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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Soilworker on

      When will the keys for the anthology be available? I hope we don't have to wait till November since it'd be nice to play the previous games before this is released.

    2. Raze_Larian on

      @Stephen Delvecchio
      Like the DC / D:OS, you will have a choice of where to get DD or the anthology add-on, Steam, GOG or the Larian Vault.

    3. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      I think the D:OS digital copy is very good deal because of the co-op mode. For example I'm going to play it with ma girlfriend, so it is really cool, because I would buy it for her so or so.
      In my case I can save a lot of money, because I just checked that there are offers about 50-60$ for a single game with just one printed manual I suppose. So it is 100$ for 2 players... and a real fan of the game can find much better offers here. ;-)

    4. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Steam keys on Divine Divinity HD $5 add-on?

    5. Raze_Larian on

      @Shane-o - WoOS
      I was going by the description for the add-ons, but if David said otherwise there shouldn't be a problem.

      @Holger Weber
      If you bought something at a store that you thought was a fair price, and the cashier said that it came with a free bonus, would you not want the original item because the cost of the promotion would ultimately be coming from customers of the store?
      Look at what comes with each tier, ignoring the second copy of D:OS, and compare the value of that and how much you want to help Larian reach additional stretch goals to the pledge amount. It is perfectly fine if you don't want to pledge more than $25/35, but not pledging more if there is something in a higher tier you want because there is also a bonus copy of the game is strange, IMO. Even if a second copy has no direct value to you, you can give it away or trade it for something else (Steam and GOG both have forums or forum topics where people trade gift codes for stuff they don't want for stuff they do).

      Because the $40 tier is a better deal than the $35 tier for not much extra money doesn't mean the add-on for an extra copy of the game should be devalued to match. If you buy a small soft drink at a movie theatre they will offer to double the size for an extra nickel, or so, but they are not going to sell the small size for that amount.

      The cost of the tiers is not a strict sum of a set value placed on each item, so there can be a little extra value in some tiers compared to others. However, an add-on copy of the game needs to have a set value, and since it is available to all the tiers (starting at $25) there is no incentive to move up to a higher tier to get a better deal (as can be factored into the tier pledge amounts) and it can not be set so low that it devalues the game itself. Really, 50% off is a good deal, even if you think it should be almost 90% off.

    6. Kristian Aasgård on

      @Dimitris Yes I noticed the mistake. Hoped noone else would though. ;)

    7. Holger Weber on

      @Raze: i never said the prize of 40$ was to high for DC or a second Copy for 20$. OK when you say the 65$ is an exception because auf an error, it is great the let the second Copy of the game in for free. But there is is still a diffrence between 5$ to $20 for a copy of the game (Tier 35$ to 40$). They should have made the step higher or the price for the add (extra copy) lower. In my eyes a price for an digital addon should not much (and for sure not 4 times as much) as it would be in the tiers.
      May be there are many people who are interessed in the co-op part of the game, but ignoreing (especialy at higher tiers) people who not want a second copy is in my eyes risking geting less money.
      I will not pay for something i am not useing and so from my point of view there is not much to upgrade to for me.

    8. Hideo Kuze on

      This game is really having a hard time getting the funding it deserves.
      I was wondering if pulling out the big guns would help. Namely releasing a "demo/prototype" for a small area of the game (having an in-game notice stating this is a alpha build, etc, etc).
      Since it would be a small area (let's say 2 or 3 hours of gameplay), it wouldn't really clash with the alpha and beta access rewards.
      Hopefully it would bring more backers to the cause and everyone would win.
      Thoughts on this?

    9. Shane-o - WoOS on

      @Raze: "That is correct, you need a physical tier to add physical add-ons."

      I believe you may be partly incorrect or I've been told wrong by David Walgrave. I pledged for the $150 *digital* tier [Kirill's Early Works] plus the weresheep badge, plus a t-shirt & international postage, and I was told that was a-okay

      I can't see Larian Studios making people change to a physical tier just to be able to get a t-shirt

    10. Dimitris WOOS on

      Not a publisher, but a distributor.

    11. Justin

      @Skyhawk02, for me it's timing, I found this KS later in the month when my "extra" funds were already spent so I'm a lot more constrained about how much I can kick in, still had to find a way to support at some level of course but sadly the $100+ tiers are out of reach for me.

    12. Missing avatar

      Skyhawk02 on

      I noticed that the average per backer is a whole lot lower for Divinity: Original Sin than for most of the other very popular kickstarters, any idea why that is? Just curious.

    13. Kristian Aasgård on

      @Holger: They have said they can't offer DC cheaper as an addon because of a deal they have with a publisher for DC. I'm guessing they're not having the same issue with DOS yet, so they can be more flexible there.

