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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.

66 hours to go - Secret Stretch Goal Reached!

Posted by Larian Studios LLC (Creator)
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666.666 barrier breached! Weresheep Of The Flock Unite!

If you have no idea who the weresheep are, have a look at They are a group of backers who helped us tremendously throughout this campaign, and to thank them we included this secret stretch goal. Now that it is unlocked, they will become part of the lore of Divinity: Original Sin, and they will be included in the game. However, there are mysteries to be solved if you want to unleash the terrible secret of the Weresheep... 

Weresheep lore

Dropping Hints And Picking Them Up

The weresheep are real. We are sure of it. But no one has actually seen one. Or perhaps that should be - no one has ever lived to tell of an encounter with these most bizarre and bloody beasts.

We've been told that to find them, many a hint need to be picked up. Some are so subtle that even a Source Hunter would be forgiven for letting the trail grow cold.


Everybody knows that if you can find a weresheep and kill it in combat, the great prize to be obtained is werewool! Its magical properties allow adventurers to craft weapons, pieces of armour and other items of great and fabled powers. Not to mention they're cosy, snug and warm!

But where to find a weresheep? Perhaps the legend of Falcon Black contains a clue... 

The Mysterious, Unverified, Probably Untrue, But Wondrous Legend Of The Mighty Weresheep

There once was a wizard called Falcon Black, and he believed in the existence of weresheep. Until he was quite old he had never even heard of them, but one day, as he sat sipping beer in his favourite tavern, a bard arrived from a far away land and started to tell a tale; a strange legend about a lady from the sky who granted a luckless farmer his wish.

Wolves had killed his one sheep upon which the survival of his very family depended. The sheep will live, the lady promised, if you become the sheep. The farmer agreed, but something went wrong - deeply, unsettlingly wrong. The creature became restless; it lusted for blood. 

Horrified by its own inclinations it hid in an undiscoverable lair, but once in a long, long while its bloodlust would overtake its reason and it would go out in search of prey. Come the morning, its woollen coat would be dripping with scarlet, and soon another weresheep would flock to the secret lair, for the victim whose blood he had drank in the night, in turn became a weresheep. 

How many of them hide there now, no one can say, but one day the lair won't be able to hold them all and the weresheep will be unleashed ...

Falcon Black was mesmerised by the story and started to research the legend in The House That Holds All Books: the great library of Maxosbridge Academy. Not only did he find not a single trace of lore about the weresheep, he was also subjected to great ridicule by his fellow wizards. He was not to be deterred though. He sought the bard who told him the tale and asked him where he had heard the story. In Andavale, came the reply, at the court of Lord Crash, before it was utterly destroyed in a single night. There was blood everywhere, but not a single corpse was found.

And so it was that Falcon Black set sail for Andavale. He was never heard of again.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark Rodabaugh on

      Blam! Oooh, ya got me right in the wallet, he is an extra $6.

    2. Daniel McConville on

      OK upped my Pledge to $206.00 from $150. Fingers crossed we can bust through another stretch goal!

    3. LordCrash on

      @ Phexicans @ Tibor
      Welcome to the herd! :)

    4. ekster

      Yay! Hopefully one of the items is a werewool shirt of DOOM! Like that, I can feel like I'm in the game. :D

    5. Entropy - Graywalkers supernatural RPG

      Can't wait to head to Andavale. Hope it is accessible early in the game!

    6. Ng Junyuan on

      oops, and* "once and* forevermore*" :D

    7. Ng Junyuan on

      Onwards, my friends! To Andavale! Let it be known today, that I, the greatest of adventurers, set out to once an for evermore, put an end to the legend of the weresheep.

      "It's going to be awesome." :D

    8. Tibor - silence of the Weresheep on

      great update! nice lighting - very atmospheric :-)

    9. Shane-o - WoOS on

      @Matthis: "in total progress, we have 700k !"

      Excellent news! I'm so happy Kirill has a full orchestra to play with! XD

    10. Missing avatar

      Gareth Clifford on

      Well been meaning to upgrade to weresheep but this finally pushed me, :).

    11. Patrick on

      Lol, great update! $700k or thereabouts now with the paypal? Full orchestra woohoo! As we say in Ireland... "Now we're sucking diesel!"

    12. Shane-o - WoOS on

      I just noticed a $550 spot has opened up if anyone was after it

    13. Matthis "Drakeok" Lemaire on

      in total progress, we have 700k !

