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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.

8 days left: Maxos speaks,Major rewards update!

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Help from an unexpected source

With only 8 days left on the clock and some distance to cover still until our next stretch goal, our Kickstarter campaign received endorsement from an unexpected source today!

Maxos - The man who can teach you how to become a dragon!

Major rewards update

We added a number of new reward tiers today, and also added some extra goodies to existing reward tiers. Don't worry, nothing was removed. On the contrary, chances are high that you received some free extras.

  • Dragon Commander: If you pledge more than 95$, you by default receive a digital version of Divinity: Dragon Commander.  
  • Kickstarter badge/credits: If you pledge more than 25$, you by default receive a Kickstarter badge on the Larian forums. You are also included in the credits as a backer. 
  • Dragon badge/credits: If you pledge more than 95$, you by default receive a Dragon badge on the Larian forums. You are also included in the credits at Dragon level.
  • Weresheep badge/credits: If you add 6$ to your pledge at any tier, you will receive a Weresheep badge on the Larian forums. You will also be mentioned in the credits as a Weresheep and might even have a surprise in the game! You'll also receive... a hint.  

A number of new all digital reward tiers were added today. They are present in the sidebar  at the 95$, 135$, 150$ and 200$ level. 

Because we cannot modify existing tiers in the sidebar anymore, we made a visual overview of what the changes mean for all the other rewards.

Larger versions of the digital rewards chart and the physical rewards chart are also available. 

Remember, you can always modify your pledge by clicking on the "manage pledge" button. 

Kirill performing live tomorrow

Hear ye, hear ye! The marvellous and miraculous musical magician Kirill Pokrovsky will dazzle and delight your heart and soul with the soulful music of Divinity in a divine treat for the fans. Sit down, perk up and let Kirill take you to the world of fantastic fantasia known from Divine Divinity and beyond!

In the style of a true oriental oracle, the amazing Kirill will answer any questions you may have in an extensive Q&A session.

So mark the date:  Thursday, April 18th at 19h GMT+1 (19:00 Brussels - 18:00 London - 13:00 New York - 10:00 San Francisco - 21:00 Moscow)

Go to to see the live stream.

Kirill is already rehearsing for tomorrow. He tells us he's more nervous for this event than he was for this

In Closing

Don't forget to like Larian Studios on Facebook for more Bellegar encounters!

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    1. Creator Edward Culbreath on April 23, 2013

      I'm at the $95 Physical Tier, and I can imagine why we wouldn't get a free copy of Dragon Commander, considering costs to put together and ship the physical goods, but is there any chance of us Physical Tiers below $150 getting a discount on DC, perhaps incremented based on donation level? The current add-on cost is the same amount that it would cost to pre-order the game on GOG.

    2. Creator George Razvan Paica on April 20, 2013

      Feels good to post here ;)
      Just a word: I love both Divine Divinity and Divinity 2 despite them not being perfect games in all aspects. I appreciated the quest of building good, funny, interesting games even in the end the result is not the one in your/our dreams. It is so much better to fail when fighting the good fight than quitting it before you start.
      Good luck with the campaign ending. May you hit the skies! (while keeping your feet on Earth, of course)

    3. Creator Kein Zantezuken on April 19, 2013

      >"Kickstarter badge/credits: If you pledge more than 25$, you by default receive a Kickstarter
      >badge on the Larian forums. You are also included in the credits as a backer."

      Does that falls into conditions "$26 and above" or it counts by pledge tiers, not by amount of money pledged (ie 26$ does not count even though it is technically over 25$, but 35$ because it is a pledge tier)?

    4. Creator Ryan | Tormented Weresheep Dreamer on April 18, 2013

      I had a meeting so I couldn't tune in :(
      I'm sure they'll post a recording though

    5. Creator Skyhawk02 on April 18, 2013

      I was watching the livestream in fullscreen and didn't think to check how many people were watching, so i'm curious, how many tuned in? It was amazing by the way, i really enjoyed it!

    6. Creator Nile Bernard on April 18, 2013

      From the wording I would suppose when you pledge 96$ (from the 95$ physical tier) you would get the digital copy of dragon commander. Because it says pledges of more than 95$, otherwise it should have said tiers.....

      Any help on this? Thanks!!!!!

    7. Creator Ken Stevens on April 18, 2013

      @ LC
      Thanks !
      Will confirm the 65 dollars now =)

    8. Creator LordCrash - OD | OOoE | WoOS on April 18, 2013

      @ Ken
      Yes, you will get 2x D:OS and 1x DC at the $65 tier.

