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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.

The big Valentine update: Woo your partner, mark your map, and put robes on your back starting... now.


Well, it's that time of year once more. Hopeful lovers seeking unique ways to court their valentines find themselves faced with a sea of clichéd gifts and mementoes to choose from. But this year, things are different.

Eager suitors, why bore your special someone with a drugstore bouquet and insipid chocolates when you're but one Divinity: Original Sin update away from impressing the pants off the person of your dreams? Boot up co-op mode featuring today's update and spend the night adventuring, enchanting, and charming the pants off your sweetheart. Results are guaranteed*, and best of all, it won't cost you a dime!

For our part, we at Larian Studios are still enjoying the afterglow of our very own Rivellonian love story.

This past Monday, Divinity fans Daniel and Dolores flew in from Austria to - as Dolores thought - play-test Divinity: Original Sin. What she didn't know was that Daniel had been working together with a writer and designer from the Larian team to create a very unique quest for the two of them to share.

Grab a hanky and watch this video to see what happens when a Daniel loves a Dolores very, very much (and charms the Larian team into helping him prove it):

But these lovebirds aren't the only ones taking fresh steps together! Check out the features available in the newest D:OS update for details:

What new features have been implemented?

Watch Swen showcase the following updates in the video below or read on for an overview of the things that kept us occupied these last weeks:

Affinity and Affection:

Scarlett and Roderick (or Jane and Joe; Joe and Joe; Lady Redgrables and Dame Rothschilders; or however else you'd like to name/ engender them after today's update) will now have opportunities to explore their like or dislike for one another via our brand new Affinity and Affection system. Certain in-game events (like levelling up, healing one another, and landing a killing blow in-battle) will occasionally trigger co-op dialogues in which your heroes can explore the trust, friendship, and affinity they, at your discretion, may share.

Scarlett and Roddy navigate their relationship dressed in their Valentine’s Day finest.
Scarlett and Roddy navigate their relationship dressed in their Valentine’s Day finest.

As the game progresses, the timbre of these dialogues will change depending on how your heroes respond to one another. They may become enemies, business associates, friends, or even lovers depending on how you develop them.

Character creation:

You are now free to customise the gender, hair colour, skin colour, and names of your starting heroes in our improved character creation system.

The options available in our current character creation system are limited, but many more features will be added soon. Before too long, you can expect to start your party with a fully-customisable pair of heroes.

History log:

Now, in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, you'll have a log automatically tracking which actions you've performed (finding items, casting spells, levelling up, etc.) as well as cataloguing any automatic dialogue you might have missed.

This history log will be very handy in understanding the rules systems that are at the game's heart. And of course, the better you understand the rules, the better you'll be able to exploit the game's systems to your advantage.

Changes to rules and systems:

Action Points: The Action Points available to you at the beginning of combat now depend on your Initiative (that is, Perception and Speed). The number of Action Points available to you in subsequent rounds depends on your Speed. You can still save Action Points and shift them to the next round, but the maximum amount of Action Points you can collect is determined by your Constitution.

Intelligence no longer lowers the Action Point cost of all skills - it only lowers the Action Point cost of elemental skills.

Warrior skills get Action Point bonuses from Strength, and Ranger skills get Action Point bonuses from Dexterity.

Abilities: The ability Reflexes has been removed. If you want to have a chance to evade attacks, you need to invest in Dexterity. Intelligence no longer gives extra Ability points. Perception now also determines you Critical Chance.

Miscellaneous Enhancements:

User Interface: Tabs will help you organise your inventory by item type.

In dialogue, your clickable options will disappear after you've selected them, making it easier for you to organise which dialogue options you've already seen and which you haven't.

Map Markers will help you navigate Cyseal, so no more barging into the Legion barracks expecting to question the Duke at the King Crab Inn.

Improved skills feedback will alert you with handy information, like where teleporting is impossible and where you might not be able to cast a certain spell, and improved tooltips will give you a better handle on your gear.

Certain missing equipment models have been added, so now your wizard can finally enjoy a real robe instead of trundling around in nothing but his/her underpants.

Is this update compatible with my existing save game?

Sorry, but no. This update will overwrite any existing save games, meaning that after the update's installed, you'll find yourself on the shores of Cyseal ready to face the crab matriarch anew. But don't shed too many tears, cause you've got a fresh opportunity to enjoy her and other creatures' and NPCs' new animations, not to mention a more exciting fight at the lighthouse and a terrible new surprise waiting for you at the end of the Black Cove.

In the News:

The folks at Eurogamer are "digging [the alpha] hard enough to strike oil." Find out why in their review.

Jesse Cox and Crendor are at it again with parts 3 and 4 of their tour of the Cyseal (hint: They're stealing everything. Just everything.):

And Rage Gaming trolls, trolls, and trolls some more in their very fun take on the D:OS alpha:

Shout out! 

Last but certainly not least, we'd like to give a shout out to Warhorse Studios' Kingdom Come: Deliverance for meeting double their funding goal with six days to go on Kickstarter. That's six more days to pledge, guaranteeing an even better final product from the Warhorse team. With only £50,000 until their next stretch goal and a mere 250,000 until their ultimate mystery goal, we're very much looking forward to seeing what Warhorse has in store. 