    14. Caliosthro on

      okay then 2 tours *facepalm*

    15. Caliosthro on

      @Kingslayer and Larian
      Make a tour european tour.
      The next beer waits in Germany.

      Great work...

    16. Shane-o - WoOS on

      Yet another reason I love Larian Studios and why they deserve my money :D

    17. Weresheep of BAAAH on

      Unless I am completely mistaken, we must be some few dollars away from 700k goal.

      Also, why can't I stop refreshing this page? :D

    18. DarthDavy on

      Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I'm so proud to be part of the Weresheep. And that only for $6. Best money spent ever!

    19. Kingslayer on

      So very cool. I really can't wait for this game when you guys put so much thought and imagination into even little things like this. If you're ever in England, I'll buy you all a beer!

    20. Khanach on

      I've just wathed the video with subtitles on and is even better. It makes no sense! I loved it! :D
      Proud to be a Weresheep today.

    21. Stefan >> DEXYD << on

      This is EPIC!

      tnx Larian

    22. Ryu T. WoOS on

              ,66;6;66;66;6;6/   )666;
            ,;6;66;6;66;6;66|   /6'   6\
           (|6;66:6\66;6;66;66:6(      \
             '66;66;6|66;6;66;6;   '`"----'
               )  //            |  ||
               \  \\            |  ||
                \  \\           )  \\

    23. Ryu T. WoOS on

      Try this again.... IT WAS AWESOME !!!!

      ,66;6;66;66;6;6/ )666;
      ,;6;66;6;66;6;66| /6' 6\
      (|6;66:6\66;6;66;66:6( \
      '66;66;6|66;6;66;6; '`"----'
      ) // | ||
      \ \\ | ||
      \ \\ ) \\

    24. krist2 - Weresheepherder of Original Sin on

      Great update, you guys are fantastic! :D

    25. JonNik on

      ... Lol...
      On other news Does $800K start to look doable ?
      mecertainlythinks so...

    26. Emperor_of_Mars (WOOS) on

      This update was so aweso... i mean bääääähhhhhhhhh

    27. Indira Obsidian Apex Weresheepcat of Sin on

      Baah! The weresheep contagion cannot be stopped now! Wolves and "sheep-skates" beware!

      Larian, this is a dream update come true! Thank you! :D

    28. Elkiehirvi - Weremoose of Original Sin on

      Totally Baaaaaaaaah!tastic update.

    29. tarasis on

      Great update Larian, it can't be said you aren't interacting with your community / backers. Now I want to become a Weresheep too damn it (and maybe a T-Shirt)

    30. Garod Weresheep in Need [WESIN] on

      Thanks Larian Loved this WoOS update !!!!

    31. Phexicans - Weresheepfox of Sin on

      Okay, this update convinced me to FINALLY join the weresheep family. WOOS! :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Manalishi on

      OK, I'll bite... (pun intended)

    33. Frank Cernik

      I don't know whether this has been suggested before, but, if I may, I would like to suggest that backers and developers alike watch the New Zealand horror-comedy "Black Sheep." It's the only piece of large-scale media I know of that prominently features weresheep. It also happens to be both a very good and very bad movie. I think you'll all enjoy it.

    34. LordCrash on

      @ Vinay

    35. Vinay - Lurker of WoOS on

      @LC - My name has changed too since the addition to the roster.. ;-)

    36. LordCrash on

      @ Eric
      Cool, welcome! :)

    37. LordCrash on

      Added. :)

    38. Vinay - Lurker of WoOS on

      The Bard was a weresheep!

    39. Tara Morrigan on

      Hey, why am I not on this roster? :P

      Tormented Obsidian Weresheep of Eternal Original Sin, before you ask. ;) <3

    40. Eric Tykwinski on

      Damn... The Divinity series was great, but I only heard about this project from Torment's update. I'm all in, and hope you guys get a last ditch rush of support..

    41. LordCrash on

      Welcome Entropy and The Great Goblin! Added you to the WOOS roster! :)…

    42. LordCrash on

      Elzinga just pledged for THE hint! $666! :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Tim Noyce on

      Wonderful stuff!

    44. Jalister on

      I'm glad I joined the Weresheep!

    45. Arngrim - WoS on

      That was absolutely brilliant! I need to upgrade my pledge now

    46. Entropy - Graywalkers supernatural RPG

      Upped my pledge too...You earned my $6 with this, for sure!

    47. Andrew McDermott on

      Finally added the $6.