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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.

The last 48 hours, 700K stretch goal achieved and something special...

Posted by Larian Studios LLC (Creator)
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The last 48 hours

Thanks to you, we had a great campaign. The result so far exceeds our initial expectations and it's really been a great ride. You can't imagine how excited we are that we're going to be able to make our game so much better, and the motivation we took with us from this campaign is going to be worth a lot more gameplay than mere money can buy.

As we enter the last 48 hours of Divinity: Original Sin's Kickstarter we're going to give everything we've got  to further spread the word and who knows, perhaps we'll even manage to reach our final stretch goal!

Thank you!

700K reached, Kirill gets a symphonic orchestra

If we include Paypal in the total amount, the 700K goal goal is reached already and that means that the music of our brilliant composer, Kirill Pokrovsky, will now be performed by a symphonic orchestra! 

This will be a first in the history of the Divinity games and we'll release moving pictures once the recordings are in progress. You can imagine that Kirill is very happy!!! Or perhaps not...his love for writing sheet music is legendary ;)

To celebrate this goal, ALL our Kickstarter backers will receive a free digital copy of a very unique Divinity audio CD with remastered and remixed music from "Beyond Divinity" and "Divine Divinity".

Something special

In supporting Divinity: Original Sin, you're not just supporting one RPG, but several RPGs that we are planning to make. Here's the full story of what we at Larian Studios are up to. 

You'll be surprised at some of the footage you'll see, in a pleasant nostalgic way. Anybody moderately interested in making his own RPG adventure should watch this video!

Remember, this is not an announcement, but obviously, it's something we're strongly thinking about. Who knows, maybe with your help it can even become reality. We're going to be making RPGs for some time still, so anything is possible :)

Congratulations to Vincent & Liesbeth!!!

Vincent, a wonderful level designer and a fantastic actor, can add a beautiful daughter to his list of achievements! Congratulations from all of us at Larian. You are entitled to smoke one cigar, and then you need to quit smoking!!!    

Add-ons & rewards overview

We support adding extras to your pledge and give you one or more add-ons for it. This way you can customize your rewards.

How? After you pledge, add one (or more) of the following amounts to your pledge. To do this after you have already pledged, click the "Manage Pledge" button and add the amount of the add-on to your pledge. Keep your selected reward tier. Once this Kickstarter is over, we will contact you so you can specify what add-on(s) you wish to receive.

Digital add-ons require a base pledge of $25. Physical add-ons require a physical tier (starting at $65).

Digital add-ons

  • Divine Divinity Digital Version (HD): add $5
  • Weresheep Forum Badge, In the Credits as a Weresheep, a hint: add $6
  • THE Hint concerning the Weresheep: add $666
  • Digital Artbook featuring the Art of Divinity Original Sin: add $8
  • Digital Map of the World of Divinity Original Sin: add $8
  • Digital Soundtrack of Divinity Original Sin: add $10
  • Extra Digital Copy of Divinity Original Sin: add $20
  • Beta Access for Divinity Original Sin: add $20
  • Alpha Access for Divinity Original Sin: add $50
  • Fanday Ticket: add $150

The next Fanday will be in Gent, Belgium on friday August 9th 2013. 

  • Divinity Anthology (digital): add $20
  • Divinity Dragon Commander (digital): add $40

Physical add-ons

  • Cloth Map: add $25
  • Signed Poster: add $25
  • T-Shirt Weresheep Logo: add $25
  • T-Shirt Divinity Original Sin: add $25
  • Extra Box Copy of Divinity Original Sin: add $40

Available in S, M, L, XL and XXLAvailable in S, M, L, XL and XXL. Weresheep models are also available.

Female T-Shirts now also available!!!

Shout outs!

We received support from a number of other developers here on Kickstarter throughout this campaign and we'd like to thank them all for their support. We suspect you know about them already, but if you don't, be sure to check them out. Pretty cool stuff and for them, it's the same story as for us - the more support you give them, the better their games will be. The better the games, the more successful the developers. The more successful the developers, the stronger the walls of their independence. The stronger their independence, the more gameplay innovation you can expect. This is a very worthwhile cause if you like games, so spread the word!