 *Larian Studios is not legally responsible for the state of your valentine's pants.


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    1. Balda
      on February 26, 2014

      A date for the Mac Version ? Dinivity Original Sin is in my Steam library, but i can't play :-(

    2. Simon Iversen on February 19, 2014

      I'm worried that Endurance has lost all of its charm with this patch. I'm not in a position to try this patch until monday night or possibly smt Tuesday though. But as it stands right now End needs to be coupled with high Speed to be really efficient. It is probably *way* better to go for Speed + Class Stat. Only time you will take Endurance is to avoid being 1 hit wondered or if your Spped is over capping your Action Points. If Endurance would also *lower* the amount of damage taken from *any* source... That would really kick things up a notch for End.

    3. Roman - Jagged Weresheep of Sin on February 17, 2014

      Morally they are responsible..

    4. Willem on February 17, 2014

      I approve of all the enhancements (map markers is cool). I also really like that depending on your roleplaying, the relationship between the two main characters can evolve so dramatically (from antagonisms of sorts to a full or romance). That adds depth to the player characters; I appreciate that and it is a sign that Larian takes role playing seriously. Looking forward to DOS.

    5. Stabbey on February 16, 2014

      @High Admiral Doji - The alpha is only on Steam. One reason for that is because Steam will automatically download updates for games.

      It sounds like you didn't visit your Larian Vault account, you can find the key to activate the alpha on Steam there. Playing the alpha on Steam does not mean you have to play the full game on Steam, on release, the Kickstarter Steam keys will be zapped and you get a new key from the Larian Vault for the platform of your choice (Steam, GoG, Larian Vault).

    6. High Admiral Doji on February 16, 2014

      Just a suggestion: You should include the link to download the alpha/beta (whatever stage we're at) if you're adding something significantly new.

      I've been waiting for this part of the development, and now I'm going to have to look back in the announcements for the link to download the beta/alpha.

    7. Missing avatar

      Lion on February 16, 2014

      Just wanted to say thanks for putting the changes in writing this time.

      I appreciate it.

    8. twincast ~ Mangy WoOS-DOoD Mage
      on February 15, 2014

      Oh, and my fellow Austrians were adorable, of course. ^^

    9. twincast ~ Mangy WoOS-DOoD Mage
      on February 15, 2014

      Bits and bytes don't weigh much, Swen. ;)

      Anyway, lotsa great updates/changes, I'm happy to see.

      As for map markers in particular: It was kind of annoying busywork to have to make my own map markers for every building. What they did is exactly what I want out of my game maps. No more, no less.

    10. Stabbey on February 14, 2014

      @Michael Uhrich - I can't say if there will be an option... but all these markers do is tell you what buildings you have already found. That's it. They don't even point out buildings that quest dialogue and NPC's explicitly tell you to go to. You still have to find them on your own.

    11. Stabbey on February 14, 2014

      Custom map markers are already in.

    12. Missing avatar

      Tyler Washburn on February 14, 2014

      I agree, I would love to be able add/edit my own markers on the map!

    13. bloodraven43 tormented Weresheep on February 14, 2014

      even if swen/larian dose not want to include map markers...they could go old school with that option...back in the day, you would be able to flag a certain place you were adventuring in and write a text to yourself in a box where and what that was...that would be cool if swen/larian dose not want to implement markers into the final game, that's a much better option I think

    14. Helena on February 14, 2014

      That proposal... awwwww. :'-) I'm not playing the alpha at present, but I'm still enjoying the updates. And props for the Kingdom Come: Deliverance shoutout!

    15. Philip Konczak on February 14, 2014

      Great update but my only wee peeve is that when you have 2 female character some npc still say him or he when they are talking about the pc.
      Also love the marriage proposal wish them all the best.

    16. Stabbey on February 14, 2014

      @venquish - Update #54 had an update on the mac version. Basically it's going well.

    17. Nimue on February 14, 2014

      Aww *dabs her eyes* That's really cute. Best wishes to the happy couple! It was great of you guys to play along, it's things like that which make Larian special. Oh, and the update sounds great too, can't wait to try it :-)

    18. bloodraven43 tormented Weresheep on February 14, 2014

      wow swen/larian its coming along great

    19. LordCrash on February 14, 2014

      Nice... :)

      But I can't hear that Valentines crap anymore...

    20. Michael Uhrich on February 14, 2014

      Looks great, can't wait. Quick question: Will there be an option to turn off the map markers for the people who don't want them? Thanks in advance.

    21. Otaku Hanzo on February 14, 2014

      Awesome update, guys and gals! Excited to finally see how you handle same sex characters. Will definitely check it out later today. You all rock! Keep on rocking! Happy Valentine's Day! <3

    22. venqwish on February 14, 2014

      Hate to be the one, but eh, any news on the OS X version? :)

    23. Fanest on February 14, 2014

      many thanks for robes, i hope there will be great variety of them :D

    24. Ng Junyuan on February 14, 2014

      woohoo! Can't wait to try out the new features :D