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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.

Newsflash: Weresheep & Codex report, are we ready?


Everybody thinks the decision is already made, but that's not really true. The decision whether or not to release the Alpha next week tuesday December 17th will be made later today, live on and you'll be able to participate in it. 

We decided that press, fans & producers need to be in agreement before we'll release it. 

Press already had their say, so yesterday we asked a number of fans, in a long play-session which lasted 11 hours.

Here is their decision:

It's worth noting that they  didn't finish half of the content that's in the alpha so we think we might want to re-adjust how long it'll take you to finish the alpha content. It's probably going to be more like 20 hours or so. Our apologies.  

We also had one emissary from the Codex - he refused to go on camera, for very good reasons given the competitive environment he dwells in - but he had this to say:

"Played the alpha in co-op for 6 hours straight. So much... fun. This could turn into something very very special., "

So now we're waiting to see what  David & Swen will say when reviewing Divinity: Original Sin's latest build. As mentioned, you can follow this on our channel  and they will also be taking questions. Thomas guaranteed us that the sound problems will be fixed :)

 At the end of their play session they'll give a go or no go. It is still possible that the release is postponed if something goes very wrong - don't kill us for it . 

See you then!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Slarkki on December 15, 2013

      If the release gets postponed AND we aren't even allowed to kill anyone, can we at least get a training dummy in the game called Dev or Fall Guy or something? ;-)

    2. Roq on December 14, 2013

      Ah Codex didn't want to be seen on camera!? Probably didn't want everyone to see the horns and tail.

    3. Ryan "Keokuk" Smith on December 14, 2013

      Oh, bummer about the state of the last build. Really appreciate the transparency.

      Do whats best for you guys eh.

    4. Raze_Larian on December 14, 2013

      The first 3h40m part is up as well, but you (currently) have to click on 'More Videos' and then 'Past Broadcasts' to get to the link:

      Last 21m:

    5. Missing avatar

      Bargeral on December 13, 2013

      I'm sure this is ABP, but the link in the update says and it is actuality - without the dot com.

    6. Robrecht - of Original Sin on December 13, 2013

      Well, it is now 1:22 ish am Brussels time, after the event. ;-) The twitch tv channel does have a video of the last 20 minutes of the stream, amongst other bits and large chunks. (Didn't check it in detail.)

    7. High Admiral Doji on December 13, 2013

      The twitch website has times listed:
      17:00 Brussels
      8:00 Los Angeles
      11:00 New York

      Has it already occurred or will it happen later? I'm in the Eastern US time zone, so NY should be my time zone. Since you listed 17:00 for Brussels (I assume military time), that would be 5:00 PM... so the 11:00 should be 11:00 AM NY time. I'm actually hoping it's at 11:00 PM, but the time should be changed to 23:00, if that's the case.

    8. Ryan "Keokuk" Smith on December 13, 2013

      I have to say...that looks awesome. For your alpha backers..hf :) looks ready enough for at least an alpha eh...from the sound of it.

    9. Thrashie - Degenerate of SoSR on December 13, 2013

      @LC - that's why they named it a newsflash.. just some quick info they wanted to share ;)
      Their best (or at least funniest) video IMHO still is the sales pitch for the Divinity Anthology.
      also didn't have a problem with understanding what was said.. and I'm not even native English.

    10. Jacob Wisner
      on December 13, 2013

      After watching that update video, I wish someone could have cloned Sven and put him in charge of Egosoft.

    11. KinnArchimedes/@Bland_Boy on December 13, 2013

      The video I saw on my phone looked very nice for an alpha and incredibly playable.

    12. twincast ~ Mangy WoOS-DOoD Mage
      on December 13, 2013

      @cannahuana: In fact both addresses actually work, but the combined one in the update obviously doesn't.

      Anyway, yeah, not much meat to this update, but I'll take whatever I can get, and reminding people never hurts.

    13. LordCrash on December 13, 2013

      Hm, this update is a bit weak I think. Not very much useful information into it imho and you can hardly understand some of the stuff the people are saying....

      I somehow miss the more funny vidoes with a "higher production value" from the kickstarter times..... ;)

    14. Robrecht - of Original Sin on December 13, 2013

      I fully comply with Jhonrock. One of the Larian guys remarked that the gamma settings were very low on the TV I was playing on, but I replied that I was glad that they were. :-) We also had a little discussion about colors, and apparently there are +- two major camps: The guys like me that like vivid colors that make me happy, and the guys that prefer grim tones like Fallout 3 or so. (However I kind of accept it from Fallout, as it is a post-nuclear world.) The two groups are also rather clearly geographically defined, and apparently e.g. the Russian distributors did beg for a darker world. I'm glad it turned out like it is now. :-)

    15. Noctilux on December 13, 2013

      Release it once you feel comfi with it. not before. id love to play it thou ;D

    16. Jhonrock on December 13, 2013

      The colour calibration from the TV used by the guy with the yellow shirt is FANTASTIC, but the other are too washed out. I loved how colorful this game is. To me, this fits very well in a fantasy rpg world.

    17. Stephen P. Suelzle on December 13, 2013

      Thanks for the update guys! Looking forward to playing.

    18. JuhoL - Virtuous Cossack Captain - WoOS on December 13, 2013

      The first link for twitch doesn't work, but the second link does...

      Well, see you there :) (and now of course I jinxed and my connection will suck even more then usual...meh)

    19. cannahuana on December 13, 2013

      it's not that tom there is no .com in twitch address

    20. Tom Vanassche on December 13, 2013

      Twitch link is not working due to the dot between "twitch" and "tv"

    21. tarasis on December 13, 2013

      So it's going to be a 20+ hour twitch session? :)