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The finished app will include 90 recipes. It will be easy and fun to use!
562 backers pledged $54,437 to help bring this project to life.

Lark Cookbook and App are Officially Released!

Posted by John Sundstrom (Creator)

The iPad app can now be found in the iTunes app store by clicking here.

First edition copies of our made-in-Seattle cookbook Lark- Cooking Against the Grain are available for purchase  as well, click here to buy.

If you are a supporter and chose the iPad app for your reward we will be sending you a link to install the app within the next few days.  Please take a moment to rate and review the app- your ratings and reviews make a big difference!

If you selected a non-iPad version of the app as your reward please watch this space as we will post updates here about our progress on those platforms.

Thank you for your support!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Sven Schmidt on

      Well, for some Reason i didn't receive the ebook so far. I backed at the "get a copy" tier and still didn't receive the anything.

    2. Missing avatar

      Christopher Weidmark on

      John., I still am waiting for my ebook download. Eager to prep a meal of yours on the holiday.
      Best Chris

    3. John Sundstrom Creator on

      @sven You can see the Kindle version here:

      Also on sale for December!

    4. Missing avatar

      Sven Schmidt on

      When will the Ebook version for the Kindle be shipped? Its kinda nice that your Ebook is out for more than a year, and you make a sale, but I still would like to have the Book I funded.

    5. Michael DeMao on

      Sorry about the horrible delay, but I've been unavailable for a couple of months. Heavy duty family stuff. I never got any email of any kind. I don't want to be a bother, but I was really looking forward checking this app out.

    6. elmystico on

      I am trying to redeem my code (I know, FINALLY!). But it keeps saying it has already been redeemed, which it hasn't. At least not by me. I also checked my list of purchased iTunes apps, and it's not there. It's not on my iPad. Was there an expiration on the codes?

    7. John Sundstrom Creator on

      Teresa, the email with the download code will come from iTunes. I just resent it. Enjoy!

    8. Missing avatar

      Teresa Hagerty on

      Hello there! I am reaching out as I don't believe I was ever sent my download code from iTunes. There is no trace in my Inbox or Spam folder. Is there any chance it can be resent? Thank you!

    9. Missing avatar

      KJS in Seattle on

      Ah HA! Just found it, John. It came from iTunes, not from Lark or from you, so it got lost amidst all the junk mail I get from iTunes.

      Note to other Lark cookbook subscribers who might be having the same problem-- my link for the free iTunes app came from iTunes on Mon., Feb. 25th, with the subject line, "Lark Cookbook Sent You an App from the App Store."

      Yours might be similarly situated.

      Thank you for the wonderful book and app, John!

    10. Missing avatar

      KJS in Seattle on

      Hi John: We never received our code to download the app from iTunes. Have checked junk mail and throughout our email account. Would it be possible to resend our app code? Love the cookbook-- and Lark!

    11. John Sundstrom Creator on


      We will have a code that will work for you soon. Unfortunately the gifting of apps will not work outside of the US store, so we need to handle your situation a bit differently. We will follow up with you in a private message.


    12. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Lee on

      Hi John, I am in Canada and the code for app does not work for me. Please help! Thanks :)

    13. John Sundstrom Creator on


      We have sent you a new code to use for your international download. Thanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      Rita Dias on

      Dear John,
      I too have problems installing the app, since I'm in Norway.
      Many thanks in advance.

    15. John Sundstrom Creator on

      @nick - check your inbox, there is a code there for you to download.

    16. Missing avatar

      Nick Arthur on

      Received the code but live on the UK - any chance of a new link?
      Thank you!

    17. Mikito Kawasaki on

      I just sent you a message, but should have looked here first.
      I also got the code, but didn't work because my iTunes account is a Japanese account.
      It also looks like the app isn't sold in the Japanese AppStore.

    18. John Sundstrom Creator on

      @jospeh check your inbox. We are handling international codes a bit different due to app store restrictions. Thanks!

    19. Missing avatar

      Joseph Lee on

      Received the code today but like Jason, I can't redeem it because it only works on the US store.

    20. John Sundstrom Creator on

      @michael - check your inbox - there should be a link in there.

      We hope to have all codes sent out be the end of the week.

    21. Michael Gerstle on

      Haven't received any link. Can you resend? Thanks!

    22. Jason de Nys

      Hi, The code is only valid for the US iTunes store. I'm in the Australian store and unable to redeem it.

    23. John Sundstrom Creator on

      @Christine - check your inbox, you should have a link to the app in there.

    24. Christine Bastian on

      Congrats! Will you send out download codes? With the amount I pledged I have the choice of the app, ebook or ibook. I chose the app. Will be waiting further instructions.