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Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
Divinity Original Sin is an old-school cRPG with new ideas & modern execution, will release this year. Funded by fantastic backers!
19,541 backers pledged $944,282 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Raze_Larian on

      @Kristian Aasgård, Moorkh, Magne Karlsen

      Shipping is also free to Norway and Switzerland.

      The link being posted in the main page comments was the 'The Pocket God™ Update Song'.…

    2. Khalaq on

      Great update music! )

      Of course, I am now wondering what the fan-based update music was.... I can't seem to find it, anywhere.

    3. Kristian Aasgård on

      I have to repeat the questions of Magne Karlsen and moorkh. Are european non-eu countries (Norway, Switzerland) supposed to pledge extra for shipping? EU is not the same as Europe, after all.

    4. Missing avatar

      vebveb on

      I happy you plan to port the game to Linux as well.

      Since porting to a new os is never an easy task, don't hesitate to ask to the Linux community for advises. I found a presentation from Nvidia et Valve about porting games to Linux. Maybe you could have a look at their advises. (link where you can find the presentation:…)

    5. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      ah forget it, you have to switch to US, sorry, should have read the whole paragraph, excited ;)

    6. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      doesn't work with the shipping, it says "you're outside US you have to add 12 bucks for shipping" and it doesn't let you continue...

    7. Missing avatar

      John Glassmyer on

      Please add the $40 Dragon Commander option to the add-ons list on the KS front page.

    8. LordCrash on

      @Jack Hepburn Raine
      They already did so. ;)

    9. Raze_Larian on

      @David Isaac Frohman
      If you don't mind a silver jetpack (rather than gold from the retail version of the anthology) there was a Chinese New Year DLC promo offer early last year. The webpage is still up, so you can try submitting your email address to get in on the deal.…=

    10. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      U guys could update the pics of the tiers that's what most projects do.

    11. Andrii Veselov on

      Pip-boy from Fallout 3 at the table. So they also likes Fallout. :-)

    12. Alex Tromba on

      You need to make it that the picture at the bottom of your most recent update is a link to the Facebook page like

    13. The Old Farmer on

      Swen you are so mean to poor Jan! :) Putting a writer in front of a camera. He did a great job though, I am so looking forward to seeing all the extra lore that can be put in the nooks and crannies of your world.
      Keep up the good work! And keep the info bits coming. We will hit the 1M mark yet.

    14. Missing avatar

      alexanderdario on

      Removing the shipping cost doesn't make me lower my pledge... It makes me upping it: I was doubtful about a 95 pledge because of the shipping increment... but now I'll improve my pledge...

    15. Bert Geens on

      I'll be expecting an $18 more awesome game ;-)

    16. Missing avatar


      I wasn't planning on reducing my pledge by anything, shipping or no, but I'm curious: There's a small country in the middle of Europe that you'll be shipping a lot of packages around and probably even through to get them to the other side of it. Are you indeed going to ask the full worldwide shipping costs to deliver to Switzerland?

    17. GhanBuriGhan - WOOS Wose on

      The shelter sounds like a wonderfully whacky idea...
      Anybody else get a "Douglas Adams had a long dark tea time with Terry Pratchett" vibe from this?

    18. Missing avatar

      KrolTroll on

      Hmmm, I paid for shipping to Belgium... but what the heck, keep it. It'll be that little step closer to the stretch goals.

    19. LordCrash on

      @ Dimitri
      Ah, I must have read over that. Thanks. :)

    20. Dimitris WOOS on

      @LC, @Stabbey
      I think what you propose is described in the update: "Of course, you'll need a bit of space to make the transition, so make sure your enemies are not too close when seeking shelter..."

    21. LordCrash on

      @ Stabbey
      I agree. There should be an initiative chance for enemies to hinder you from fleeing or at least hit you one more time. Automatic "riskless" fleeing would be too easy.

    22. Stabbey on

      I also agree that a tap of a button to flee a fight is a bit too easy. At the very least you should need to lose a turn (Concentrating to open the portal or whatever) before escaping.

      Maybe you need to use the "Flee" option, which I think (once implemented) requires you to reach a certain distance away. Maybe when you're in flee mode, your action points can only be used for movement, nothing else.

    23. LordCrash on

      @ Dimitis
      Yes, you can. :)

    24. Chuah Teong Leong on

      I either placed the 2000th like on facebook or 2001st

    25. Missing avatar

      Jan Holtrichter

      Dragon Commander as Addon rise my pledge.
      But one question i have, i the Dragon Commander Version multilingual?

