.

    15. Will O'Neill

      'Dropped the ball several times over the years'

      I assume you are laughing somewhere as you write this.

      You literally do not have anything. At the rate you are going, you will be completing Moon Intern sometime after the existence of actual Moon Interns.

      Please concede this fraud and do whatever it is you are meant to do with Kickstarter to remove it from my list of backed projects.

    16. ThomasN on

      LOL he said IP

    17. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      Thanks for the small update Larry,

      Instead of making a video, please release the demo again so we can all try it and give more feedback, I think that's what we are all looking into doing these days.

      Ill be interested to see how the game is moving along,

      I hope as well you have more background to the game now as well :P

    18. LarryPixel Creator on

      Sorry, Pimpollo, we are unable to give out refunds and are still working on Moon Intern. The funds have been dry for quite some time and we've been funding ourselves since then. We have several annual legal fees to maintain the IP as well as our domain, additionally we have monthly fees for versioning. This is out of our own pockets and we wouldn't be doing it unless we had total faith in Moon Intern being finished at some point in the future. We still intend on honoring all backer rewards, despite understanding that we've dropped the ball several times over the years.

      Now regarding recent news. Mason and I have been dealing with refining gameplay elements surrounding object interaction and combat which is going well, though slow. Gewargis and Peter have been working together on the inventory, as well as implementing a plugin we've purchased to handle the deep dialog system the hundreds of unique NPCs will use.

    19. Missing avatar

      Pimpollo on

      Are they honoring refunds? It's been late, what, 3 years now?

    20. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      Thank you very much Larry, You know me i will keep an eye on this no matter what, Just not all the time. And i am actually getting busier.

      I cant wait to test the new build when it comes out, Glad everyone's ok after the holidays. Keep well guys.

    21. LarryPixel Creator on

      Actually yea, Richard! We should have a new playable pretty soon. End of this week or next for sure. Holidays are all over. It's a new year and the 4 of us are very geared up. This week we've had some meetings and a bit of development. Today and the next few days though we're dedicating nearly all of our free time and getting the next test build together. New inventory, more objects, fun boss fight, lots of gui enhancements and finally more flavors for the areas that use level generation. Anyways, back to work. Thanks for checking in! :-D

    22. Will O'Neill

      This is a joke. You aren't working on anything.

    23. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      We know dev time is happening, Glad your at least trying to stay in check with the community there Larrry, As for thanksgiving will be interesting to see what we are all playing around that time.

      See ya next update.

    24. LarryPixel Creator on

      I'm sorry, we are unable to give out refunds and are still working on Moon Intern. Unfortunately we are not as active as some may like and for that I do very much apologize. When we have newsworthy accomplishments we will absolutely say it here first. I'll say lately it feels as if we're ramping up but I cannot give a release date for the next demo. We are loosely targeting Thanksgiving, with one test-release of the demo before that.

    25. Sérgio Schüler on

      Hi folks, how is it going? Because of all the delays in the project, I would like to request a refund. Is it possible? How should I proceed? Cheers

    26. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      update from Gewargis :P in update section YAY :P

    27. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      Will O Neil you might want to contact Larry Direct if you wanted a refund.

    28. Will O'Neill

      Hi Larry,

      I believe you owe me $200.

      What do you believe?

    29. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      GOD DANG IT.

      All these small updates and i had no Frigging idea that Larry had made any updates :P.

      I had been keeping an eye on your only web page and i even had slowed down visiting it.

      I'd thought i'd check in just to see what was going on. I see last update was a few months back but all was well apart from Larry keeping head strong with he's other job.

      Its really kewl to see those small updates, but What happened, No updates at all, Larry could you please make a small update on your main web page to say please come visit the old KS page for updated update's....

      Small updates i love to hear about because it means we all get to hear what is going on, Even if its a fraction of what you would expect out of an update, Its more than anything to get something rather than nothing.

      Sorry i had not known about your updates Larry, I hope the team is doing well, Let us all know if you need a little kicker to add to that new pc you had to get ?.

      Please do more little updates as im sure if more people came in to know about it. It would then work out really well.

      Thanks again guys, Keep your heads strong and hearts in it.

    30. Twigbeard on

      This thing dead?

    31. LarryPixel Creator on

      Hi, all!
      So I fell behind again with a busy busy week. Unfortunately I have an _extremely_ busy weekend too, so, I'm not going to be finishing up what I wanted to this week. With all that said, next week's evenings for me are very free, so I will commit to setting aside that time to finish up what my tasks which I'm already embarrassingly late on; this includes a nice video for y'all.


    32. LarryPixel Creator on

      Hi James! The chances are pretty high to have a video soon. I'm finishing up some sprite work today, and then this week I'll be putting the rest the demo together. I'm sure somewhere during that process I'll be happy with how things are looking, and then record some gameplay for a trailer. I haven't set up recording capabilities with this computer yet, but getting soundflower set up and running again won't take too long.

    33. James Horne on

      I'm still anxiously looking forward to this title. Any chance of getting a current progress teaser video out? Btw thanks for keeping the updates coming!

    34. LarryPixel Creator on

      Good morning, everyone! I don't have a big update, but wanted to pop in quick to say the game is further along than it was a few days ago. I'm really hoping to finish and polish the Coily artwork by Sunday evening, and then pass it off to Mason so he can hook it up with all the logic he has ready.

      Talk to you soon,

    35. LarryPixel Creator on

      Morning, all! Busy last couple of days as well. However I'm working on more Coily poses this morning before work. The last few days Mason has been working on logic for Coily and Gewargis has been working on the in-game menu and the camera movements used in MoonNet. Peter is getting going again now that he's settled in. He's picking up where he left off, which is the intricacies of the level and structure generator.

