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CD & DVD of Keith Lowell Jensen performing over an hour of original material for a sold out crowd at The Sacramento Comedy Spot.


This stand up comedy CD/DVD, "CATS MADE OF RABBITS" is recorded, edited, produced, DONE! It's ready for you and it's GREAT!  We're just raising money for the actual printing cost. Making your pledge is essentially just pre-ordering your CD or DVD. Yay!

Now here's details for those of you who love details. You know who you are:


Since his last album "To The Moon" was recorded in 2009 Keith Lowell Jensen has toured all over the country from LA to Seattle to New York City to all those places in between where he was sure he'd be skinned alive. In 2010 he returned home, sold out The Sacramento Comedy Spot (and then some) and had plenty of microphones and cameras on hand to capture it all.

What was caught on tape was Jensen at his best turning in a fierce, fast paced set that covers much ground from "The penis argument against creationism" to warnings about "duck rape season" and what film not to rent for date night. Jensen also hits on California's recent effort to legalize marijuana and confronts homophobia, his own and others', and much, much more. This performance may just save your life, or at least your night!


Matt Bouler, the audio engineer on "To The Moon" is on the dials again and Jonathan Morken, the producer of Jensen's documentary "Why Lie? I Need a Drink"directs the three camera video shoot. The end result captures the live, raw energy of a Keith Lowell Jensen gig.

Cover artist Jacquelyn Bond's "Bunnies" pairs perfectly with the dark innocence of Jensen's material and makes one glad that this is an independent release as any major label would require a boring photo of the comedian on the cover for "branding" purposes. Jason Adair did the design wizardry that took us from painting to cover.

Nick Brunner of Capital Public Radio's "Off Air" along with his cat/trusty sidekick Savage Henry produced the album, directing Jensen through rehearsals, helping to choose the material for the CD, tending to hissy fits and helping to edit the final product.

Wife Bryna and baby Maxine were very patient, comforting and supportive.


All the pieces are in place, the stars have aligned and all that's left is to run the presses. That's where you come in. You can pledge only as much as you'd pay to buy the CD or DVD or both and its' like you're pre-ordering with the advantage of a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that you're actually making it all happen. Pledge more and you can brag to your friends that you've earned the right to laugh at this comedy more than they.

Speaking of friends, please don't keep your support of this project secret. Our dream is to raise way more than our goal and make this a project that grabs attention for a hard working and deserving independent artist!



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    For pledging $1 Keith Lowell Jensen will pledge to you his undying love and gratitude but wait, that's not all. Whenever Keith Lowell Jensen mentions "The Little People" as in, "I'd like to thank all the little people" you can rejoice in the knowledge that you are in fact one of those little people, indeed you are one of the littlest of them all.

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    A $5 pledge will earn you a photo of Keith Lowell Jensen's colon autographed to you personally, delivered digitally by email, suitable for framing. If you are a wimp you may instead opt to have one of Keith Lowell Jensen's headshots autographed, or a photo of a monkey in a cowboy suit. Note monkey in cowboy suit photo will be autographed by Keith Lowell Jensen and not by the monkey in the cowboy suit.

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    Pledging a crisp, clean $10 bill will get your choice of A) Jensen's 2009 CD "To The Moon", B) "Funnier Than God" CD from sketch group I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy featuring Jensen as writer, director and performer or C) Three digital singles from "Cats Made of Rabbits" in your email inbox.

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    $15 earns you your very own, highly coveted copy of Cats Made of Rabbits on Compact Disc, an optical disc used to store digital data. These standard sized CDs have a diameter of 120 millimetres (4.7 in) and can hold up to 80 minutes of uncompressed audio (700 MB of data) though unfortunately you will be unable to use any unused space on your Cats Made of Rabbits CD. The CD is packaged in a digipac emblazened with the oh so amazing cover art by Jacquelyn Bond. The shrink wrapped packaging comes complete with track listing and additional photos of the oh so handsome Keith Lowell Jensen. This is a high quality manufactured CD, not some burn at home jobbie like you'll make for your friends and anyone else with $5 after you pirate it and take it to the local flea market you creep.

