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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.

Larian Devline; a new patch; t-shirts; boxes and more!


Hello everybody! 

Welcome to Kickstarter update number 65 in which we announce the first Larian Devline podcast, the latest Divinity:Original Sin update, the Appstore release, the US retail release and more!

A new patch

We just released a big update for Divinity:Original Sin that includes over a 150 fixes. The full changelist is too big to list here, but you can find all the details on our forums. This update should fix a lot of the smaller lingering bugs and also address a number of balancing issues.

Join us on the Larian Devline Twitch podcast!

This Tuesday, November 4th, we’ll be trying something new by hosting a live Twitch podcast with our devs in which you can tell us what things you liked and didn’t like about Divinity:Original Sin, and what things you’d like to see us develop in the future.

We’ll obviously be watching the chat but we’d also like to discuss with some of you during the stream.

So, if you have strong thoughts about features in the game you think should be improved, let us know via

You don’t have to write an essay, a few lines explaining the core of your idea/criticism will suffice. We’ll then invite you to join us during the podcast via Skype.

The first Larian Devline podcast will be on our Twitch Channel on:

November 4th, 2014 at 19:00 CET, 18:00GMT, 13:00 EST, 10:00PST

Physical boxes coming to US retail!

That’s right! To the surprise of everybody at Larian we’ll actually have boxes of Divinity:Original Sin in stores in the US during the X-mas holidays.

It turns out that we misjudged the market and that there was quite some demand.

We’ll let you know the exact release details and which chains are participating once we received all the confirmations.

Grab a Larian T-Shirt

We couldn’t resist.

Redditmade was launched yesterday and we just had to put a Larian T-Shirt on it.

Redditmade is a kind of kickstarter for T-shirts and the T-shirts only get made if a certain number are sold. Get one now and let people know you support an obscure RPG developer from Belgium. ;)

All proceeds will be going to the development of our future RPGs.

The App store release is nigh

Originally scheduled for last month, the App store version of Divinity:Original Sin featuring full Game Center integration is currently in review at Apple. If that goes well, it should be available on the App store by next week.

For the people out there who like stats, currently 10% of our Steam sales are coming from Mac users, so we’re very curious to see what a release on the App store will do.

Further Development

Development is continuing with things like the Linux version and the hardcore mode still on our lists, but as we want to do this thoroughly, it will still take some time before we’re ready.

The Linux version especially suffered an extra delay as a result of our porting team having to fix a number of compatibility issues that popped up with the release of Yosemite. Whereas we initially hoped to get the Linux version done this year, it looks like it’ll be the beginning of next year now. 

We know that’ll disappoint a few among you but bear in mind that we’re doing a real port just like we did with the Mac version.

Live near Kortrijk, Belgium?

Then head over to Budafabriek – café on November 6th at 7:00PM. Swen will be talking Games & Media during a Q&A session. Sounds interesting? Have a look here!

Want to work at Larian Studios?

Be sure to subscribe to our twitter account or like us on facebook.

We’re working on new cool stuff and will be looking for people. The good news is – you won’t necessarily have to live/come live in Belgium to join our team so stay tuned.


This game has so much style that we backed it spontaneously You might do the same but you only have one day left to do so. Check out Black The Fall.

The wait is over: Two new companions have landed in Cyseal!


We may have been a bit quiet over the past two months, but you'll be happy to hear we've spent the time not only recovering from launch, but also preparing improvements and new content for Divinity: Original Sin. We figured: how better to break the silence than with an exciting update chock full of much-asked-after features?

Today, we're launching a content-heavy update to D:OS players, featuring two totally new companions, each ready (if you play your cards right) to help save Rivellon. Also included in the newest update is a big quality-of-life improvement and another coat of polish.

Below, Swen discusses more about the added content, as well as future updates and what the team's been up to since our last update (hint: Divinity: Original Sin isn't the only game we're working on!).

Read the update's full change list here

Download this free additional content!

As promised, we're ready to launch two more companions into Rivellon, both of which you can meet in Cyseal. Bairdotr, a curious and loyal ranger, has gotten herself into some trouble at the Legion barracks, while the silent rogue Wolgraff has found himself a nice hustle stealing coins from the wishing well in the Cyseal hinterlands (accessible through the graveyard tunnel).

