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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.

Introducing Bert the guru, Shout out, Blog update, Last days of Paypal

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Introducing Bert the guru

In this moving pictures part of the update, Bert, our resident script guru, explains how it is possible to implement "generic behaviours" that affect all npcs in the game world, and thus increase the amount of reactions they have. He gives a bunch of examples of what you can do with Osiris, the scripting language used in Divinity: Original Sin, just to get you thinking of all the things you could be doing with it.

In other words - characters in Divinity: Original Sin react. Here's the man making the reactions talking about how he's doing it.

Also, in this particular movie, Thomas, our video boy, shows exactly how evil he is near the end of the movie. We're curious what Axel's revenge will be.

 Easter eggs inbound!

Paypal pledging to end soon 

Paypal pledging is still possible but will finish this weekend, meaning that in practice it'll stay open until monday morning GMT+1. Right now the counter is at $57.596,60. 

We will add the total number of backers via paypal to calculate the size of the lair beneath the phantom forest, and at that time we'll also take stock of the amount of Facebook likes to calculate the amount of Bellegar encounters Divinity:Original Sin will feature.

Pledge management

We've answered quite a lot of private messages and mails about how pledges are going to be managed, and in an effort to save our fingers a bit, here's an overview of how we envision things will work:

  • Your account will contain an overview of your rewards
  • If we need information from you to send you your rewards, you'll be able to fill it in there
  • You will be able to add extra add-ons to your reward tier via The Larian Vault too. Not all add-ons will be available, but there will be quite a few. You'll also be able to upgrade your reward.

You don't have to use the Larian Vault system, but it's going to be the most user friendly. If you don't want to use it, you'll need to wait until the moment Divinity:Original Sin releases to collect your rewards, because we can only send out one Kickstarter survey.

The Larian Vault pledge management system isn't ready yet, but it will be soon enough (as in over the next couple of weeks). We'll inform you via a backer-only update when it's ready. 

Sending us messages

There are many ways people are reaching out to us, but we're a small team so we can't answer as fast as we'd want to on all channels, and sometimes it might take some time before you get a reply. 

If you want to send us a message, the best way of reaching us is via That's where you'll get the fastest response.

New blog entry from Swen

Here's a quote we ripped from the internet that was written by Tom from Evolve-PR, our fabulous PR agency who helped us a lot during the Kickstarter campaign:

it's sometimes much easier to build word of mouth without involving the press; with Divinity: Original Sin, we spent a TON of time (and too much money) trying to get press to play the game... the coverage at many "top-tier" sites didn't actually yield much in terms of a return for their Kickstarter. It was only when we really dug in with the YouTube crowd that the KS campaign took off.

Swen blogged about the exact same thing, but not everybody agreed with what he had to say. 

If you're interested in his doubts about mainstream gaming media, why he thinks Angry Joe is superior to no-name the unnamed reviewer, and how this may impact his decision making, check it out and let him know what you think. 

Shout out!

Son of Nor – terraforming, combining elemental magic & telekinesis. Get them to their goal, then demand that they make it an Ultima Underworld style RPG featuring those awesome mechanics. We'll be drooling all over it! Cool stuff. Be sure to watch their entire movie.

In Closing

During the Kickstarter campaign, Thomas forced us to listen to this song every single day. They have 16 million views. Our youtube channel has less. 

You will not let Thomas win, will you? :)   

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    1. HobbinHood on

      Just joined the 'Larian Vault' to manage the pledge and make it easier for you guys :)
      Like the system. Clean and simple.

      One thing that bugged me: I thought Steam and GOG codes would be options for distribution on top of the Larian Vault distribution. But it seems it forces me to to choose, from which of the three distribution platforms I'll want to get my game.
      Any clarification on this?

      Keep up the good work.
      Loved the documentary videos ^^

    2. Silver on

      Thanks for the update & keep up the good work! :)

    3. bloodraven43 tormented Weresheep on that crazy what you have to do to make a game...looks so hard...glad im just a

    4. Raze_Larian on

      From an earlier question: "The editor will not run on Mac unfortunately as it uses quite a lot of windows only technology."

    5. Missing avatar

      Bubu91 on

      I still can't believe we got to 1 mil.

    6. Frazz on

      The question may have been asked, sorry if this is the case, but Osiris (and editor) will it supports Linux.

    7. JonNik on

      Well, definitely no complaints for me re: Larian vault. Its simple, straightforward and painless. I received my DD HD e-mail a few days ago, created an account and had my DD replay started in 30-40 mins (Having a total blast, so much I had forgotten :) )

      Extra recommended if it allows the team to focus on all them NPCs schedules. :) I was actually more looking forward to these and the detailed day/night/weather than companions tbh... Although I gotta say, replaying DD, its mightily convenient teleporting back to the market on the Dead of night and still be able to unload that heavy piece of armor and maybe grab a couple of lifesaving potions :D

      P.S Nice run through from Bert. I usually cannot be persuaded to code anything outside from work,
      except at gunpoint, but I am tempted here a bit by what you've shown us from your editor thus far, really nice set of tools...