      And with the latest update there is a DC copy included in the $95 digital tier and any digital tier above (and in the $150 physical tier and any physical tier above)

    9. Creator Ken Stevens on April 18, 2013

      I originally had the 40 dollar pledge, so 2 copies of Original Sin. If i change this to 65 dollars, do I get 2x original Sin and 1 time dragon commander ?
      IT says so on the chart, but in the text it is worded kinda confusing ( "Dragon Commander: If you pledge more than 95$, you by default receive a digital version of Divinity: Dragon Commander. " )
      Cheers !

    10. Creator Ryan | Tormented Weresheep Dreamer on April 18, 2013

      so what are the specifics for the Weresheep now that they will be officially recognized? is all that is needed is any reward tier + $6 or more, meaning the $6 could go to getting a copy of Divine Divinity, or does the $6 need to be like an add-on, meaning it doesn't count if it's used for another add-on?

    11. Creator GAMEHORDER on April 18, 2013

      It looks to me like the PHYSICAL TIER has everything the one above it has and more for the same price?

    12. Creator GAMEHORDER on April 18, 2013

      what the hell is the diff. between the two PHYSICAL $95 tiers here?

    13. Creator LordCrash - OD | OOoE | WoOS on April 18, 2013

      @ Sirius @ Tobi
      There are four ways to get a DC copy:
      1) Choosing the limited $65 Dragon Commander tier
      2) Adding $40 to your pledge (if you have chosen the $25 tier at the minimum)
      3) Choosing the $95 digital tier or any digital tier above that
      4) Choosing the $150 physical tier or any physical tier above that

    14. Creator LordCrash - OD | OOoE | WoOS on April 18, 2013

      @ Shane-o
      Awesome, mate! :)
      And they record Kirill's performance so you could watch the recording for breakfast tomorrow. ;)

    15. Creator Shane-o - WoOS on April 18, 2013

      I'm incredibly *sad face* that I'll miss Kirill's live performance since it'll be happening at 0300 Aussie time :'(

      But to counteract that I tripled my pledge from $65 > $199 [150+6+25+18] :D I just couldn't resist Kirill's Early Work

      And Larian, you're awesome! :)

      p.s. - now here's hoping they leave the Paypal option open for another month so I can add to my pledge ^_^

    16. Creator Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on April 18, 2013

      Sirius, i think you have to pledge 150 (phsical reward tiers) to get dragon commander.. i.e. you have to pledge the next level that comes after 95. i thinks that is what they mean, not that 96 bucks gets you the game :)

    17. Creator Sirius on April 17, 2013

      So if I pledge to the $95 physical tier I dont get dragon commander but if I add 1 dollar more I will get it? or it is only for the digital pack?
      I'm asking becouse the graphic doesnt show the 95 teir having dragon commander

    18. Creator Adam on April 17, 2013

      Update to digital $95
      Kudos to your kickstarter larian!

    19. Creator Hideo Kuze on April 17, 2013

      Just wanted to say that Kirill is awesome.
      And his music is amazing :)

    20. Creator LordCrash - OD | OOoE | WoOS on April 17, 2013

      @ Twincast
      Make a smaller pledge now and give some more next month via paypal. ;)

    21. Creator twincast: Eternally Tormented Mangy WoOS on April 17, 2013

      *whimper* Why do you have to do this to me? I'm _this_ close to breaking down and being financially irresponsible (beyond what is normal for me on KS). I can't afford a $126 pledge this month. (>_<;)

    22. Creator Helena on April 17, 2013

      Nice video update, short but sweet. I like the newspaper headlines. ;-)

    23. Creator tuhduh on April 17, 2013

      Argh that's just cruel: "Weresheep ...and might even have a surprise in the game! You'll also receive... a hint. " I almost never buy new games. I am too cheap. I just wait for it to go down to $5ish on GOG.
      What vile trickster comes up with these upgrades? I will not let you rape my wallet with your sweet, sheepish temptations. I refuse. Well maybe.

      ^ Not even with Kirill casting a spell at me ^

      But then again I did always want to be a weresheep. No Never!1 Perhaps after the concert? OOOoo Shiny!

    24. Creator StromIV on April 17, 2013

      Supposed to be. They forgot to X the box for the $25 tier in the credits, or they must have meant the $35 tier as that is checked...

