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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Viggo on

      We need a million. I believe those 3 stretch goals would add SO much to the game.

    2. Ryan "Keokuk" Smith on

      I this game is everything you hope it would be. I'm pretty happy just from the production shots etc. Hopefully you can increase your market value and bump up your budgets for your next production run.

    3. Missing avatar

      Skyhawk02 on

      the update song needs to be in the game

    4. LordCrash on

      @ Muttala
      We need a hq version of the update song on piano.... :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Muttala on

      yes, Update Song for 600k stretch goal? Need we need that :) make it 2X longer

    6. LordCrash on

      Angry Joe? Yeah, should be funny. :)

      But beg that he doesn't find D:OS to be a boring chore..... :P…

    7. Marcus Soll on

      "Update, the've got an update for Kickstarter, oh Yeah!"
      Want that song!

    8. Laker Doktor on

      "We're going into overdrive next week. Well actually, it already starts tonight. We're doing online coop playthroughs with Youtube channels, independent journalists, and magazines, such as, Kotaku, RedPandaGamer, Jesse Cox, Quill18, DenOfGeek, TotalBiscuit,,, Angry Joe, Gamespot, GMBox, Kanobu..." WELL FINAL-FUCKING-LY!

      I hope it helps, I'm crying because of the bad luck of this campaign. You guys are great! You and WE deserve all the amazing stretch goals.

      I hope those youtubers will send their fanboy armies to the rescue.

      Best luck my loves:*

    9. DeathKnight [Larian] on

      I wanted to use the newly released Black Sabbath song, but young Thomas told me we would score with Daft Punk.

      Thank him. Not me.

      -David :)

    10. Dwelfusius | Were-axlotl of Original Sin on

      haha we are in sync..I swear i had the EXACT same song in my head the whole day after hearing it this morning..and now you put it in an update ^^

    11. Olin on

      Here's my very important question. Is that update song going to be on the game's soundtrack? Please say yes 'cause I love that freaking ear worm of a song.

    12. Al on

      I didn't plan on watching the full 1 hr play through but it looks so fun I couldn't stop watching!

    13. Taragon on

      Fluff dragons are terrible to behold

    14. twinchenzo - Weresheep of Original Sin on

      We need that live Update Song track. It was so awesome.

    15. Bert Geens on


      Need to whip more people into pledging, hmm. Maybe if I combine this weresheep with a dragon... Fluffy weredragon? That should scare some people!

    16. DarthDavy on

      Let's hope you guys Get Lucky...
      Let's go for the final stretch. The weresheep (well, this one at least) are ready!
      Gooooooo stretch goals!

    17. Missing avatar

      Mateus Alves Barão on

      A Daft Punk track? My confidence in you guys is (even more)justified.

    18. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      I changed it to GMT+1 with daylight saving time... So it's at 17.30.

    19. Whoosher on

      Zwei Dumme, ein Gedanke ;)

    20. Missing avatar

      Sebastian H.

      Germany is currently on CEST (Central European Summer Time, GMT+2).
      So 17:30 (GMT+1) would mean 18:30 in Berlin. Or you meant GMT+2 from the get go.

    21. Whoosher on

      A comment / question regarding the time of the playthrough on monday. You write 17:30 GMT +1 and the same time for Berlin. Because of the summertime Berlin is currently is GMT +2. Just a mistake or is the time wrong?

    22. The Exalted and Venerated Timeraider on

      I hoped the playing with famous people would be a bit earlier so that it would boost the kickstarter even more.. but well. publicity is publicity so it will be great anyway and i cant wait to see the videos.

    23. Jhonrock on

      Assuming that the next stretch goals are not achieved, can those features be implemented in the game through downloadable patches in the future (after release)? It will be really sad if this features never appear in the game.

    24. Sune - Pinkish Weresheep of Sin on

      My respect just skyrocketed when you close up an update with Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers.

    25. J. "Tech" Priest on

      Woohoo go Larian tee ee e ee aam. So hold your breeaaa aa ath. :)
      Good job Kirill.