Check out their concept art and a short description of each companion below:

"You seem strong as mother, though your chest is not quite so hairy. Your sword may come in handy when we find who I seek."
"You seem strong as mother, though your chest is not quite so hairy. Your sword may come in handy when we find who I seek."

Armed with her bow on her back and her claws at the ready, Bairdotr refuses to fail: She must navigate your world-- a world of wonder and mysteries both fantastic and terrible-- if she's to save Homeforest. The druid of the forest has been kidnapped, and Bairdotr must follow a scant trail of clues if she's to bring him back-- clues that take her to the very heart of Rivellon's Source conspiracy.

"Wolgraff gives you a knowing look. He seems to think the mayor is a few arrows short of a quiver."
"Wolgraff gives you a knowing look. He seems to think the mayor is a few arrows short of a quiver."

Dark Sourcery deprived Wolgraff of his voice when he was but a kid, and with it his dream of becoming a Source Hunter. Refused by the Order, he grew up to become a rogue, stealing from the rich and giving to... just himself actually. His is a world of silence, but if need be he lets his dagger do the talking for him.


If you convince one or both to join your party, you'll learn more about their histories and missions for the future.

Download "The Bear and the Burgler" DLC via Steam, or simply update your game on GOG to receive the new content. Note: The new companions will appear in Cyseal once you start a new game after downloading the update.

Follow the Dialogue: A significant improvement for co-op players

It's no secret that the old system for following other players' dialogues in co-op needed a makeover; fortunately, the latest update will do just that.

Now, instead of reading lengthy dialogues displayed over your teammate's head or in the journal, you'll be able to see the conversation in its own dialogue box with the toggle of a button.

What's next?

This certainly will not be our last update on Divinity: Original Sin. We're still working on a slew of new skills and a variety of difficulty modes to ramp up the challenge-- keep an eye out for those in the coming weeks!

If you're curious where Larian is heading over the next couple of years, check out Swen's latest blog entry - Thoughts after releasing Divinity:Original Sin and what comes next

Wasteland 2: Are you as excited as we are?

Clear your calendars, because Wasteland 2 is ready to launch on September 19th! Not only are we huge Wasteland fans, but we also owe a debt of gratitude to Brian Fargo, who paved the way for RPGs on Kickstarter and convinced us of the merits of Steam Early Access (and oh how right he was). We wish the inXile team the best of luck with their launch and can't wait to play the game ourselves. If you haven't already gotten yourself a key, you're sure to miss out!

Merry D:OS-mas to all and to all a good launch!


Important note: The Kickstarter backer ID database on Steam is currently missing a number of entries and is being updated. In a couple of hours it should recognise the backer ID of everybody.  Small team working through a large task list with lots of pressure in an online environment with an internet connection that decided today was a good day to go on strike - bare with us, it'll all be done soon enough ;)

Today is an extremely exciting day here at Larian. After years of developing a game we truly love, we get to release the full version of Divinity: Original Sin to both our amazing backers and to the rest of the gaming world.

It is at once thrilling and nerve-wracking; this vast world will now, for the first time, be explored in its entirety by the public. We can only hope you all have as much fun growing your Source Hunters and solving Rivellon's mysteries as we had developing them.

Without your support via Kickstarter and Early Access, this game would never have reached the level of polish and complexity present in its current form. Your contributions added a world of colour, secrets, enhancements, and depth to the game that has made this what we consider our best game to date.

Below, Swen explains just how grateful we are for your support:

Some changes regarding redeeming your key

In the past, we've said that launch will nullify your current Steam Early Access key and provide you with a new one for the full release of the game. This process has been amended and also applies to add-on versions of the game (i.e. for those of you who added a digital copy of the game to your original purchase).

IF YOU WANT TO PLAY D:OS ON STEAM, your Early Access code will remain active and you will be able to download the full version of the game using your current Early Access code.

IF YOU WANT TO PLAY D:OS ON GOG, log into your Larian Vault account and scroll down to "Your Rewards in Detail." Find the digital distribution icon and select "Change my digital distribution preference." Following these steps will cancel your Steam Early Access code and provide you with a key for GOG.