    25. Creator LordCrash - OD | OOoE | WoOS on April 17, 2013

      Oh, I must have missed that. So the new basic credit level is $25 now?

    26. Creator StromIV on April 17, 2013


    27. Creator StromIV on April 17, 2013

      @ LC
      Credit $ level was changed.

    28. Creator LordCrash - OD | OOoE | WoOS on April 17, 2013

      @ Jörn
      You will get a kickstarter and a weresheep badge on the Larian forums but you will only been mentioned as weresheep in the credits. You have to pledge at least $95 to appear in the credits (apart from the weresheep thing).

    29. Creator Jörn Huxhorn on April 17, 2013

      Soooooo... if I'm at the $25 tier and increase by $6 then I'll get both the Kickstarter- and the Weresheep-Badge/Credit, right? ^^

      (Pretty academic question since I'm pretty sure that I'll go for the $35+$6 after the concert tomorrow...)

    30. Creator Dablue on April 17, 2013

      @Larian: Had to ask ;p. (question was bound to pop up at one time)

    31. Creator Larian Studios LLC on April 17, 2013

      @Dablue: No, there's no DC physical here.

    32. Creator Dablue on April 17, 2013

      @Larian: Does that also mean youll get a physical version of DC if you say.. pledge $150 physical? or will you get a digital download key?

    33. Creator Tom Vanassche on April 17, 2013

      Upped my pledge for the weresheep badge ^^

    34. Creator LordCrash - OD | OOoE | WoOS on April 17, 2013

      Wait for the next update, there will be more on D:OS for sure. :)

    35. Creator LordCrash - OD | OOoE | WoOS on April 17, 2013

      What a great update, thanks Larian!

      And special thanks for the DC copies in higher tiers! :)

    36. Creator Jhonrock on April 17, 2013

      Uuuumm..... guys, 19h (GMT+1) = 15h (GMT-3)?

    37. Creator Larian Studios LLC on April 17, 2013

      To avoid confusion - Dragon Commander is included in the 95$ digital tier, but not in the 95$ physical tier. The first physical tier to have Dragon Commander right now is the 150$. We'll close the existing 95$ physical tier to avoid any confusion & add a notice. And then reopen it with the correct wording.

    38. Creator Daniel McConville on April 17, 2013

      OK upgraded again! $150 Digital Pledge. I already pre-ordered Dragon Commander from so I'll be passing on my extra copy of D:OS and D:DC to my brother to play with me! Cannot wait!

      I really love that this is a polishes Product but you want to put as much into it as you can. I'd suggest selling on that fact on the main Kickstarter page - this isn't a product coming in a years time or two years time, its just getting an awful lot of polish and cool features added to an already well developed Product.

    39. Creator Jalister - OOoE / WoOS / SoSR on April 17, 2013

      Great update. I just joined the Weresheep.

    40. Creator Bundyo on April 17, 2013

      What about Pledge + add-on, does that qualify for Dragon Commander if it goes over $95?

    41. Creator LordMatsu on April 17, 2013

      OH YEAH!! Just up'd my pledge!! Can't wait for both games XD so excited!

    42. Creator Dan. L. on April 17, 2013

      My pledge already included a copy of Dragon commander (I wand both this games so bad ! :) )
      So I'm already good, but it's awesome that more people will get to experience it.

    43. Creator janju on April 17, 2013

      Again cross promotion of dragon commander, a game i am absolutism uninterested. I want to see something more from this game D:OS. Even if it only were 10 seconds. A cool fight or a new enemy type or some more item recipes or ANYTHING ELSE from D:SO. Please i am begging you.

    44. Creator Brys on April 17, 2013

      Might want to include that as a disclaimer in the update itself then, fellas. The general comments section is already rife with misinformation on that tier being included. ;)

    45. Creator Dustin Morgan on April 17, 2013

      I really don't mean to be that guy who gets stuck on details, but I'm 99% sure you mean "$xx or over" instead of "more than $xx", right?
      I feel like the do-gooder in class who puts up his hand to say the teacher forgot to dot an "i", but I just want to be sure I'm in the tier I think I'm in. :)

    46. Creator Larian Studios LLC on April 17, 2013

      No, it's not a mistake - the physical 95$ tier doesn't include Dragon Commander because of the extra costs involved in producing it.

    47. Creator Watser on April 17, 2013

      In case you missed it, read the Rivellon Times closely ;)