Battle worlds Kronos, made by King Art games - an awesome new turn-based strategy game. If you're into these games, get this. They still have 3 days to go and some cool stretch goals to achieve.

Torment, made by inXile - the spiritual successor to Planescape Torment with an all-star team. It's going to be great! Even if their campaign is over, you can still fund them on Paypal.

Project Eternity by Obsidian - an isometric RPG of the type we like. We have quite a few Obsidian fans in the office so backing this was a no-brainer. Their campaign is over, but you can still fund them via Paypal.

Camelot Unchained  - a realm vs realm MMO, set in a post-apocalyptic world with plenty of interesting ideas.  Camelot Unchained has consistently been above us on kicktraq during our campaign and so there hasn't been a day when we weren't thinking of them ;) The devs put a truckload of their own money in their game, so you can rest assured sure that they believe strongly in their concept. That is always a good sign. They still need some funding to reach their goal, so do check them out.

The final countdown!

In closing

Total Biscuit just published a hands-on video of our pre-alpha build! We have no clue what he said because the clock is ticking, but we hope it was nice :)

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    1. Rolan Storm on

      Well, I hope you will decide to do remake of original game at some point. I am really interested.

    2. Kingslayer on

      Very happy to see you've got the companion stretch goal (if you include Paypal donations, as it stands at the moment) and would really like to see the night/day cycle stretch goal being reached. I think that adds a real sense of believability to a place, and it'll also cool to sneak around at night if you're playing as a thief-type character as I probably will be.

      Looking forward to the live play on the 26th too.

    3. Snoo on

      Just backed the project, I cant wait.
      3 things: If you are going to "were" sheep please do other mammals as well.
      It would be cool if there were Elemental planes 2 explore
      I hope the at the end of time has adventures and isn't just an item/character dump

    4. Morrandir on

      I'm really happy that you'll make the 800k-companion-stretchgoal. :)
      You're managing your campaign very well, congrats!

    5. Shane-o - WoOS on

      @Dmitry Kustov:
      I had written to Larian about this matter and Swen said:

      "Raze was correct - you need a physical tier for physical add-ons, but we did say that we were going to look in to the shipping costs for T-shirts so they can be added as add-ons. As a matter of fact, I just added it to the evergrowing todo list again"

      So, I believe they are looking to do it, it's just they are busy, busy, busy at the moment :)

    6. Dmitry Kustov on

      @LC - Master Weresheep of Sin | OOoE: it's not said on the page that t-shirts can be added to digital tiers with shipping coverage... On the page it says "Physical add-ons require a physical tier" meaning, that if I chose a digital tier I can't get a t-shirt... I am thinking of changing the tier for that weersheep, but still, I'd prefer digital one (green world and stuff like that ;))

    7. François Raeven on

      Regarding the Weresheep T-Shirt:
      I'm guessing and hoping the back will have the Larian Studios logo.
      If it does, it should be something like this mock-up I have created:

      @Raze, @Shane-o and @LC:
      Thanks for the info!

    8. Raze_Larian on

      @Arrow - the bumbling weresheep
      Currently the engine supports up to 6 players.

      LAN is peer to peer; AFAIK Steamworks requires being logged into Steam to be able to connect to a friend hosting a game; the (not officially confirmed) non-Steamworks solution for online play has not been described in any detail yet (that I've seen).

      I don't know what kind of licensing is used for the editor, but Larian has said people would be able to charge for mods.

      @Francois Raeven
      Swen is wearing a weresheep t-shirt in the update #17 video (with a close-up), though doesn't show the back (didn't check the videos LC mentioned).…

      It looks like the weresheep logo below, but with a white background, on a white t-shirt.

      The beta testing will be used to get feedback, etc, but you don't need to go out of your way to look for issues if you just want to be able to play it a little earlier (in an unfinished state, with changes and balancing possible before release).