Redeeming your in-game rewards

To redeem your Kickstarter rewards in-game (e.g. personal dialog), go to your Larian Vault account and copy your Kickstarter reward code onto your clipboard. Then, fire up the game.

Click "Create a New Profile" and name your profile.

When the box for the Kickstarter backer code appears, click the little green button to the right of the entry field to paste your reward code from your clipboard.

Hit "Unlock" to claim your rewards, which will appear in-game.

Physical Rewards: What to expect

All of your regular physical and Collector's Editions have either already shipped or are shipping today, so keep an eye on your mailbox.

The Art Books and T-shirts have not shipped yet, but it won't be much longer before those follow.

Keep in mind that even if you've ordered physical copies of the game, you're still entitled to your digital code as of launch. Steam users, your existing Early Access code will work to download the full game; GOG users, follow the instructions listed above in the "Some changes regarding redeeming your key" section.

A very Twitchy evening!

We'll be streaming on Twitch twice tonight, first at 18:00 Brussels time with Eurogamer (9 a.m. Los Angeles, 12 p.m. New York, 20:00 Moscow) on Larian's channel:

Then again at 20:00 with Swiftor on his channel:

It should be interesting to find out what this COD aficionado thinks of our sandbox RPG!

Exploring the Galaxy: Larian and GOG team up

We’ve been secretly working on supporting GOG Galaxy, the new online multiplayer platform from and are happy to announce that full GOG Galaxy integration will be available for Divinity: Original Sin.

GOG is still working on launching Galaxy, so before that happens, our Kickstarter backers who have selected as the digital distribution platform will be able to use Direct IP or LAN options to play in multiplayer. Once GOG Galaxy launches (by the end of August, the folks at GOG tell us), they will be able to take advantage of all the features this DRM-free online gaming platform offers.

The Divine Engine Toolkit is live!

Now that the Divinity Engine Toolkit is available to download, we can't wait to see and play all the amazing adventures modders will produce. With a wide world of assets and a very powerful engine at your disposal, Rivellon (or your own personal universe) as at your fingertips.

Check out the following video for an overview of the engine's features:

 We'll be offering much more in the way of illuminating some of the finer points of navigating our toolset in the coming weeks and months, but first we'll take a bit of breather to enjoy the game's launch and catch up on some sleep :).

A word on translations...

Due to the volume of text in the game and some last minute changes, some of our translations arrived later than others. English is, of course, available in a completed form now, and we expect French & German to be in by tomorrow. We'll soon have word on Polish and Russian. 

Claim your hint; beware your sheep

Those of you who added the Weresheep hint to your pledge, keep an eye on your email inboxes. You should be receiving your hint shortly! Happy hunting and feel free to share your hint if you're feeling generous.

Let's get playing!

Enough reading; it's time to play! We invite you to share your experiences with the game on our forum and, most of all, to enjoy the fruit of your investment. Again, as ever, this project would not have been possible without your support. Thank you and have fun!

The unboxing of Divinity:Original Sin and a call to action!


Hello everybody!

Extremely busy times here at Larian as we're getting ready for release on June 30th so we'll keep it short. The most important takeaway from this update is that you need to fill in your shipping details if you're entitled to a physical reward. If we don't have your address, we can't ship.

Unboxing Divinity:Original Sin

There are two messages in the following video - what it's like to get physical with the Kickstarter Collector's Edition and why you need to fill in your shipping details now! 

Time to get those physical rewards

It's time to get those physical rewards so we really need your address

If you haven't created a Larian Vault account yet or if you haven't filled in your address (or if your address changed), please do so now. We'll start shipping things as soon as next week and are hoping to have all goods out of the door in the next couple of weeks.  

Shipping will happen in batches so if we have your details now, you'll be included in the first batch.

Steam Early Access codes will expire on release

Everybody who backed us on Kickstarter received  a Steam Early Access code. We promised however that you'll be able to select which platform you want to receive your digital download on, so on the day of release, the Kickstarter Early Access codes will stop working and you'll need to log in to the Larian Vault to select which platform you want to play on. You will then get a new code. 

If you purchased the game on Steam Early Access, don't worry, your codes will keep on working. This message only applies to the Steam Early Access codes that were given away to our backers. 