    8. Missing avatar

      Adauli, Red Wizard of the Obisdian Order on

      @Larian at one thing I have to disagree with you blog as in my opinion short text news with 1-2 Pictures from the game are justifyed as they inform the people out there that there is something at all that might be interesting but they need a link to i.e the Kickstarter where the people then can then get more infos. But the Newspages shouldnt call such a News a review.

    9. Dieithrio on

      I only hope most of the backers will read and notice about this option! ;)

    10. LordCrash on

      Don't worry, every other big video game project on kickstarter uses a fulfilment site instead of the simplistic KS survey as well. People only need something to complain about I guess. ;)

    11. High Admiral Doji on

      I created a registered account on Larian Studios... Will the KS account be automatically integrated with Larian or will I have to do something else to manage my pledge on that website?

    12. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      Clarification concerning the "backer management system": we introduced this idea because we saw how simplistic the survey system of Kickstarter was. Going through 20K backers with custom addons and all kinds of choices that had to be made in that system would mean a lot of manual labour, and that just seemed impossible.

      We do not want to force you into using the Larianvault, but it can make our job easier and allow us to focus on game development.

      You will be able to link your Kickstarter data or your Paypal data to a new or an existing Larianvault profile (this means: your email address, your pledge total and your reward tier).

      You do not need to buy anything from the Larianvault. It is just a means for us to collect the info we need from you, and for you it is a means to select what you want and how you want it delivered (e.g. indeed Steam or GOG).

      If you really don't want to become part of another system, we're looking into how we can solve that easily, but we hope that'll only be a handful of people ;-)

      Don't think too much of it. It's basically a bunch of webforms if you look at it, but it should greatly help us into processing 20K people :)

    13. MikeHumphreys on

      @Larian Studios.

      Any chance you could give a shout out for another Kickstarter campaign that is trying to revive a long-running series? I'm not affiliated with them in any way but I'm hoping Jagged Alliance: Flashback follows in your footsteps and helps keep a long-running series going.

    14. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      Yes, I did that a few times but when I copy/paste from word to Kickstarter, I always need to fix the formatting which is also a pain.

    15. Stabbey on

      Yay, that means a 6th Bellegar encounter will be in!

      On Twitter you said you lost the update when Kickstarter went down? Had stuff like that happen a few times, and now I type up big text things in Word or something so I don't lose them if the browsers or site crashes.

    16. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      @edward andrew goodan: Don't worry, that's coming - these are stretch goals which we now need to implement which means we have to some talks about them first internally - we really didn't plan on making them when we started with the campaign.
      @Mateus: We'll be sending emails to all paypal backers
      @Poppy: Your rewards will just be added to your account (provided it's registered under the same email)
      @Shiroco: Yes, Steam/GOG codes will also be distributed there.

    17. Missing avatar

      Mateus Alves Barão on

      "We'll inform you via a backer-only update when it's ready."

      What about the paypal backers?

    18. Missing avatar

      Mary B on

      I love the vault thing, I might add something on. :)

    19. Dieithrio on

      If I join the Larian Vault system, can I get later a code for Steam/GOG?

    20. Shiroco-Librarian of Unwritten Tales 542 on

      So happy that I was able to back this project. It is going to be awesome ;D

    21. edward andrew goodan on

      Why has every stretch goal got a detailed update but not the last? We got a short video about people moving in and out of rain but no details on how the other parts of the goal are truly going to impact the game.

    22. Jhonrock on

      WOW! This NPC "generic" behavior system is really awesome, i already can imagine how the game world will be full of small hints of life. FANTASTIC!

    23. Poppy Appletree on

      Out of curiosity, what if you already have a Larian Vault account? How will that work?

    24. Sune - Pinkish Weresheep of Sin on

      Thomas clearly has fantastic music taste though. Update Song does need more views thou

      Blog is an extremely interesting read, keep up the amazing updates ^^

    25. JackDandy on

      Great vid. Wonder just how complex the NPC behaviours will get.

    26. Missing avatar

      Kein Zantezuken on

      Hm, is it possible to specify account details like login for Vault?

    27. Missing avatar

      Crysto on

      I hope modders will hug this game like they did with NWN.

    28. Watser on

      You know a man has class when he wears a Gojira shirt

    29. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      Good luck Ricardo!

    30. Ryan "Keokuk" Smith on

      Love modders and that community very very (Very) glad that you're trying to engage them. Modders have made some of my favorite gaming experiences and I'd love them to use your game as a platform :D

    31. Ricardo Valenzuela on

      Thank you guys! You rock! Pretty nice blog post by the way, really insightful and helpful for other campaigns :)!!