Divinity: Original Sin

by Larian Studios LLC

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    1. Jalister on

      Yes, even bigger.

    2. Dablue

      "fragment from a torn and frayed manuscript" Is that the sort of art we can expect from the (concept) art book?

    3. theeliminator on

      Is that vid meant to be that short? Seems like it just cuts out.

    4. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      I really want the $1,000,000 stretch goal. I wish it was earlier in the list! :P They all sound pretty great, though.

    5. ☆ dlux ☆ on

      Great update Larian! This game is going to be awesome! :)

    6. LordCrash on

      @ theeliminator
      The video is 5:59

    7. DeathKnight [Larian] on

      The silly movie at the end should've been linked on the word "truckload", and linked to http://youtu.be/_2AzjO_eE38

    8. JackDandy on

      The forst megadungeon sounds amazing. Can't wait to see\hear\read more!

    9. Missing avatar

      Ren-Wei Yang on

      Put beta access to a new digital tier with only 1x key around/below $65, I'll up my pledge to that from $25. For digital only we have so few choices.

    10. DeathKnight [Larian] on

      JM, works here.. What if you watch it on YouTube?


    11. Missing avatar

      Joe on

      C'mon $800K!!

    12. Smiles on

      I do think either another tier between 25 and 40 (or just adding something to the $35 tier perhaps) to entice people to up their pledges would be a good idea. The kickstarter campaigns I've seen that have smaller jumps toward the bottom of the pledge menu tended to get more existing backers to up their pledge.

    13. Arhu on

      So pretty!

      Could have kept the two styles and integrated it into the story, like Zelda's "A Link to the Past" Shadow World and Light World. Or Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. Parallel worlds ... $2M stretch goal? ;)

      JM: Tried setting the video to a different resolution? I watched it in 720p: it was fine.

    14. Missing avatar

      TJ on

      Smiles is right about the smaller jumps
      Its important for Kickstarts to gain momentum during the early stages. We are pretty far in, but it's still not to late to grab some momentum before the final lurch.

      Also, needs a publicity campaign in the US...

    15. gandalf.nho

      @Ren-Wei Yang, you can put beta acess as an add-on

    16. Missing avatar

      Ren-Wei Yang on

      @gandalf.nho Thanks, upped my pledge to $45.

    17. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      I love the update song!!! And the before/after scenes were fantastic, well done, looking forward to this game so much! and I'll also check out Dragon Commander (although i don't like RTS, but if it's RTS with pause maybe i'll give it a try)

    18. NotDomo on

      "more black then the furthest..."
      more black THAN the furthest...
      plsthxbai XD

    19. Missing avatar

      Andreas Waas on

      Seems the Phantom Forest is directly connected to Endymion :)