      Talk to you soon,

    36. LarryPixel Creator on

      Hoo. I became a bit too busy last night and didn't leave nearly enough time to finish the sprite work I was on. Worked some more on that sprite this morning, but now it's time to transform and roll out to work. Having trouble with some of his poses since I want to keep this character stiff like a robot, but also goofy like a stooge. Hopefully I can get Coily completely finished by weeks end. I'll try to maintain regular "little" updates like this in the time leading up until our demo since that seems a bit easier for me. Thanks, everyone!

      Talk to you soon,

    37. LarryPixel Creator on

      Wow time has been flying by the last couple of weeks. I know we have been update-less during that time, but fret not! I will post some new gif-ness late tonight. See you then! <3

    38. LarryPixel Creator on

      Hi, everybody!
      Hoo! What a week! Still getting settled into my new position. This week Mason has been polishing code for the demo boss, Coily, for whom I've been creating a sweet new sprite sheet (since we've been working off the old one). Gewargis has been working on several text "effects" that will be used in dialog boxes and popups. Pete has been getting settled in after making the big move cross country. Moon Intern is farther along than it was last week, and it should be even better by the end of the weekend. Talk to y'all then and have a great next couple days.


    39. LarryPixel Creator on

      Hey all, again, sorry for the delay. I just started working at a new job and have been focused on that. Still trying to get a demo out ASAP of all of our new features. Some of the most recent bits of news we have though; one of the bosses from an early early demo, Coily, has been moved over to the new version of the game and dialog (and dialog boxes) making good progress as well. I'll update again end of week, with what we did this week.


    40. LarryPixel Creator on

      Hey all. Larry here. Project is certainly continuing on, however April was very slow, even for us. We all had something or another (like moving) that kept us busy. In addition to that my computer went kaput via a busted logic board and it took a few weeks to replace it. Feeling like it was a crushing blow, my motivation for the project hit a new low during this time and I've been struggling to get back in the mindset required to develop the cute and charming Moon Intern. With that said, I have now resumed implementing the new spaces for the demo and will be pushing forward hard until release of the next demo and beyond.

      This is the current plan...
      Coming weeks : Feature demo
      Summer : Gameplay demo

      If elaboration about any of the above is desired feel free to ask.

      Thanks for your patience, everyone. You're all saints.


    41. Will O'Neill

      Is this project continuing on?

    42. Missing avatar

      Richard Wojtaszak on

      A good O'll Prodding is what is going on here :P.

      No word since January, i goto jump on you larry :P.

    43. LarryPixel Creator on

      Also! One more thing!
      Thanks for prodding us. Pushes from the community are a big help to keeping us on task. We've all had personal struggles to overcome through the course of the project and we often beat ourselves up over our delays and speed of development. Nobody said this would be easy, and we're trying to learn from our mistakes along the way, but having any(!) sort of communication about the project shows us people are still thinking of us.

    44. LarryPixel Creator on

      Howdy, Will! I'm putting together an update for later this week, but the gist is that holidays distracted us more than they should, keeping the team out-of-sync for a while. Soon as the new year hit we jumped back on it, however I had a pretty serious family emergency that wrapped up much of my time. I'm happy to say that personal issues have mostly subsided and last week things have picked back up for Moon Intern.

      Mason has been working on enemies, specifically allowing enemies to perform "hacks" against the Intern which have various effects such as stun and EP drain. Gewargis and Peter have been working on a new version of "look mode" that we are now calling "MoonNet" which allows the player to toggle overlays which give details about enemies and interactive objects as well as showing how those objects connect and work with puzzles. I've been cleaning up docs and implementing interactive objects in our test-scenes which will be the focus of the (hopefully) soon released demo (what would have been the end of year demo).

      We don't yet have a hard release in mind, other than "when it's ready" -- however we have the intention of releasing big, content rich demos in the early part of this year that will offer plenty of gameplay.

      Thanks for what is left of your patience, and I assure you we deeply care about Moon Intern and want it to be released as much or more so than anyone.


    45. Will O'Neill

      Your last update mentioned an end of year demo. Can you please update? Also, what do you now estimate the timeline for completing the game will be at the rate you're progressing currently?

    46. LarryPixel Creator on

      Version 0.0.4 was submitted to Humble last night. Working on a post to let y'all know what's the deal with it. We'll update everyone here when it does launch, which hopefully should be today some time.

    47. LarryPixel Creator on

      Not a big update by any means, but here is a quick update which also includes some pictures.
      Enjoy! I hope to let y'all know tomorrow that we've submitted version 0.0.4. Until then, take care.

    48. LarryPixel Creator on

      Hi, David. We're still at work on 0.0.4. We're hoping to submit the new test build to our humble store tonight or tomorrow evening. We want it to go live before the weekend. In addition to the changes mentioned in my last comment, I've been making more interactive objects, as well as making existing ones a bit more complex than what they were previously(, which was just toggling between 2 animations). Gewargis is polishing up the main menu some more and is going to be getting into pop-ups next, Mason is polishing weapons, enemy behaviors, player jump and movement values. Yesterday Peter gave me some new reactions to use for interactive objects and he's now working hard on eTools, specifically enabling their use on interactive objects. I promise we're working hard on the game. If nothing else, I can post some images here later this evening as a project update.

    49. David Payne on

      from your last update email in August.
      "We love you guys! As always, thanks for being a part of our journey and bearing with us for 3+ challenging years. Here’s to 3 more--haha!"

      are you serious? Cmon guys. At least post pictures or something.

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