    26. Helena on

      You know, I didn't really care about the stronghold before now, but the 'Transcript of Unravelled Destinies' and the changing appearance actually make it sound pretty interesting. I like the concept picture as well, and I'm very pleased to hear that the 'persuasion' options will have proper dialogue lines rather than just keywords (and of course about the free EU shipping!)

      The only thing I'm a bit disappointed about is the lack of any real story information in the new video. I understand the need to avoid spoilers, but is there really nothing you could tell us about the plot without spoiling the entire game? Other than that, though, love the update.

    27. Dimitris WOOS on

      The Transcript of Unravelled Destinies will certainly add to the immersion of the game. I always liked journals that recorded historical events and consequences in games.
      Thanks also for the EU shipping! I hope Greece will still be part of the EU by the time the game is released :D
      I have a question though: If I have already put those 18$ for shipping can I use those as part of an add-on instead of removing them?

    28. DarthDavy on

      Removing the shipping cost doesn't make me lower my pledge, it makes me upping it :)

    29. Kaldurenik on

      What kind of shipping deal do you have?

    30. ☆ dlux ☆ on

      Great update as usual Larian!

      Keep up the good work!!! :D

    31. Missing avatar

      David Isaac Frohman

      Can we get the jetpack if we preorder Dragon commander through the Kickstarter?

    32. Darklord on

      Looking good! :-)

    33. Missing avatar

      sunburnedpenguin on

      Re: Coffers with no bottoms
      It's all well and good that they are safe from your partner, but are they safe from the Eurocrats and bankers too? They are much greater threats than Zixzax. ;)

    34. Bumvelcrow on

      Dragon commander for $40. Oh, alright then! :) I feel bad about adjusting my pledge downwards thanks to EU postage, so maybe I'll add some addons instead,

    35. Missing avatar

      Jan van den Berg on

      Awesome update guys. Love everything about this game. Can't wait until we get to play. :)

    36. Marneus on

      Cool for the shipping in EU. I just upgraded to a physical reward ^^

    37. Robrecht - of Original Sin on

      I spy with my little eye, a Fallout 3 wobblehead! :D

    38. LordCrash on

      The shelter sounds really great. I'm looking forward to make myself a home there. And the Transcript of Unravelled Destinies is a really cool idea, I like it very much! :)

      The story teaser was a bit too short imo. Would it be possible to write down at least what Jan said in the video?

    39. Missing avatar

      Baudolino05 on


    40. Frank Trienbach on

      Seems I misread. Instructions were correct : select option you live in the US...

    41. Missing avatar

      Baudolino05 on

      @arkerus: I agree with Arkeus: the quick retreat opnion needs some or limitation or some interesting repercussion. Otherwise it's like a chaet.
      Aside form that, great stuff guys. Keep up the good work!

    42. Frank Trienbach on

      I just tried your instructions to remove the sending fees through kickstarter as I'm living in EU.
      It's not working as kickstarter is still asking to add 18$ for sending outside US.
      In fact you have to declare you want the physical good to be sent to USA, so you can remove the sending fees...

    43. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      I just added that piece of information to the update - 8 minutes left and then I can't change anything anymore ;)

    44. Senchaholic on

      If you don't say you're shipping within US, Kickstarter refuses you to set that you're shipping outside US. You actually have to have the extra $18 added.

    45. Dieithrio on

      Waiting for Italian distribution and translation! By the way... how can you handle the necessary addition of 12/18$ on the base price that can't be removed from the tiers?

    46. Senchaholic on

      The only way to remove shipping when you're outside US, is to change your shipping details to say that you're actually shipping within US. I hope you're aware of that.

    47. Steven Kobele on

      What are your thoughts on having an option to remove entirely the '(charisma)' or '(intimidate)', et cetera, at the end of the conversation choices and letting the phrases stand by the strength of their writing? I think it might make the game a little more interesting, but I'm not sure if it wouldn't also detract at times...I think it may be fun, though, overall.

    48. Larian Studios LLC 2-time creator on

      @Rob: We have agreements in place for the price on Dragon Commander with various distributors and we cannot undercut them. We also think it's good value for money. The 65$ limited tier really was an exception.

    49. Missing avatar

      Arkeus on

      @Rob Clark:
      We are pledging for a particular game (original sin). It's already a very surprising decision to have the 65 bracket, i don't think they can, financially and to their producers, excuse giving more of a price to it as a "add-on".

      Also, the 'rewards' are their to make us feel good about pledging, we ARE supposed to pay a lot more than it's actual worth

    50. Missing avatar

      Victor Osorio on

      It would be nice to have a timeline with the events of the precious games in the divinity universe for those who have not played the previous games.