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    For a paltry sum of $25 pledged you can receive a copy of Cats Made Of Rabbits on DVD. It's a beautiful three camera shoot with audio from the same source as the CD. Bonus Features? Oh yes, there'll be bonus features. We'll keep piling them on until the DVD is full. The DVD is region free, meaning you can send it to your friends in those dark foreign lands of myth and menace and they'll laugh, not at the clever writing and expert delivery but at our strange speech and manner of dress which in Keith Lowell Jensen's case is odd enough to those who live here.

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    A $35 pledge earns you the whole package, Cats Made of Rabbits on CD for listening to in your car on long road trips AND the Cats Made of Rabbits DVD which will have an alternate edit and feature a joke or two NOT on the CD. It's suitable for watching with your friends while you consume nice legal drugs like coffee, nicotine, alcohol or anything you may be lucky enough to have a prescription for.

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    A $45 pledge gets you so much stuff, just so very much stuff. The Cats Made of Rabbits CD, DVD and Keith Lowell Jensen's first comedy CD To The Moon. 3 items in all but feel free to ask for two copies of Cats Made of Rabbits if you already have To The Moon. You'll then have an extra copy of Cats Made of Rabbits to give to a friend who is too big of an a-hole to pledge and get their own. In fact don't give it to that jerk, sell it to them at a tidy profit. That's what I'd do.

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    The KLJ Super Package: 1 Cats Made of Rabbits DVD, 1 Cats Made of Rabbits CD, 1 Double Plus Good boxed set (Features To The Moon AND KLJ documentary Why Lie? I Need a Drink), 1 autographed promotional poster from Cats Made of Rabbits release, 2 VIP passes to any Keith Lowell Jensen live show of your choice in the next year,

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    $500 will let you see what non-drinking Keith Lowell Jensen is like drunk. Keep reading... The KLJ Super-DUPER Package: 2 Cats Made of Rabbits DVDs, 2 Cats Made of Rabbits CDs, 1 Double Plus Good boxed set (Features To The Moon AND KLJ documentary Why Lie? I Need a Drink), 1 autographed promotional poster from Cats Made of Rabbits release, 4 VIP passes to any Keith Lowell Jensen live show of your choice in the next year, AND, Keith Lowell Jensen, who does not drink, will take one belt of a nice, high quality scotch on camera while thanking you on youtube. Enough of these and we will have a drunk Keith Lowell Jensen video, something that shouldn't exist as he gets in plenty of trouble sober. All scotch will be drank, drunk, drinked or drunken within 60 minutes. It is to be understood that KLJ will stop drinking if he vomits, and the reward will be considered paid in full. Keith Lowell Jensen will enjoy smoking a fine quality tobacco from his briar wood pipe while consuming scotch.

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    $1,500 will bring Keith Lowell Jensen to you, live, in the flesh... The KLJ Super-Dee-Duper-Pooper-Scooper Package: 1 Cats Made of Rabbits DVD, 1 Cats Made of Rabbits CD, 1 Double Plus Good boxed set (Features To The Moon AND KLJ documentary Why Lie? I Need a Drink), 1 autographed promotional poster from Cats Made of Rabbits release, 2 VIP passes to any Keith Lowell Jensen live show of your choice in the next year, PLUS, Keith Lowell Jensen will perform a show for you and your friends at the venue of your choice (must be approved by KLJ based on safety to his person. He will not be performing for example at a Klan rally). You can have a comedy show starring KLJ in your living room, at your favorite cafe, outside your girlfriend/boyfriend's window (you're responsible for hospitable bill if she/he has a gun.) Note: Must have permission for show from the owner/management of any public establishments. This one is limited to the continental United States. Show will be performed within one year, requests for specific dates will be accommodated to the best of our ability. We'll work with you to find a date that works for all. You can use show as fundraiser for your local atheist group or to fund your own bad habits if you have the means to charge a cover.

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