      @Frank Flury WoOS
      If you add an extra $666 to your pledge it will be charged. If it was a joke it wouldn't be in the list of add-ons, since kickstarter / Amazon would have no way to determine how much of a pledge is 'real' and how much you didn't really mean.

      Yes, alpha access includes beta access; that just isn't mentioned on the main page.

      @Dmitry Kustov
      The DD add-on is the current Steam / GOG / Larian Vault digital download version of the game.

    9. LordCrash on

      = fun in sheepish

      Yes, you can! Add $10 for shipping if you live in Europe or $15 if you live outside of Europe! :)

    10. Weresheep of BAAAH on

      Eh, me and my typos. I meant *scared.

      Anyway, Larian, the way you choose to do work is really inspiring. You've got yourself a lifelong fan with what you've done here so far. Stay amazing (no pressure :3)!

    11. Weresheep of BAAAH on

      @Tomba: that reminds me, Larian deserve a pool next to their offices. You know, something inside, where it's always warm, so they can brainstorm, relax & drool over the only female co-worker (before she gets scarred and runs away).

      They should totally make a KS for that. I'd pledge.

    12. Missing avatar

      Tomba on

      You are horrible people! Just giving people the ability to make cool games FOR FREE!!??! What are you, COMMUNISTS?! Do you realize there are many CEO's, marketeers and lawyers at publishers that just have ONE sports car, and not even a convertible one? And I've heard they don't even have a pool at their beach house! You people are everything that is destroying the games BUSINESS!
      Fellow gamers, if we don't act now, creating games might become fun again, like it was 20 years ago, and who wants that?

    13. Daz23 on

      @Larian Please port your editor to Linux and MAC. Pretty please :)

    14. Dmitry Kustov on

      Wondering about 2 things (mentioned by other users as well):
      1. Can I get a t-shirt (weresheep) if I chose a digital tier?
      2. Divine Divinity HD... It's not the one currently available on Steam and similar services, right?It's an actual High-Definition update?

    15. Mihai Hornet on

      I LOVED seeing good old Aleroth done in the new engine. :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Skyhawk02 on

      The last couple days you should have been above camelot unchained on Kicktraq if their top ten list made any sense.

    17. Daron on

      Having played Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity way, way back in early 2003-2005 and enjoying them, I am happy to back Original Sin. Looking fwd to Original Sin!

    18. Duvok-Weresheep of Original Sin on

      I am really happy that Kirill gets to have a symphonic orchestra! All the music I have heard from this game so far (in your videos or the music at the end of TotalBiscuit video) sound awesome!

    19. Darklord on

      @Jon Stump, Divine Divinity Digital Version is a different game!

    20. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      Kirill Pokrovsky Ochestra FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Sylvain on

      Hi everyone,
      Here is some news from France, a vidéo and opinion of the most famous site about video games in the country : .

      The title speaks for himself :'Divinity Original sin' Best RPG of the year ?

      Enjoy ! (if you speak french of course !)

    22. Jon Stump on

      So what does the $5 HD add on do? Is the game not HD to begin with?

    23. Missing avatar

      lwl12 - WoOS on

      In the Reddit AMA Swen mentioned about potentially adding the Weresheep T-shirt addon to the digital KS tiers. Is this going to happen? I so want that weresheep tee but I'm on a digital tier. Or any chance we can buy that in the Larian store later on?

    24. Darklord on

      Oh and great music at the end!

    25. Darklord on

      I enjoyed the Total Biscuit video. :-)

    26. Missing avatar


      Awesome campaign, you are doing a great job!
      But i´ve one question: In update #20 you wrote "Alpha Access for Divinity Original Sin: add $50 (includes beta access)" - this addition is missing in this update and on the main page - so includes alpha access also access to beta?

    27. Viggo on

      This game NEEDS the 1 mil. stretch goal ):

    28. Missing avatar

      Baudolino05 on

      @larian: wish you'll reach the companion stretch goal, guys!
      That being said (and I know I'm a little obsessed about that), I would gladly swap all the stretch goals reached till now (as well as the "mega-dungeon) for the npc scheduling.
      Don't get me wrong, guys: all your stretch goals are wonderful addition to the game, and I know NPC scheduling doesn't come cheap, but it was such a big part of Ultima VII that I can't simply imagine a "spiritual successor" without it.
      Maybe you should open a poll like that: dead backers, do you prefer a game with a shelter, PC traits, orchestra and companions, OR a game with npc scheduling?
      The outcome may surprise you :D...

