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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.

More on henchmen and companions

Posted by Larian Studios LLC (Creator)
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Henchmen and companions explained

In all our haste to prepare the previous update we forgot to post the video that explained the "henchmen become companions" stretch goal in more detail. This update corrects this horrible mistake.

It also gives us an opportunity to add a bit more information about the "Design A Henchman" tier. Many people have asked us what happens to the henchmen they design if the "henchmen become companions" stretch goal is reached. 

The way it is going to work is that the henchmen designed by backers will receive a background from the pool of available backgrounds. And they will have dialogues which correspond to those backgrounds. Additionally there will be companions that we will add to the game and these will be treated differently from the henchmen. 

You may wonder why you would still want to hire henchmen if there are companions available. And the answer is that different henchmen will have different strengths and weaknesses as well as different abilities. It is very likely that while playing, you might swap henchmen in and out depending on the challenges you are facing. For instance, when dealing with fire creatures, fire spells actually heal them instead of damaging them. If you happen to have a companion that is specialized in fire spells, he will therefore be of little use. At such a moment it would be very handy to hire a henchman specialized in water spells.

Luckily you also have a homestead at The Shelter Plane At The End of Time where you can ask henchmen you encountered and hired, to wait for you.

You should also be aware that henchmen talk to each other so if you treat them badly, that might have repercussions in your dealing with other henchmen. Likewise, treat them well and you might find unexpected benefits.

Something for our French fans posted their hands-on video today! Have a look!

In Closing

With only 42 hours to go, we're seeing a big increase in backers. But to achieve those final stretch goals we can use all the exposure we can get. And for that we are open to any suggestion. Well, almost any... ;)

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ian Clarke on

      Anyone else distracted by how the male hero sways back and forth all the time? Even when talking to NPCs it looks like he is trying to dance.

    2. Dean Child on

      Fantasic I love this idea and can not wait to try it out.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ryujiou on

      Would it be possible for the developers to increase the co-op to 4 players?
      I got few friends who wanna play together ;P

    4. Erwin Shades Kiekens on

      The big increase in backers is probably linked to the KS "Remind Me" feature.
      When people use that, they get an email around 48 hours before a KS ends.

    5. Le Goulu on

      Enorme le gaming live de :)
      Merci !!!!!!!

    6. venqwish on

      @Bubus91: killing too many lizards will make your racism stat go through the roof, so the general won't like you ;). (j/k, I have no idea how they're going to implement that).

    7. venqwish on

      Oh yeah, and succubus++ for D:OS ^^

    8. venqwish on

      That's some fine product placement, I'd like a vedett now! If that wasn't product placement, you should've done so and added the funds to the kickstarter :D.

    9. Missing avatar

      Bubu91 on

      Question here:D if I play solo and the general ends up liking the girl and hating the guy as a result of a conversation, what kind of penalities does the guy get related to combat? Or are they strictly dialogue based?

    10. cthuun on

      i want that succubus n stockings and boots to ALSO appear in Divinity: Original SIN !!
      it just make sense :)

    11. Khalaq on

      I have high hopes that you folks will act on the suggestion I made for Update #25. ) I still think it would be great for the Larian Team to sing the Update Song as part of the Kickstarter Party Finale (with Kirill accompanying them on the piano, of course). That doesn't leave you folks much time to practice, and you might have to make do with recorded music, but I still think it would be awesome.

    12. Jonathan Robertson

      I was like: wow, this is cool!

      I went on to read "you should also be aware that the henchmen talk with each other…", and my brain exploded.

      Excellent ideas here - you guys always seem to take great ideas and make them incredible.

    13. fezvez on

      Wow, great increase in backers! I am vastly pleased =)

    14. Killer Bunny of Sin on

      @John Hmm, If the script of hiring henchmen would be similar to a suikoden character development, those henchmen might build their own houses in the shelter plane. It is a barren land so, it is possible to grow it like a town or something.

      Imagine, a companion having its own life not dictated by your actions! We really need the 1m goal!

    15. Missing avatar

      Restless on

      Those companions look great!
      And I love the update song :D

      We're almost at 800k, guys, on to the Million!
      Keep on rocking, Larian!

    16. Fire-Dragon-DoL on

      I really would like to see day/night cycle influence magic... I'm raising my pledge and try to bring some friends in too. Let's see.

    17. Denis Surkov on

      I just found a player buddy and increased my pledge to $50! Looking forward those dev videos :P

    18. StromIV on

      @ Jamil
      Yeah, you could look at their video from a single player roleplaying both characters (or setting the AI to another personality), or as if it was co-op play.