    14. Raze_Larian on

      @Chance Davis
      That is correct, you need a physical tier to add physical add-ons.

      @Holger Weber
      DC is a game unrelated to the kickstarter for Original Sin. Larian has legal agreements in place with various distributors, and can not undercut them on the price, so the add-on has to be $40. The $65 tier was an exception, and was only suppose to have a single copy of D:OS, but a mistake was made saying there were two, and Larian decided to let it stand rather than try to correct it.

      Larian has more flexibility with Original Sin, since the hope is that a little less money for a copy now when they can use it to improve the game is better than more money after release. However, the point is to raise enough money to get as many stretch goals in as possible within the time frame they wish to complete the game.

      You do realize an add-on for an extra digital copy of Torment was $20, just like D:OS, right? Wastelands 2 can be cheaper than Dragon Commander because it is far from release and inExile doesn't have any distribution deals in place yet.

      There is a second copy of D:OS included with most of the tiers because there is a good chance many of the people interested in the game know at least one person that they might want to try co-op with. There are some people interested in the game specifically for co-op.

    15. Holger Weber on

      I realy dont get the price for the dragon commander (DC) addon especialy when i look at the tiers.
      After the 35$ tier i always get 2 games (which i dont need and dont care about). i have to add 40$ for DC and 20$ for an extra copy. The upgrade from tier 50$ to 65$ is DC so there the cost ist 15$, from 35$ to 40$ is 5$ for an extra copy. I dont understand who did the math and why. i will never update my pledge and even think to withdrew it because of this. the addon for (digitital) DC should not more as 15$ and not 40$ and the price for an extra copy addon should be 5$, may be a litel bit more but not more the 100% as it is now.

      I dont understand this and why there are no tiers after 35$ with only a single copy. Who made the tiers had should look at how inExile had managed their tiers at torment.

    16. Brian Young on

      @Aran Thanks, sorry for only just now getting back to the computer. That's great to hear!

    17. Chance Davis

      Wait, so if I'm on the $65 digital tier, I can't include any physical add-ons unless I switch to a physical tier? I wanted to add the poster to my DC tier. Did I misunderstand?

    18. Rentier on

      When you add 40$ on top of your 95$-Pledge you get a digital copy DC

    19. Kaya -Weresheep of Original Sin- <3 on

      No the physical tier doesn't include DC

    20. Geassword - Weresheep of Original Sin on

      Can you get Dragon Commander even if you're on the 95$ physical tier?

    21. Senekha on

      Same for me :-/
      The $65 Deal is a bit "too good".

      However, I keep spreading the word about this very nice game in my circle of friends.
      Still incredible only 12k backers...

    22. Andy Linea of Sin - DOoD on

      Hello, I would go for a T-Shirt as well, but I always have a problem to select M or L. Is there some deailed info about this? Thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      PatrickT on

      Seeing that an additional DC will cost 40$, I'm almost feeling a bit guilty for sitting on a 65$ digital tier...

    24. Kristian Aasgård on

      Is the poster design shown anywhere?

    25. Justin

      So, I can't seem to relocate the update with detailed descriptions of the add-ons listed above. Can someone point me in the right direction?

      thanks =)

    26. Jamie Dutton on

      Hmm, doesn't the $25 digital tier get the Kickstarter forum badge too or did I just misread that particular update?

    27. Ryan | Tormented Weresheep Dreamer on

      @ekster - (Wheresheep say) "one of us, one of us, one of us..."

    28. ekster

      Oh, what the hell, time to add that $6...

    29. Ryan | Tormented Weresheep Dreamer on

      @Aran - thanks! time to bump up the pledge again...

    30. Aran on

      @ Brian

      i got the same question some time ago... Here is the answer for GoG :D

      Hey Larian Studios!

      I'am a big fan of your Divinity Sage and i got a short question.

      At the moment i pledged 65$ for the Dragon Commander level.
      So my questions are:

      1. Dragon Commander via GoG?
      2. Divinity HD (5$) via GoG?
      3. Divinity anthology via GoG?

      Would be great if we can get GoG Codes!

      Greetings from Germany,

      Larian Studios LLC
      Thursday Apr 11 2013, 4:44am EDT

      Hi Aran,

      Yes to all! :)


      Thursday Apr 11 2013, 3:31am EDT

    31. Ryan | Tormented Weresheep Dreamer on

      I will definitely add Divine Divinity to my pledge if I can get the GOG version... hint, hint :)

      Actually, I just want to be able to get all the extras that the GOG version comes with, so if the Larian Vault version has the book, art, soundtrack, etc, then I will get that version

    32. Brian Young on

      Divine Divinity / Divinity Anthology add-ons -- Steam? GoG? Thanks!