How to manage your pledge

The Larian Vault allows you to manage your pledge. In case you are wondering, that also includes everybody who backed via Paypal.

So, how does it work?

Go to Log in with your existing Larian Vault account or create a new one Once logged in, click the Kickstarter logo in the menu Fill in the email address that you use to log in on Kickstarter OR that you use to log in on Paypal Click the "Look up and link" button Check your email and click the link That's it!

Should anything go wrong or if you have questions, send a mail to We're there to help you.

New Update on Steam Early Access - Go go Belgium!

When Belgium won their first match in the world cup we were so excited that we released an ad-hoc Steam Early Access update. In case you missed it, here's the link to the full changelist. 

You should all cross your fingers that they'll win the next match because who knows what will happen then.... 

Missed the stream in which we showed the editor?

Joachim, our lead level designer and Swen showed off the game yesterday on Twitch TV. There's quite a few spoilers but tons of questions were answered so you might want to have a look

Shout out for our neighbours!

Will you be a lover ? A traitor ? a fighter ? Or a friend ? Sounds a lot like Divinity:Original Sin choice and consequence, right? But it's not - it's the tagline of Sunset, a narrative-driven first-person videogame that takes place in a single apartment in a fictional South American city in the early 1970s and it's made by the other game studio in Gent, none other than the award winning Tale of Tales. 

Check out their Kickstarter page - they just got funded but we're sure they'll welcome extra backers to make their next game that much better!

A small delay for a good reason: Let there be voice!


If we were very busy last week, we’re even busier this week and we have nightmares about how busy we’re going to be in the next weeks, so please forgive us if this particular Kickstarter update is rather short.

It does contain plenty of news though!

A video summary, featuring the fantastic snowman

In this Kickstarter update, Swen talks about the voice recordings and how they will be implemented in Divinity: Original Sin, the reasons for the (small) delay, how a setback Kirill incurred resulted in this game having one of the biggest soundtracks ever, backer rewards, and more.

The Voices of Original Sin

We had to rob a bank to be able to bring you this news, but our getaway car was swift and drove us directly to a recording studio in London

Right now the studio responsible for Divinity: Dragon Commander is recording voices for Divinity: Original Sin. That means you can once again expect AAA quality voice acting with a fantastic cast.

If you’re not familiar with the voice acting quality of Dragon Commander, check out the following video. It’s bound to get your excitement meter up. We certainly can’t wait to hear the voices of the characters we’ve been working on for so long.

The Music of Original Sin

Over 130 songs are going to be included in Divinity:Original Sin and several of them are now ready and polished. To give you a taste of what’s coming, here’s one of the completed tracks with live instruments. Listen on big speakers, it’s never sounded this good!

June 20th becomes June 30th

Because of the voice recordings (and a few other things which will become clear soon) we have to delay the release of Divinity: Original Sin by 10 days.

This is going to give us the time we need to get everything integrated. We know we’re testing your patience, but you can rest assured that we’re as keen as you to release-- it's high time we get this game out of our hands and into yours!;) Those extra days, are strictly necessary; we promise!

Physical rewards

If you’re entitled to a physical reward, please fill in your address via your Larian Vault Kickstarter account. No address means no goodies (or delayed goodies).

Mark the date!

On June 18th we’ll be doing another twitch stream, showing off some of the later areas in Divinity:Original Sin as well as crossplay between PC & Mac.

This is going to be stuff that you haven’t seen before and by definition it will be slightly spoilerish.

But it will be cool and we’ll be doing plenty of questions and answers.

When: June 18th, 20:00 CET, 11:00 PST, 22:00 Moscow time

Early Access update – changes 49703 to 50719

We’re planning to do another Early Access update later today, featuring once again several things you’ve been asking for in addition to yet another truckload of bugfixes and balancing updates. Since the last EA update over a 1000 updates were done here at Larian. Full changelist coming once the new version goes live.

Expect things like further tweaks to spell specialization, a lobby which allows you to find other people to play with, much needed balancing changes to the surfaces & a fitting rewarding for eating that annoying shell. Coming soon, very soon ;)

Shout out!

We fell instantly in love with this one. It’s called Witchmarsh and it has coolness written all over it. More games need to be made about the twenties. Back it before the bee loses its knees!