    19. Jamil Ismaili | Eternal Dreamer on

      @Helena You can ? Ok that sounds rather intriguing... Thanks for clarifying

    20. Helena on

      @ Jamil: You don't need a co-player. You can choose to roleplay both characters yourself, or have one of them controlled by the AI.

    21. Stabbey on

      @Agenttrap - there's already a steal warning in the pre-alpha. Your cursor turns orange when hovering over something that would be stealing to take.

    22. Jamil Ismaili | Eternal Dreamer on

      Not impressed with how much of what they're planning depends on you having a co-player. Sucks if you just want to play on your own.

    23. Missing avatar

      John Glassmyer on

      > homestead at The Shelter Plane At The End of Time where you can ask henchmen you encountered and hired, to wait for you

      Wait, so, like, I'm paying this guy to sit around and eat my bread and cheese?

    24. Missing avatar

      toltox on

      I just upgraded to a higher pledge after seening the Henchman and companions explained video. Larian, you guys are awesome, I hope you will keep making games for a long time.

    25. Agenttrap on

      I saw the gameplay from Angry Joe and TB, but one thing that stuck out to me is that I dont know what I can take and what I cant. If there could be a color change on the text to steal/do an illegal action, that would make it much less likely to accidently start a fight over a piece of fish. Yes I realize its still in pre-alpha, but its better I point it out anyway. Also....Rouge fighting styles...make it happen.

    26. LordCrash on

      @ Larian
      Time to put TotalBiscuit's Pre-Alpha footage up on the main page!

      Nice plans for the companions, I like that. But I would have expected some more information about the companions backstories and their "moral" systems. Will it be possible that they leave you or turn against you if you make some decisions against their moral principles? Will it be possible that companions turn against each other? Will the companions be interwoven in the story about the two main characters? How about things like betrayal (like Yoshimo in BG2), how deep will the dialogues be? Will there be some really freaky companions like a mad guy who kills animals out of fun (or even people)?.........

    27. Missing avatar

      Scott Miller on

      @Bert Sure, I can understand that. I just am slightly disappointed that this post didn't tell me anything I didn't deduce from the original description of the stretch goal and I was waiting for it all day after the AMA. Am I upset? No. I simply state it for positive/negative feedback for Larian. The game itself is one of the few games I am psyched about in the past year, so credit where it is due for that alone.

    28. Bert Geens on

      @Scott in all fairness it's nearing stupid o'clock here (Belgium) so they might have a bigger update tomorrow (though I somehow expect many of the dudes and dudettes at Larian aren't going to have much sleep tonight ;) )

    29. Missing avatar

      Scott Miller on

      I found this update a bit uninformative. They said there would be a big update on this and I found this update the least interesting, but its about the stretch that I care about most.

      Things not addressed, the depth of the system, the limits of interractions, consequences of high or low affection, depth of side quests, their involvement in conversations, with npcs, in quests. Just a lot of things I felt weren't answered that should have been.

    30. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Go go go go NPC schedules!! :)

    31. Roq on

      So why can you send henchmen to the shelter at the end of time and not companions. i.e. why does upgrading henchmen to companions make them lose this ability - can't quite understand that? Maybe the companions get bored if they stay there too long or something?

    32. StromIV on

      Add Kirill's early work as an add-on!!

    33. Dimitris WOOS on

      Bellegar's bollocks commander!

    34. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      I really want the companions. A couple of days ago, it looked like there was no chance of it happening, but today, wow. People are rocking it.

    35. Jonny on

      1 million please 1 million! I like day-night cycles!

    36. Missing avatar

      appo on

      If you're taking suggestions, how about letting people buy a deck of cards as an addon? Please? Pretty please?

    37. J. "Tech" Priest on

      So far good sailing weather. Cant wait to see the update video when we hit the 800k stretch goal.
      That 1 million is gonna be tough. Let's make it happen and yes it has been an excellent campaign.
      We even had a bunch of guys support from the Camelot Unchained campaign. Thank you guys and gals .

    38. Weresheep of BAAAH on

      You could try talking to Dodger about putting DOS among her daily gaming news. She's a gamer, she's a she (somehow that seems important ^^) and she has a steady base of followers. Also, her videos are daily, so there might be enough time yet.

      Love the Any suggestion song btw.

    39. Darklord on

      Very cool! And my fave stretch goal! Looks like we'll make this with ease!