    29. TanC on

      I *really* hope the update song is in the albums as well as the piano version. Maybe even a fully fleshed out version too, Kirill? :D

    30. LordCrash on

      @ Kirilan
      True, I just wanted to point that out to you in case you don't know it. ;)

    31. Missing avatar

      B Pa. on

      Congrats on the 700k goal! Just uped my pledge 5 $ just to get div HD! Kirill must be a lot happy for all strangers donating to him just so he could get an orchestra, the man worth it. Also thanks for the free soundtrack, it was all I wanded!

    32. Kirilan on

      You can buy Beyond Divinity on the LarianVault digitally. ;)

      @ LC - Master Weresheep of Sin
      Yes, but then our $ are not helping to get higher goals... (maybe I'm wrong)

    33. Shane-o - WoOS on

      @Francois: "So now I'm quite curious as to how the Weresheep T-Shirt will exactly look like.
      (will there be a back print?...)"

      I want to know the same because Swen's Weresheep t-shirt doesn't have a backprint from what I saw in the update videos. I'm hoping it has the Larian Studios backprint like the other t-shirt

    34. Shane-o - WoOS on

      @Dwelfusius: "DD in new engine < 3 So much love.. and female t's ^^ jeeeuj"

      You got your wish! :D

    35. LordCrash on

      @ Francois Raven
      Swen is wearing the WoOS shirt in the update videos of update 24 and 25 I think... ;)

    36. LordCrash on

      @ Kirilan
      You can buy Beyond Divinity on the LarianVault digitally. ;)

    37. Frank Flury on

      Question. ◾THE Hint concerning the Weresheep: add $666, Is the money actually taken out?

    38. Kirilan on

      Hi !

      just a couple of questions if you have time:

      1) Is beta access add-on expected to be used as beta-testing or just for us to see and get the game a bit earlier ?

      2) Did you considered adding also Beyond Divinity Digital Version (HD) 5$?

      Thanks and good luck !!

    39. François Raeven on

      @ Larian Studios LLC:

      Having pledged extra to 'transform' my backing to Weresheep....
      So now I'm quite curious as to how the Weresheep T-Shirt will exactly look like.
      (will there be a back print?...)

      Will a preview, similar to the D:OS T-Shirt, be added to the page?

    40. Philip Konczak on

      Loved seeing DD remade please please please have the area in divinty sin just so that us old timers can go nostalgic on revisiting the village.

      Also quick ? on customization of characters can you change your characters appearance such as hair color face etc.

      Thanks guys and good luck

    41. Khanach on

      All the final designs are final, each one evolved from one of the original ones (different monster subtypes). Or that's how I understand it, at least.

    42. Razvan Florentin Popescu on

      hmm, the final design (rightmost) are not the ones I personally like. I think either the first of the third versions are the best

    43. Khanach on

      Also, any chance of Bellegar's Dice as a last minute add-on? I've got like a fetish for rpg dice :)

    44. Dwelfusius | Were-axlotl of Original Sin on

      DD in new engine < 3 So much love.. and female t's ^^ jeeeuj

    45. Khanach on

      Congrats to Smoking Vincent! :D

    46. Ailantan | Story addict on

      Congratulations Vincent & Liesbeth :D

    47. Missing avatar

      Artem Papuchenko on

      Editor looks fantastic. It would be great if you integrate some good functions for mods translation. Like export names, dialogues from mod to .txt and then import it back. Good Luck and thanks for great RPGs.

    48. Arhu on

      @Larian: Absolutely awesome!

      Also, please consider putting the bullet points of what Swen said in the video as text in the update, if that's still possible ... imporant info shouldn't be hidden in a video IMHO (can't watch videos at work; search engines can't really see their content either).